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so I'm sure there are other block tool help threads out there but I couldn't find one and really I understand the program but I tried to insert SMWEdit's Horizontal vine block into block tool and it goes in and everything doesn't give an error or anything but then when I add it to the list and save it to my game it won't appear after I save and reload it in LM and once in a while (cause I've tried it about 10 times now) I get one of 2 errors 1 telling me to save the game or one thats really odd I just don't remember what it says.

I've even put in other blocks like ErsaniO² & Smkdan wall jump block and it works just fine
I haven't tried that cause it never seemed to matter before except for the first time I inserted other blocks into it the rom.
I have resolved my problem this can be closed
So I know once upon a time there was a rain effect for SMW but my question does it still exist? in either a patch for xkas or as a custom generator? also if it does exist how hard would it be to change the rain to snow?
Originally posted by Amummiyo
Yes it exist. There is a sprite for a "storm" effect(a wind type thing). And A combo with that and rain animation tiles gives it that feel. And to change it into snow, would be really easy

so out of curiosity where is the storm or wind sprite? I've looked through the custom sprite section and didn't see something resembling that and the rain animation would just be a simple ExAnimation correct?
thanks for the help I'll see what I can dig up
So every single time I try to use add music I get this error message

And just so people know I do have the latest release of java and I am using a clean rom when trying this but no matter what I get this message I even tried redownloading it and trying it on a different computer I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong.
So I've been adding music to my hack with addmusic_e and I've run across a few song in the custom music section that say "N-SPC Patch needed" under info what do you exactly do with those files because I'm assuming you need to patch something but I'm not sure what
thanks for pointing me to the correct spot this can now be closed
ok so I've looked around and haven't found this answer anywhere. What is that empty space under the ExAnimation space and above the text in the 8X8 editor window? Is it more ExAnimation space and if it is how do you use it?
thanks for the answer I do know the text is for the actual game text I was just hoping the empty could be used for more ExAnimation but oh well this can be closed
I know some of these have been answered but here are a few I'm curious about and can't find anywhere

1: How do you change the "Mario Start" message?

2: Is there a way to change either fire Mario or star Mario to Luigi instead of just a color change?

3: If you can't change Fire Mario to Luigi is it possible to make the Flower Switch to Fire Luigi?

4: Would Idea 2 and 3 be compatible with the Metroid health patch?

5: How do you make the Nintendo logo at the beginning larger?

6: How do you make the Title into a picture instead of a demo movie?
For 2 I should of been more clear I was looking for a way sort of remapping the graphic Mario uses for his forms so I could have Mario look different for either the fire flower or for the star and what I meant by 3 is if 2 wasn't possible was there a way to change the player to Luigi and just change the graphic for him instead
Ok so question 1, 4, 5, and 6 were answered only question 2 and 3 remain but as it looks there seem to be 2 ways either it doesn't work or you need to set it up to set the player number depending on the power up I guess that brings up another question. How do you get Luigi to appear to be editable? I know it's possible but how do you do it?
Originally posted by Captain Falcon
Okay, if you don't know this, let me clear it up. In the original SMW, there are no GFX for luigi. Luigi is just a Pallet swap of Mario. Now, in SMA+W, Luigi has his own GFX, but I don't know how to access them, if you CAN access them.

I knew that about SMW and SMAS+W but I'm going on the fact that people have already changed Luigi for both SMAS+W and SMW IE This Patch which I found in the patch section so that question was pointless to ask
So I went and inserted the straight fireball patch so the fireballs would stop bouncing but when I went to turn off fireballs when spin jumping it doesn't work does the straight fireball patch change the offset I need to edit and if so what is it and is it just changing it to 80 like before or a different number this time?
Thank you chris

Question has been answered this can be closed now
out of curiosity would it be possible to have a sprite start in the BG and then move into the FG when Mario gets close to it? also if that is possible to make it small at first say 8X8 then 16X16 once it moves into the FG?
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