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I'm sorry for my poor English.
(I've learned English only for six years)
I'm from Japan, and I'm author of "Music.asm".
To use it, apply this patch with xkas to your ROM
after using "Addmusic INIT".

Previously, level music data was written
at "PC:$0A0200 ~ $0B39F1" as "20~3F music".
This code allows your ROM to
recognize data at "PC:$120200 ~ $1339F1" as "60~7F musics".
recognize data at "PC:$1A0200 ~ $1B39F1" as "A0~BF musics".
recognize data at "PC:$220200 ~ $2339F1" as "E0~FF musics".

So, if you want to insert "MUSIC SET A" as "60~7F musics",
insert this set as "20~3F" with addmusic as usual.
Then, copy PC:$0A0200 ~ $0B39F1 and paste it at PC:$120200 ~ $1339F1.

However,this process may be a bit troublesome.
So, Mr.Carol (author of Brutal mario) upgraded addmusic.
This can insert musics whose numbers are NOT 20~3F directly.
(Carol is not author of ORIGINAL Addmusic, though.)

Music.asm Ver 1.0 had serious bags concerning loop and change,
so I have mixed Music.asm code and Mr.Romi's code (that repairs POW switch glitch) and uploaded as Ver3.0. (and one introduced above is in this version.)
But this was still inadequate.

Now, I have almost repaired this problem.
Please wait a minute for my releasing Ver4.0.

Here is a sample.
(my stupid ASM experiments are also included in blinking stages...)
Thank you for your welcome reply.
Here is Music.asm Ver4.0 and...?

I edited some of musics inserted in sample IPS,
(DKC2map ~ Remilia Scarlet's theme)
but other musics are edited by "◆oL7G5poF4c",
who is working here.
I borrowed his musics so that I can show you
how many musics can be inserted with Music.asm.
(Actually, we can insert twice as many musics as sample IPS.)

As S.N.N. say, (##) means label loop.
Carol's new addmusic enabled this command.

$E8 and $DD are old command.
you can use them with original addmusic.
$E8 $XX $YY will change volume to $YY gradually.
$XX means the time it takes. Value $30 here corresponds "length 4"
$DD $XX $YY $ZZ means
"wait $XX time and start pitch slide to $ZZ "
$YY means the time it takes, again.

$ED is gocha's original command.
$ED $XX $YY will write $XX to ADSR(1)
and write $YY to ADSR(2) directly.
It requires "MORE.asm" to use this command.
Please read "" to understand what ADSR means.
Originally posted by Ice Man

When I insert Seiken Densetsu 3 - Sacrifice Part Three music to the overworld and use it for Title Screen music, it doesn't work. Why?

This is the largest music ever edited.(about 6,000 bytes)
Perhaps you may have inserted more than 11,200 bytes.

But if you have inserted this music only,
it might be bug...
If you apply Music.asm or More.asm to an already modified ROM,
you need to do some settings,
or you might overwrite something.

in Music.asm
!MainCodeLocation	= $1EE6E0	;Point it to some free space

!FreeRAM = $06A0 			;Point them to some unused and unmodified RAM
!FreeRAM_2 = $06A1			;
!FreeRAM_3 = $06A2			;

and in More.asm
!MainCodeLocation	= $208000	;Point it to some free space!
!Loc1		= $08		;add #$08 to address above and write Low byte  
!Loc2		= $80		;write High byte
!Loc3		= $20		;write Bank

Thanks to Carol's new addmusic,
the following process I wrote has become unnecessary.
Originally posted by homing

Previously, level music data was written
at "PC:$0A0200 ~ $0B39F1" as "20~3F music".
This code allows your ROM to
recognize data at "PC:$120200 ~ $1339F1" as "60~7F musics".
recognize data at "PC:$1A0200 ~ $1B39F1" as "A0~BF musics".
recognize data at "PC:$220200 ~ $2339F1" as "E0~FF musics".

So, if you want to insert "MUSIC SET A" as "60~7F musics",
insert this set as "20~3F" with addmusic as usual.
Then, copy PC:$0A0200 ~ $0B39F1 and paste it at PC:$120200 ~ $1339F1.

New addmusic can insert music above-mentioned addresses.
If there is something on these area,
addmusic will overwrite them.

How about this code?
If the FLAG is 01, you can turn off a TRICK,
which makes sure that the status bar is always on the top of screen (regardless of layer3 position).


!MainCodeLocation	= $xxxxxx
!FLAG_RAM = $yyyyyy



org $008292

		JSL Trick_Disable		

org $008DAC	
		JML NO_StatusBar


org !MainCodeLocation
			db "STAR"			
			dw !MAIN_CODE_SIZE-$01

Trick_Disable:		LDY #$24		
			AND #$01
			BEQ If_Wanted
			LDY #$FF
If_Wanted:		LDA $4211

NO_StatusBar:		LDA !FLAG_RAM
			AND #$02
			BEQ DrawStatus_ON
			JML $808DE6
DrawStatus_ON:		STZ $2115
			LDA #$42
			JML $808DB1

MORE.bin included in Carol's addmusic Ver1.22 is updated
and you can use "added" samples.

Update point

1.ADSR command $ED fix
BGM ADSRs no longer overlap SE ADSRs.

2.Tremolo command $E5 fix
There were some mistakes in SMW program
and $E5 didn't work correctly by default.

3.SRCN command $E5
$E5 $XX $YY
XX ----- $80 + SRCN (This $80 distinguish between SRCN and Tremolo)
YY ----- Pitch

When you use samples ripped from other game,
you have to adjust pitch.

$YY in $E5 Command --- 3,4 halftones by 1
h Command --- 1 halftone by 1
$EE $XX Command --- 1 halftone by $100
Kaijyuu, please patch this file with your MORE.asm.
I made English version of and
a minimum of English readme.
The main appeal of addmusicM is that
each PCMset can contain 0x8000 bytes of brr files.
(0x8000 bytes space for non-resident samples)

This patch allows you to edit "what map is used by castle entrance" for each level.

If you want to edit "castle entrance of level 105",
open the "Data.bin" with binary editor and edit address $000105 followingly.

00 ... regardless of GFX tile set, prohibit yoshi without showing any entrance scenes.

01 ... default behavior
(same behavior to that before you apply this patch)

02-FF ... regardless of GFX tile set, force the entrance to be valid
and to use custom map (level002-0FF)
Originally posted by Ice Man

So, I found this patch on my hard drive today after reading about OW colors/palettes.


This patch rewrites the palette routine and you can use up to all 256 colors.

-Insert the asm file into your ROM and point to free space first!

-Now to edit the colors (the .bin files correspond to each map. I think I've named them clear enough to know what map it is)

-Open up the .bin file you want to edit in a hex editor.

x00-1F = Palette 0
x20-2F = Palette 1
x30-3F = Palette 2
x100-10F = Palette F

The colors are in SNES format, so let's say you want to edit color 1 of palette 2 ($7FDD by default, if I'm not wrong) you should see DD7F in the hex editor (little endian). Change that to the color you want to use, save and insert the asm file again.
Palette should now change.

Oh, thank you for translation,
but this way to get palette bin files may be a bit difficult.
In original readme, I wrote followingly.

1.Prepare an emulator which can dump RAM as a bin file.
(for example, Snes9X1.43.ep9r8)
2.Edit OW palette with LM as usual
(here, you have to think about Only ONE of OW pages)
3.Open ROM with your emulator and
dump RAM from $7E0703 to $7E0902. ($200 bytes long)
4.The dumped bin file is just the bin file this patch uses.
I fixed bugs about Noises.
AddmusicM became V0.93.

Noise command format changed, so take care if you have already used in your mml.
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