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Well, for a kaizo hack to play, I recommended Yet Another Mario World 1 by doownayr89. It's a really good kaizo hack to play. It has a good difficult curve & very cool level design. If you are not a good kaizo player, then this hack will be a good place to train you. (My skill also trained from this hack, too)
PS: If you can finish "Line Land Gauntlet", then you are good enough to start playing pit hacks!
- Mario Must Die 2 (even I can't finish it xD)
- Cool or Cruel (I think this hack is more cruel than cool xD)
- Yet Another Mario World 1
- World Of Illusion
- Mario's Search For Rainbow Treasure
- Kaizo Mario World 3
(Update 1.05: Included the videos of the level 1-4!)

This is a hack that I'm working on. This hack inspired a lot by "The Switch Quest" by Lugmillord. In process of making this hack, I will need a lot of help. Hope everyone enjoy this!

- Story: Mario, Luigi & Yoshi is living in a forest. One day, a strange star road appear near Yoshi's house. Without knowing where it leads, Mario & Yoshi jump into that star road. But they sent into a very strange place call "Switches Land" - The land of the 4 Legendary Switches. They must to press all the 4 switches in order to get home. Can they do it? Or they will stuck forever in that strange land?
- Difficult: Medium - Very Hard (Compared to original SMW)
- Length: Around 50 exits.
- World: About 7 Worlds (4 Main World & 3 Bonus World)
- Featuring:
+ Custom Overworld
+ Custom Palette for some level.
+ A lot of puzzle (but not a puzzle hack)
- Progress: 10% (Very little finished)
+ Level Finished: 6
+ Overworld: Not Yet
+ Intro Screen: Finished
+ Title Screen: Finished

- Video:
+ World 1:
Level 1-1: Drawing Bridge
Level 1-2: Grab Block Puzzle (Both Exit)
Level 1-3: Pipe Labyrinth (Both Exit)
Level 1-4: Iceberg #1
Level 1-A: Broken Bridge (Both Exit)

- Demo:
(No demo available yet)
Thanks for pointing that out! I'll fix it!
PS: About the hyperlink, for some reason, when I do that, the hyperlink didn't show on the thread...
The hyperling till not work...
PS: I'm learning for an important contest, so I will not always online.
Still not working...

yczedit: removed some really broken BBCode stretching the tables
Oops! My fault! Thanks for pointing that out!
Mistake Sreenshot

I understand what you want to do. You want player to pick the shell & throw up to get the mushroom & finish the rest of the puzzle. Unfortunately, you added a switches block that only turn solid after you press the yellow switch. You may make the same thing with the rest switch block. I remember there is a switch block in Map16 Data that always solid even when you have not press the switches palace yet. Replace this block with that one.

PS: Ignore that post! I never heard about scroll screen can save Mario. Sorry!
While I making the hack, I intended to add the classic piranha plant, & it say "Since Nintendo didn't fully implement the graphic for its, you should use ExGFX" & then I click on the Quick Insert ExGFX to Rom. After I do that, this is now what the hack look like:

The broken graphic

WTF! What happened to it? I want to get the old ExGFX, but I can't. Anyway to "save" my hack, or the only thing I can do now is throw it into the bin?
Originally posted by Yan
You should first click in the Red Mushroom button to extract the internal GFX from the ROM. When you extract internal GFX, Lunar Magic converts 3bpp graphics to 4bpp.

When you insert ExGFX(Yellow Mushroom), LM will convert internal graphics system to 4bpp format and insert extra graphics. After that, you should click in the Green Mushroom to insert converted graphics. If you don't extract the internal graphics before inserting ExGFX, you will get glitched graphics.

In your case, you should get a new ROM, extract its GFX and copy the Graphics folder to the main folder of your hack.

Can you tell me exactly what I have to do to get the original graphic back?
Originally posted by Everest
1) Open a clean ROM in Lunar Magic.
2) Click #lm{extgfx} to extract the graphics out of the clean ROM.
3) Copy and replace all of the extracted graphics into the "Graphics" folder of your "broken ROM".
4) Open your "broken ROM" in Lunar Magic.
5) Click #lm{insgfx} to reinsert.

That should work.

IT works!!! Thank you very much! And I think I got a lesson.
Thank you so much! I'm having many problem adding these thing.
Originally posted by NamelessProtagonist
Looks like the pipe is disabling Mario's interaction with sprites. When you try to jump on the Goomba, you just pass right through it and die to the munchers.

Makes sense that it would disable his interaction while he's in there. Don't want him dieing if he passes through a Piranha Plant or something while in the pipe. The problem is that it isn't re-enabling his interaction after he comes out.

It's been forever since I've used screen-scrolling pipes, so I'm not sure how much use beyond that I can be... This is just from memory, but isn't there a special block that needs to be placed at the end at the end of the scroll pipe, and did you place that block? I would guess that is what enables Mario's sprite interaction again.

Thank for pointing that out!
This is a kaizo hack that I'm working on. Inspired a lot by Mario Must Die 1 & 2, Abuse and Die, Herts Donut. This one is a hard kaizo hack that may need slowdown to finish (the difficult will be around E=MC Hammer). There will be around 12 levels in this hack, and the difficult increase quickly. This is also the first hack that I use custom music on SMWCentral. And not much thing else to say. Enjoy!
All of the most evil SMWCentral users is trying to make an extremely difficut hack that even 100 Mario cannot finish it! Can you help poor Mario to escape this evil world?

Title Screen:


Level 1: Mushroomic Path


Something has changed...

Know what to do?
Part 1
Level 2: Relic Castle


Test 1

Level 3: Flower Power


Level 4: Coin Cliff


Level 5: Dolphin's Revenge (or "I Really Hate Dolphin!" ?)


Level 6: Mario's Graveyard 2


Level 7: Tubu-lectric


Level 8: Shell Cave


Level 9: GNARLY 2


Level 10: Afraid of Time


Level 11: Ultimatum


Level 12: Back Door ?


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Originally posted by MarioFanGamer659
OMG! Looks very hard. #ab{O_O} And what does this red cement block?

They are "Mario-Only" Block - block that can be only passed by Mario.
This is a new kaizo hack i'm working on. I suspended Power-up Abuse because I can't think any more idea for that hack. Anyway, this hack will train you all the trick & skill in smw needed to be a kaizo player. I will made video for each level in this hack.

But first, Screenshot:
- Title Screen:

- Intro:

- World 1 Overworld:

- Info House:

- Level 1-1: Shell Jump

Shelljump Tutorial

A shell jump.

Double Shelljump Tutorial.

A Double Shelljump.

Shell-pushing is also included in this hack.

Bonus 1-UP, for anyone who can complete this level!

Level Finished!
First Level Video!
Level 1-A: Springboard (Sorry for some cut-off, but I don't know how to fix it)

Springboard Jump Tutorial

A Springboard Jump

This trick is quite advanced...

Some puzzle

Double Springboard Jump

Bonus 1-UP

Way going back to the beginning.

Level Finished! With a springboard as a souvenir!

Level Video
Originally posted by Archie
Well, this level is only focused on springboards, and while you tried to make a good effort on it, you focused on only springboards. You should make more things than that gimmick, like something involving Goombas, P-switches or something like that to the mix. I also think it looked too easy, but since you are making it so the player can keep itself trained, really hard difficulty is not the point right now, though you still should make something different than just springboards while keeping the main gimmick.

About the cutoff in the switch palace, there is an ExGFX file for it right here (there is a tutorial for inserting and pasting ExGFX files here) to fix the "cutoffs".

About the first level, I don't notice anything wrong there, but there's something that bothers me: notice the ledges in the last three screenshots? They seem like they are "entering on another". You should make it so they have edges on them and fill the ledges under them with dirt tiles.

This hack looks good so far, but if you want to keep it a training hack, don't make the hack really hard on the first levels. Keep a consistent kaizo difficulty there, while at the same time using all the resources needed to make your level hard, and if possible, try making the last levels harder so the player will look like he's prepared (just a suggestion, no need to follow it if you don't want). Good luck on this hack!

Thanks for your comment, I will make more mix for the level. About the switch palace cut-off, I will try to fix it. And about the difficulty, the "ridiculous" difficult glitch will be included only in the last world (or some earlier world without forced to do).
Originally posted by Akireyano
I think you could've just gotten the first spring-board and go down the pipe.

Look at the info house. All the training aren't forced to do (except final level) & if you can pass successfully without taking the pipe to skip the level, you will gain a bonus (1-Up to 5-UP). This thing make sure that player won't stuck at a level.

PS: Level 1-2 is out!
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SuperMarisa1999's Profile - Posts by SuperMarisa1999

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