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2000, I think, with Pokemon Stadium on Nintendo 64.
The weather around here has been around 85F/30C, and lots of rain. It's been pretty much the same for the past 2 or 3 weeks. I hate rain now.
Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Talking of writing similar to this, this is a Vacation Jiffy fanfic about that guy with a sour fruit body top and a dog which was in that spirit of this topic.

I find it funny how much its author used said fifth symbol in that fanfic's summary.
Bought Driver: San Fransisco, DiRT 3, and GRID the other day. $60 of games for $25. #notbad

I've beaten Driver already, maybe I'll see if I can beat GRID and maybe DiRT before the sale ends so I can go back and buy more.
Bliss n Eso - Headless Princess. Man, Eso's thick accent really gets into my head sometimes.
Hey people, I believe I have the feeling for the writing now. This is correct, isn't it?

IIRC, the default speed hotkeys are + and -. You probably hit one of them.
Setting: Fine
An empty bag of Skittles and a clump of cat hair.
Originally posted by Akireyano
Originally posted by kianworld
New tab. Nope, nothing suspicious...

A Family Member/Friend walks by you, and looks at the first tab.

Well, that's where you hit new tab and then alt-tab out of your incognito window.
Uhh, sometime around mid-2010 when I came across a thread on some message board about an SMW hack. Eventually I realized that holy crap, I could make something cool like that. I downloaded a ROM and Lunar Magic and began to fuck around. I think it was around early 2012 when I dropped off, and I rediscovered it just the other day.

(edit: Whoops, I misread the June in the last post as July. Sorry 'bout that.)
I bought The World Ends With You earlier today. Holy shit... within a few hours of playing I was shaking.
Sounds like it'd be a hex edit. You can probably base it off of the AR code, but I can't remember the codes' structure off the top of my head.
It kind of never gets brought up in conversation. ._. I had been hacking for a little over a year a long time ago and in that time it was only really mentioned a couple times.
Left: A 3DS, scratched-up DVD, slip of paper, and a wall.
Right: A lot of things. Xbox 360 + 8 games, two 360 controllers, breakfast table, some various pieces of paper, an empty glass, a Fanatec CSR racing wheel & pedals, a broken pair of headphones, and a GBA copy of Famicom Series: Super Mario Brothers 2. i.e. mostly junk.

The DVD and games can be thrown like frisbees (in my mind at least), and some of the other stuff is reasonably heavy. Keep going to the right and I get some school textbooks, a printer, a desktop computer (but no monitor #w{=|}), and some shoes.

84. Sit in your front yard pointing a hair dryer at passing cars to see if they slow down.

There's a better way to do that. Get a camera flash, go out on a busy street at night, and flash it at anyone whose speeding. Or if you want to hold up traffic for the hell of it, the invisible rope prank.
You broke it.
1: The ability to do anything I put my mind to.
2: Retraction of all rules related to not wishing for more wishes.
3: More wishes.
Originally posted by Ultradragonyoshi
the adventure of chuck norris.
I had this thought awhile back. but the game would be to easy.#w{xD}

If that ever gets made, it'll need an ASM patch that makes every enemy explode when it touches you.
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