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I don't mean to be a wet blanket here...

But maybe the chances are small because it's a freaking lottery.
Well, I've been working on a hack for a while. So far I'm making a one-world demo and I'll be using these nine tracks. They are all original compositions, so there's that.

Oh, and this are first drafts. I plan to edit everything once the hack has been put together. Otherwise I'll keep editing forever and never finish the hack.

I just realized none of the tracks specify where they'll be used...

Main Map - the OW
Strolling Along - regular outdoor levels
Go Crazy - athletic levels
Bonus - bonus rooms
The Natives - cave rooms
In Splendor - switch palaces
Amongst the Clouds - sky levels
The Castle Walls - castle introduction music
Beyond the Wall - castle levels
Originally posted by CrispyYoshi

I'm not sure about the 2nd half of "Go Crazy". The style changed mid-way through the song, then jumped back to the 'crazy' style.

Yup. That's one I really need to work on. Thanks for the input though.

By "empty," do you mean there aren't enough channels? That's what I'd guess. I have to go through and reorganize them all anyway because I didn't use channels well at all. But I'm not looking to add samples or the more.asm patch in this version. It was enough to learn how to write the music, so I'll save that info for later. Bearing that in mind, are there any tricks I can use to enhance the music?
Boom. Congrats, Midna.
Firstly, One tutorial, Two tutorial, Three tutorial, four.

Sorry, always wanted to do that. Anyway, those are links to three tutorials that seem to be general ExGFX help. You should definitely visit the tutorials page to get some detailed help. There is also a tutorials sub-forum in this forum section and you can probably find something about ExGFX there.

I mention all this because your question is quite general and hard to answer without writing a tutorial here in the reply. But if you are just looking for specific information, I have some questions for you:

1. Do you just want to know how to create Map16 pages?
2. Do you need help specifically with taking the downloaded files and making them usable?
3. Do you want to know how ExGFX works?
4. A multiple of the above choices?

If you're not able to narrow down your question, then a tutorial will likely answer it. If you can, however, we should be able to help you.
My password is...






But seriously. I tend to re-use passwords for sites that aren't "important" in the sense that I put sensitive information up. I have a few that are easy for me to remember but aren't actually real words. For the important sites, I just use an easy password, plus an easy "rule," and encrypt the password using that rule. So if I remember the easy password and rule, it's a cinch to get the difficult password. No, I don't write passwords down either.
First off, I'm using an xkas I downloaded about a year and a half ago, so there may be updates. But what I have works, and here's what I do.

I have a big folder with all the important data for my hack. In particular I have xkas, my hack, and the command prompt. (Please look up how to get the command prompt on your computer - it's different for every operating system and I don't want to give a billion directions.)

Open the command prompt and type the following:
xkas <patch>.asm <hack>.smc

If your patch is "fadefix" and your ROM is named "hax0r," then you would type:
xkas fadefix.asm hax0r.smc

Then press Enter. It will look like nothing has happened, but when you re-open your ROM, it will be changed.

You can keep inserting asm this way, one after the other. You don't have to reload the command prompt.

Warning: some patches can mess up your hack. Make a backup before you apply patches and test every single one to make sure they work with your hack!

Did you download some ExGFX that came with a Map16 page already? If so, I think you just need to open the Map16 editor in LM and press F6 and F8 to load the Map16, then press F9 to save it.

If you are creating your own ExGFX, you'll want a tutorial on Map16, which can be found in the ExGFX tutorials on this site, with the likely addition of some tutorial in the Tutorials forum.
Or you can change the level mode to 0C, which automatically darkens the pallets.

"Flooded Castle" and "Deep Abyss."


1 & 2 - it's a simple "go through door and the level is suddenly flooded/dry," right? That works. Be warned, though - water really slows you down, so be generous with the timer! (I've found in playing water levels on some hacks that I almost always run out of time, even when I abuse save states and the rewind button.)

Deep Abyss - is there a reason for the spotlight? It looks a little out of place. Perhaps you could change the GFX? In addition, the level should be darker. I can see everything just fine without the extra light.

Sunken Battleship - Noice. Out of curiosity, why the "underwater" background? Is the side of the ship completely torn off?
Firstly, you'll want to download some good tutorials from the Tutorials section. This topic is complex enough where I can't explain it. So do that.

But you asked for tips and stuff, so I'll give a few:

1. It used to be the case that a level could only load one BG file. Now it can load three. So you don't have to worry about being economical with your BG tiles. You can make very complicated BGs if you wish.

2. Making a BG from scratch takes me between 2-3 hours. And that's just for a first draft - it will likely need to be edited. If you don't have the patience, you'll never get it done. FGs take a little less time for me personally (between 1 and 2 hours).

3. If you draw GFX directly in LM, here's the order of operations for saving. First, click on the red and blue mushrooms to export the GFX. Then select the 8x8 editor and press F9 to save. Then click the green and yellow mushrooms to insert the saved GFX. If you don't do all this in order, then upon reloading your ROM or any level, all your changes will be gone.

4. When creating FGs (should you choose to), I find it helpful to redraw the tiles to have the same function. So where I see a wall tile, I draw a wall tile. This means I have the ability to use the Map16 tiles that are already made. However, this isn't totally necessary because there are now 64 pages of FG Map16 to use.

5. Always copy the GFX file you intend to edit. Say you want to just change the GFX of the P-Switch. Don't actually edit them in the original file. Make a copy and insert that one to the ROM and change it. Yeah, you'll have to insert it for every level, but it's a good idea just in case you want to go back to the original P-Switch GFX.
This one. This tutorial is specifically for "n00bs." By the way, you can just go to the Tutorials page if you're looking for a something specific.

Good luck!
Well there are some differences. You don't have the "q7F." The tutorial I read said it is vital to your file to have q7F for every instrument. I don't know why and the tutorial writer didn't know why... but you should just do it.

Also, why are you declaring a new w and t in your instrument header? In the first line you set w to 220 and t to 48, but in #0 you re-set w to 220 and then set t to 25. You don't need to do that again. Which tempo do you want? Put that one in your first line. Then remove the extra w and t commands from your instrument header.

EDIT: lolFail
Okay I looked at it. Is it still giving you something about a syntax error on line 1? I don't see a problem immediately... so what I say here could be wrong. But you could try switching your w and v commands. If this is silly then forget it, but I don't have any idea why line 1 (well, technically line 2) is syntactically wrong.

But what I do know is you're going to need to use looping on this sucker. Your channel #0 in particular is the same cg<g>g line over and over. You can use the l4 command at the top of the channel and label loop so it looks something like this instead:

#0 @8 v220 y10 w220 t25 l4

That would be your entire channel. Sorry if this doesn't help your syntax problem but I'm afraid this is all I know.
Here's a list of possible lava colors. The lava tiles use row x03 on the pallet menu, so here are your choices:

Pallets 2, 3, and 7 - regular lava
Pallet 4 - brown lava
Pallet 0 - gray lava (looks bad)
Pallet 5 - purple lava (looks weird)
Pallets 1 and 6 - messed up, don't use

However, you can edit any of these pallets to get whatever color lava you want. You say you're not using the original underground level, so I don't know which FG pallet will look the best. If none of them do, you'll have to create a custom pallet. Remember, your regular ground is on row x02, and the lava is on row x03 (that is, the third and fourth rows!).

Everyone gets snow days but me, it seems. My University never has snow days, even if there is over a foot of snow. Bleh.
Originally posted by hotsos120
The graphics edits were purposely bad.

That may be so, but they're still bad.

If you want to go for the purposely bad, they still have to look good with the world. So if everything was blocky with no shading, it might fit. As it stands now, it looks like you didn't want to put effort into it. This may not be true, but that's the impression the graphics give. I don't mean to say you shouldn't do what you're doing, but you definitely should tighten your visuals up.

So when I play, I should not be thinking "What? Those look terrible," but "What? Those look silly/weird/etc." It's a minor difference but it will do a world of good for you.

Your overworld looks okay. My only suggestion is to work on perspective a bit more. You have a lot of areas where you did things correctly, but there are a lot of areas where you didn't.

Good luck!
Originally posted by LVK
VGM can make raking leaves 100% [edited for truth] more epic.

Agreed. I got a bunch of old VGM and I just enjoy listening to it. I wish I wasn't so embarrassed about it... I really shouldn't care what people think. (At least I don't like Justin Bieber, right, right?)

On another note, I just got back from a week-long mission trip in Atlanta (that's why I wasn't around), and it was just about the awesomest week of my life. I went with a team of five guys (burgers and fries) and we got to do and see all sorts of crazy and amazing things. Some days we were just painting floors at the church that put us up, but another day we did "Princess Night," a ministry to prostitutes and pimps on the street. I can't really describe it without going on and on... but man it was awesome and intense and I really learned a lot. Maybe I'll make a reality corner post about it 'cause I'm just so jazzed right now.

Anyway, I'm glad I went. I just feel better about life now - like I don't have to worry and obsess about myself anymore.

And I had my iPod, listening to DKC, the whole time. That helped too.
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Mission_316's Profile - Posts by Mission_316

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