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Wow - this is making me think.

[several minutes pass]

Anyway, I think I'll go with knowledge. The wise man said that all knowledge caused him to be sad because he knew about evil, but that is a ridiculously small portion of knowledge. "All knowledge" means "all," and it means knowledge of all things - not just evil. It means knowledge of good as well. Why does good not triumph over evil? This story of the wise man assumes that evil is victorious over good, and that the presence of evil makes all the good of creation spoil. I don't think that - if I had all knowledge I would know of all the good as well, which would make me happy. But to say any of this I need enough knowledge to know what I would think if I had the knowledge, which is impossible - so it is impossible to say I would be sad or that I would be happy. Really there is no way to say what any of us would do with all knowledge because that requires more knowledge than any of us have.

On that note, it's impossible to have all happiness as well. I cannot be infinitely happy. I can be completely full of happiness, but I am finite, so "all happiness" would simply be what can fit in whatever part of me contains happiness. The same would go for knowledge. As a finite being, I can't have more knowledge than can be contained in the synapses of my brain cells. So we're just going to have to pretend here.

In which case, I would still choose knowledge. Dimentio already hit on why: I don't want to be ignorantly happy - happy regardless of my circumstances. I don't want to be satisfied with less than I can achieve. And in my experience, happiness always stops people from exploring. Those who currently experience happiness as a pleasurable sensation are content right where they are and do not seek to go deeper in relationships, deeper in knowledge, deeper in whatever... they just are. If I were always happy in that way I would never grow. All knowledge may have disadvantages, but it would mean that if I ever experienced happiness, I would realize if it was deceptive or genuine, and I would ignore the one and accept the other.
I don't mean to seem insensitive, but you are referring to all reviews for all forms of media. Even movie reviews have minor spoilers.

Yeah, I do agree that people should be careful, but on the other hand, if you read the reviews, you are willingly putting yourself in a position to have your experience spoiled. If you want immersion to be as fresh as possible, you might just have to go based on rating alone and skip the reviews.

Any thoughts from other people?
Why not take all these to the Requests page? Not that they will be granted, but they are more likely to be.

But as MariovsShadow and others have said, it's way more complicated than you think to port songs. Man, I'm making a living doing music and I can't figure this stuff out half the time - even the easy ports. But I'm sure if you guys make requests on the page (or bother expert porters who owe you favors or something) someone will come along who's willing to do it.

I'd personally love to port the entire Chrono Trigger soundtrack (because it's the best music written by anyone ever and if you disagree you're wrong) but I don't have nearly the skill to reproduce tracks such as Ruined World or Time Circuits. For now I, like you, hope that one day a brave soul will do this, or that I will get better. But until then I'm not sure what the use of bringing it up here is. I doubt anyone is going to read this and get right on it, if you know what I mean.
Screen by screen:

Overworld: Looking nice. Just out of curiosity, what's the story? It doesn't have to be fully fleshed out, but what's Mario doing in this one?

Your favourite level with night mode: Awesome. But it doesn't quite look dark enough to be night. Perhaps you can put it on game mode 0C (I think it's 0C) which will make everything dark?

Last level: Lightvayne already brought it up - the BG clashes. But the level looks very interesting. I am curious as to what the heck is going on in that picture.

Castle: This may just be my opinion, but the mix of castle and cave ground tiles looks a little weird, and not good weird. It could be something as minor as a bad pallet. In game, that castle tileset uses pallets 3, 4, and 7 (if you use the original), and the cave tileset uses pallets 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Basically you're using pallet 2 (or a custom pallet very similar to pallet 2) so the cave part looks right but not the rest of the castle. If you're using a custom pallet I'd suggest lightening the grays, or at least basing your choices off of pallets 4 or 7.
Amendment: if you for some reason made a mistake, you could PM an admin to change it. This way they know about the change, so if you wanted to abuse the birthday privilege, the admins would know because you'd notify them several times.
1. Don't think so - I could be wrong though.

2. Yes there is. Pick the GFX file you want to edit and add that file into a regular SMW level. Then use the 8x8 editor there - the pixels will be nice and large. (Once you're done, get rid of those GFX files for the level if you actually plan to use it, of course.) Then add that GFX file into the Overworld.
Well, I was homeschooled.

Okay, in High School I never took any classes at home, so I actually had teachers who weren't my Mom, but still, I already knew 90% of the teachers I took classes with before I took them.

In college though it's been interesting. Most classes have been annoying due to the "Michigan Attitude," where every student and teacher seems to think he/she is the smartest person to walk the face of the earth. Orchestration class has by far been my favorite, followed by the Computer Programming class I'm taking now. The rest of them have been mediocre or terrible. I get the impression the school doesn't know how to handle Comp majors, so I'm stuck doing a lot of useless things because I'm supposed to turn out like everyone else.
Originally posted by Kipernal
Originally posted by leod
Why would you even wait till you're 18

Unless you actually like the taste why would you drink it at all?

That's how I thought, too. Turns out people just drink it to get hammered.
Wow! The visuals really look good here.

My only quibble is with "Pear Canyon." I don't like the blend of pallets. The purple and red treetops by themselves aren't too jarring, but something about putting them against a green background makes it look bad to me. Perhaps you could try just changing the background to a more pleasing color? Or just synchronize the color scheme a bit more?
Forty2 - there are ways to simulate autoscroll on vertical levels. Just set up 2 layers and make the "Layer 2 Sink" sprite. It's possible to simulate both falling and rising doing this.

Anyway, it's tough for me to do anything that isn't vanilla. I'm finding it difficult to keep up with all the new documentation, patches, rules, and so on. It gets overwhelming and I forget what I'm supposed to be doing. Oh well, one of the perks of getting older.
Hello all.

I've been away awhile due to a big project for C++ class, but I just finished it today. And then I decided to work on this real simple Guess the Number game. Basically you just have to guess the number the computer is thinking of, and depending on how slow you are you have to deal with different insults.

Download it here - I included my cpp files and a full text file in case you can't open those. Feel free (you pro hackers) to take a look and critique my style. I would ask you all to play it, but it barely qualifies as a "game." But hey, it took like one hour, so what do you want?
It's set up pretty much the exact same way. The only things different are the screen numbers (possibly) and the level destination. Otherwise follow the same steps.
Semantic issue - it's not even a beta. Beta doesn't simply mean "unfinished."

But whatever. You get the idea from the previous comments. If you're not sure what would make acceptable screens, here are some ideas:

1. Pics from a level you are working on.
2. Pics designed to showcase ExGFX or custom pallets
3. Pics showing a fully realized overworld (that would be a beta - not finished, but complete in that all the pieces are present*).
4. A video of you playing a level (I don't personally like these, as they give away how to beat your levels, but whatever).
5. Links to uploaded files of yours if you have a beta version of the ROM or custom music you want us to hear.

Any of these are fine.

*Sorry. I'll stop being annoying.
Some additional ones.

1) Forest Fever

2) Poltergeispelunking (or not)
Open Grave

3) Absolute Zero

Then again, these are all very general names. What features are in these supposed levels? What enemies/items/challenges? You can always name it after those too. Otherwise we can only give you generalized names.

And I would just stay away from "Woody Athletics..."
The OW looks better now, as far as the level paths are concerned. You may want to add decorations in the water - rocks, unused little islands, whatever. And you can make your current islands less rectangular so they look a little more believable. You can also set up the OW so your Mario paths aren't simply straight lines. Look at Yoshi's Island from the original SMW to see what I mean. For a simple world, it's heavy on the decorations, and its level paths are simple but not straight lines.

Question: is there a difference between the little yellow levels and the big yellow level (the bottom-left)? I'm just curious.
1. A couple years ago my apartment held a party to watch a football game. We had a jar full of pickles for putting on burgers, and by the time we were done, the jar had none left but was half-full of pickle juice. So we decided to make Jell-O using the juice instead of water. We then fed this jello to about 10 different guys. Their reactions were quite entertaining (my personal favorite was the guy who tried very hard to be polite - he didn't know the horrible flavor was intentional).

2. Also a couple of years ago a bunch of us guys decided to prank some of the girls who had their own hallway in the dorm. So we got together at 5 in the morning and filled hundreds of solo cups with water and lined their hallway with the cups. They couldn't get out until they had emptied each one individually.

Those are the ones I can think of right now.

EDIT: Literally just though of another one.

3. So I was only minorly involved with this one, but my friends and I were doing a video scavenger hunt. One of the items was a squirrel - so my friends found a dead, smashed squirrel. So we decided to drop it on the doorstep of our school's president. We signed a note as if the opposing team for that weekend's game had done it. We were hoping to make the crime notifications in the school paper, but apparently no one cared.
Searle's Chinese Room.

Check this out. It's a pretty good thought-provoking argument about Strong AI.

I don't really have time to give all my thoughts, but there is one that keeps bugging me. If a computer is created which can perfectly imitate human behavior such that it can fool us into thinking it is human - even then, all of its functions would be the product of human intelligence. Any action it took would be determined by its human programmers. It may seem like it has free will/intelligence/desires/etc., but does it really? So yes, robots are intelligence, but the intelligence is not their own - it is ours, reproduced in machine form.

It's like reading a journal. It is obvious the journal has no intelligence, but the words show there was an intelligent mind that put thoughts on the paper. To my mind, the only difference between that and the machine is a bunch of computation that disguises its true nature. So how should we treat robots? The same way we treat all intellectual property - with respect to its creator.
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