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Tip: Layer 3 backgrounds and tides disappear when you hit a message box, so plan your level around that. For example, you can add a sublevel without layer 3 at the start/midpoint, and include your message there.Not logged in.
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Hm... I particularly like the soundtracks for Chrono Trigger, SMRPG, and Kirby Super Star... pretty much every track. I'll have to check out some newer games and see if they compare (sniff).
All I can think of is that you either haven't set the FG/BG correctly, and/or you have the wrong sprite header. For the FG/BG, check your main entrance (and secondary entrances) and make sure it's set to the right position. It should be C0, C0 if you start at the bottom; 00, 00 if at the top; and (at least I do this) 60, 60 if at the middle. For the sprite header, I usually just use header 00 because it allows for a lot of sprites, but if you have some big ones you may need a different header. (If your sprite header is all right, you can ignore this. I just can't think of any other reason Mario would disappear.)

Hope this helps. If not, could you be more specific?
Actually, I like that pallet... I wouldn't use it in a lot of levels, but every once in a while it should be fine.
Actually, I'm not sure you need another instrument/channel. I think you're fine with two - the problem is how you're using the two. Both channels right now have pretty much the same thing: melody. The marimba has just a few embellishments... otherwise it plays every note of the other instrument (bassoon?). Make a completely independent part for your marimba and you might not have to add another channel.
Guys, guys. The correct answer is 42
But you're not half-dead. Oh well, it's a start.

Anyway, I just came to point out the 5th level... it's K-9, not K-g. I don't know if that was just a typo on your part, Justin, or if that's actually how the ranks were uploaded.

Grammar nazi over and out.
Cool - you may want to make the "2" on your title screen bigger. I didn't see it at first and thus didn't realize you weren't remaking the original SMW.

For the maze section, by "stuck," you mean the path is blocked and you have to go back, right? You don't actually get stuck and have to die or anything?

I like the first two Goomba's Base pics. If it's linear, so what. I don't much care for that kind of level, but if you can do it well, then go ahead. (Just don't make every level like that.) The thing that bothers me is the flat land. Are there any gaps, hills, pipes, etc.? You should make sure the level isn't one long, flat stretch, or it'll get really boring. The BG is nice, though.
Woohoo! Kirby Super Star is one of my favorites! Does it have any new features?
Ramon godfather again? I'm voting Justin Case. He seems to know who's who in a bad way.
The forgotten one of the ship that sails the cosmos.
Mario and Luigi.

10 easy levels and 1 hard level?


1 easy level and 10 hard levels?
I really like the "under construction" parts. However, I'm not really with you on cutting the goal tape from the right. Mario always walks to the right afterward, so it's like he's going back to from-whence-he-came land. You could reverse the outdoor part.

My favorite was the On/Off puzzle moment. Admittedly, it's not too hard of a puzzle, but I think it's good for level one. Just out of curiosity, where do the other doors go? You went in the center one for the POW. What about the outer doors? Are those just dead ends, or do they make you do serious backtracking?
Actually, I do think he would say that. Everyone in the last game was certain he would be again. Thus, if he admitted, people would realize it was stupid.

So if he is Mafia... he's trying to make us think "no way he would admit it, so he must be hinting to us that he's not."

If he isn't Mafia, he might be trying to divert attention from something else... I don't know what. Maybe he's asking for immunity FROM the Mafia. After all, if he's taking the heat, the Mafia will keep him alive and suspicious, and they'll work behind the scenes.

Either way, the Mafia are helped.

I'm changing my vote to Ramon.
Hmm... shouldn't this be WOI? Or Art?
ASM is basically reprogramming the game. I haven't even started to try ASM yet... I hear some is doable by beginners and some is incredibly complex. If you want to learn you'll need to download the ASM tutorial, which I believe is in the Advanced Hacking Forums. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

Also, don't apologize for being a newbie. Everyone was at one point.
*Has his pie and eats it*
1. Best male regular member - - pieguy1372
3. Best local moderator - - Supertails
4. Best super/full moderator
5. Best administrator - S.N.N.
6. Best overall SMW hacker
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8. Most likely to LDA and STA their ASM skills everywhere
9. Nicest - - Supertails, S.N.N., Sind
10: Funniest - - Supertails
11: Most fun to talk to
12: Most unnoticed person with hidden talents - - Dinomar
13. Most likely to be the most likely to be
14: Best post layout - - Kaeru
15: Most helpful - - Daboys121
16: Best contributer
17: Worst spelling/grammar - - MwC fo LiFe
18: Most informative posts - - Daboys121, HyperBuu
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22: Most likely to get a lump of coal for Christmas - - Sagittaire, KPhoenix
23: Biggest optimist - - comicmischief
24: Biggest pessimist
25: Biggest Touhou fanboy - - can't say anyone but Troopa
26: Best avatar - - Daboys121, S.N.N. now that he changed it...
27: Most likely to be banned - - SuzyM
28: Biggest pervert - KPhoenix
29: Most likely to become a politician
30: Most changed (best or worst)
31: Best username - grishnax, AtomicShroom
Edgar: The new colors look much better. Just be careful with yellow and orange. The colors are still confusing, but they aren't eye-searing. Perhaps you should make some of those ground tiles less complex so they don't compete with the psychedelic background. Just a suggestion though.
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