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If you're here to look for my old posts with bad English and literally dumb content, then go away! You're browsing the first page on your own risk.

You have been warned!
Will you download my hack?
I watched a TAS of that. I think it'll be hard
Please help!
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Thanks for the feedback.

Originally posted by Archie
If people aren't posting in this thread, it's possibly because they are either confused because of the name of the hack or something else. Don't worry, this forum's been too inactive that I am the only one to give feedback out of the main people here haha.

Anyway, I played this hack, and I have to say - while you improved on your hacks, this particular one still has some mistakes that I'd like to point out, starting here.


Originally posted by Archie
Well, the first level is... well, short but cool. It has several ways to beat it, and the way I did: I did the normal way, plus hitting both invisible note blocks, and then I got the P-switch, stepped on it, got the yellow shell and hit the ? block before jumping on the note block. Then I waited for the P-switch timer to end, and then I respawned the yellow shell again, and I jumped on the second note block, skipping the spiny bit, and then I got the flower. Afterwards, I did some shell jumping and made it all the way to the goal. Not sure if it was the intended way, but if it was, you have lots to improve on this level. A suggestion I could give to you is to block the death block atop the one next to the spiny section (not the one it is standing on) and maybe add some coins between them. Also:

The pink munchers can be swimmable, meaning that you had it act like tile 5. You could use an instant kill block, that's on the original BlockTool, but since it's removed because it's way outdated, I can't seem to find a list anywhere.

I could never beat this level, which means...

Originally posted by Archie
AS for the switch palace... while it's somewhat decent, it's still bad. The beginning took me a few tries to get past, because the wall springboard killed me, no matter what I did, until I finally made it to the end. Well, so far it looked possible until:

Did you test this part properly? Unless I missed something here, I can't make it to the flower because of the invisible coin blocks, and the fact that its behavior can change. I think you should change this part.

...I really never did test this level. I might change this part, and I might cheat to get past the first level.

Originally posted by Archie
The second level looks somewhat decent, but too short compared to the other levels. I think you should extend it a bit. Also:

You're aware that you can hit the invisible note block from below and jump onto it, making the springboard useless, right?

Yeah, but I would always die doing that at all.

Originally posted by Archie
The third level was way too full of breaks, and also very easy at the beginning. Out of several breaks I could perform on it, I'd list going above the sections from screen 01 to 02. I think you should remove the springboard on the level.

You can pass above the level, skipping the blue pipe.

You can skip the bottom section by jumping into the Clapping Chuck and then the Diggin' Chuck. Also you should add coins or something like that for the bottom row because it's not visible in-game.

This springboard is useless, because I could easily jump all the way to the seesaw platforms. Same thing for the last section of the level (the one with the Hammer Brother).

Yikes, I might change this level alot to fix these!

Originally posted by Archie

Nope. Not fun spinjumping on fireballs for more screens.

The last springboard is useless, because I could jump all the way to the platforms.

The water having the priority enabled makes the section irritating. If it wasn't for the pink munchers, which can be easily swimmable, the section could be a bit more annoying.

3)The entire hack is irritating! That's more irritating than the fire jumping? Or the switch palace? [/blunt retarded idiot]

Originally posted by Archie
I can say this hack is way better, but it still has lots of things to improve, mainly level design related. Remove all the useless springboards, or make an use for them. These sections that can be broken could use a little of work, as well as some annoying sections here. Don't worry, I'm not listing your hack as horrible or being blunt, I'm just pointing out the mistakes that can be fixed easily.

Good luck!

Thanks for the criticism! I'm glad you think that this hack is "way better" (than what?...), and I'll fix alot of the mistakes that you pointed out!

Why didn't you point out the fact that the lower way is impossible? Due to a bug with the Shatterblock? I know that wouldn't be as easy to fix, but it's a major bug!

Learn to hack you [redacted]!
Where is stage 3 in Non-Mario Zone?
There is one mistake in Switch Palace. You did the some bad thing with the blocks.
This Level Is Unbeatable! #smw{>:|}#smw{>:|}#smw{>:|}#smw{>:|}
Looks good, but... Do you send more images?
Ow, I didn't know you will make corner clip in the last stage
There is a potential break at the end of 2nd level. Can you fix it?
7th Level Doesn't Look as Creative as Previous Levels#smw{x_x}
Originally posted by gibbl
Originally posted by MasterKastylinos222
There is a potential break at the end of 2nd level. Can you fix it?

Can you describe it for me?

There are instant kill munchers in floor room in Timeless Flames
Cool hack, right?
LOL! This design is bad. Floating munchers are here. What is going on 1st boss?
Mario Must ... Tired? It should be named Mario Must Be Tired.
Hey guys! I'm not dead! I will present you my new SMW hack. It's named "Loser Mario". I think you will enjoy it.
Level 1: Shellinator
Level 2: Swimming skills
Level 3: Final level
Title screen
I think this is harder than rest
An autoscroll part

One keyjump

Short room of Bowser statues

I think this kaizo trap isn't so creative. Well.
Soko edit: Table stretch begone
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