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So after adding the Center Scroll patch (long time ago), I ran into a problem when using the NSMBW Status Bar patch. After adding the patch after that, the intro logo would show, but once the title screen is reached, it's completely black and I can't do anything. I tried the unpatcher tool, but it ends with the same result as adding the NSMBW Patch. Is there anything I can do to fix it without having to screw up my rom?


Nevermind, found a way to fix it!

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As it says above, whenever I complete a boss room with a level ender sprite or something else, it freezes the game and I don't know what patch I added to my rom that did that. I'm gonna need some assistance, please.

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So I have been using the vwfdialogues patch for my romhack for a pretty long time, but after some entries, I've come across a bank border error. It looks like this:

Asar 1.50, by Alcaro
Enter patch name: vwfdialogues.asm
Enter ROM name: romhack.smc
vwfdialogues.asm:269: error: A bank border was crossed somewhere prior to this point.
A fatal error was detected while assembling the patch. Assembling aborted. Your ROM has not been modified.
Press any key to continue . . .

If anybody can help me know what I'm doing wrong, that would be great.

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I was actually able to restore to a previous version of my rom (and import some of the current levels and what-not). I guess this was some minor issue that might have involved the minimalist cc patch.

Thanks for the help.

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Oh... now I feel stupid.

Thank you once again for helping dumb ol' me.

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So just recently, I learned about how to insert HDMA as a asm patch rather than a sprite file. That also means whatever level I want to apply any hdma patch in has to not be used. Is there a way I can use two patches in the same level? (for example, an HDMA patch and a layer 3 translucent patch)

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This looks amazing (once again). I loved the original game and was waiting for something like this to come up. Kinda expected a K-16 remastered, but this looks fricking better. I can't wait to see more progress.

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So I tried to insert it like this
	JSL HDMA-SunsetSky1.asm
	JSL autowalking.asm.asm

	JSL HDMA-SunsetSky1.asm.asm
	JSL autowalking.asm.asm

This is wrong for sure because UberASM shows it as an error. Did I put it in right?

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Huh. Well once again, thank you people for helping me solve another problem. Do expect me to come with more problems though because I'm an asm dummy. #smw{@_@}

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So with using the vwfdialogues patch, I added %nextbank and any text appearing after that would be glitched. Is there a way to fix that?

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Quick Question: How did you get both the HDMA & parallax to work in the same level?

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Everyone probably knows how annoying the grinder sound can be. I tried to find a way to turn off the sound, but when I replace the sfx with AddmusicK, it recognizes it as a separate sound, therefore, replacing the sample being used in the song. Is there a way to silence the grinder without having to change an sfx with that tool?

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Thanks. That actually helped a ton. Now no more annoying sounds appearing in my levels.

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Using Addmusick, go into music/originals/30 IntroScreen.txt. Change the "v255" to "v0". Apply Addmusick and use that song in your level (or replace all the songs on addmusick with that specific one) and you are good to go.

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So with effect tool, I was able to make the layer 2 BG scroll at half the speed of "variable". I'm trying to use that with BG HDMA (also made with effect tool), but they won't work together when I use them in a level code (like HDMA_init). Is there a way to combine both .txt files?

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I was actually trying to disable the sounds globally, and not on a per-level basis.

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So I want to create a block that when hit from the bottom, it changes the current song to something else (using hex values). I barely know anything about true ASM coding, so can anyone help me with this?

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Hey, guys.
This is Austin Hooded Edge.

You've been asking for it (not really) and waiting for it (also not really). Now I have proof of it (NO GOD PLEASE NO).

Touhou Xtreme ~ A Scarlet Revenge
(Originally was gonna be called "Despacito 7", but with the story below the image, there's no way this game will survive with that title)


After many years of playing a ton of Super Mario World / Sonic Trilogy romhacks, I wanted to get in on the action! I started my first real attempt in making my own romhack (and not some remastered version of the original SMW) in summer of 2017... but that was a failure. The level design was crap, the levels were short & unbalanced in difficulty, not all of world 1 was finished even though I started making world 2, and it had a terrible story for an RPG styled story sequence. I ended up losing all of my progress after that summer (Thank God!).

In December of that same year, I decided to give it another try... and it was better. I got done with three levels that were very similar to what I did previously, but the levels were long enough and have better design to it. I ended up losing motivation in January and gave up... for at least four months.
Later in April, I was watching so many hacks and playing so many more hacks, that I got re-motivated to finish what I started. Luckily, with school almost ending, I was able to finish world 1, so that gave me time for the summer to be focused on World 2 - 4. Most of the levels are similar to their previous counterparts in my old attempt except for one level (I made it a special one). During the summer, I got done with all the levels in the last three worlds (Worlds 2 - 4). I even fixed the story to be more like a dramatic one rather than your normal "heroic protagonist" saving the day.


Long time ago, there were heroes that defended the Mushroom Kingdom (you know who they are, but we expect you to act stupid and not know who they are). But now, in the year of 2036 A.D., all of them are gone, along with many other villains of the past disappearing. At that moment, peace was finally found within the Mushroom Kingdom for the rest of time. Young Talia lived after those events in peace, until one day.
One sudden day, when Apollo came to visit Talia (after so many years, but you'll know more about it in the game), they were invaded by none other than Gensokyo's
Remilia Scarlet
(she's back, my dudes). She took out everyone of the royal class, except Talia. While Talia and Apollo were escaping, Apollo gets caught by Remilia's chain and was dragged back. Talia kept running without looking back. She got out and escaped to an island far away and lived there since. During those years, Remilia took the chance to revise the kingdom to her liking. She renamed the kingdom to the Scarlet Kingdom.
Seven years have passed and Talia still lives on that island. Now she wants to go back, put an end to Remilia, and save the Mushroom Kingdom... but during her adventure, Talia will find out some dark truths about Remilia.

This is just the beginning of the story... but the end of the peace. It's your job to restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

> This is a much more darker, serious, and dramatic, than your usual Mario / Touhou / Sonic / Castlevania / etc. game.

> I wouldn't recommend tying this to the SMG4 universe / Mario universe / Touhou universe / Touhou Mario universe since it's own universe that features all these characters. Sure some references from other games are mentioned, but they're just minor details to make the game much more cooler.


> RPG like story that'll make you FEEL for the characters.

> Normal Hardcore gameplay that will test your skills and knowledge! I expect you to know some of your basic crap from the original Super Mario World and previous four Mario games.

> Two main characters and a special guest (each playable on a world-per-basis, but World 4 is different):

- Talia - The daughter of Daisy Toadstool (Who you start the game as). Very heroic in personality, but silly at times in some situations. (not a shrine maiden)

- Apollo - Talia's best friend who was kidnapped and brainwashed by the main villain. He's just as important as Talia, if not, more. He has a very dark past with Remilia... it's one that's very important especially when halfway through the game. You fight him in
World 1-7
Secretly he's the son of
J****s B******

- SMG4 - Youtuber who owns a pyramid in
World 2-4
. He's a very special guy and more than just a palette edit of the original GFX32.bin. [Link to his channel is on the name] He has a weird personality and claims to be the LORD of the MEMES (yes... 21st century culture invades this game).

> Many characters that will make you hate this game.

> Memes that will make you rethink your life (You know I had to do it to them).

> Remastered songs that makes Sonic Mania's soundtrack sound like it was made by a six year old! (NOTICE ME WAKANA SENPAI)

> References to some crap you might know.

> Four worlds of long levels that will test your skills (This isn't going to be your normal romhack that you're used to.)

> Throwbacks to classic levels in an all new experience.

> Minibosses in each normal level (Just like in Doki Doki Panic & Sonic 3).

> Praise the Mega Man X1 Override Guitar!!!

> The Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil II


Grassy Fields

Miniboss Music: Miniboss (Sonic & Knuckles)
Player: Talia Toadstool

Level YH: Talia's Home (It's a Yoshi House)
Music: Ken's Theme (Street Fighter Alpha II) [Love Ken's theme from all the Street Fighter Games]

Level 1: The Adventure Begins (Intro stage with very intense music)
Music: Positive & Negative (Touhou) / Armored Armadillo (Rockman X)

Level 2: Bigger than you (A forest level with huge terrain and huge enemies. Think World 4 from SMB3.)
Music: Like the Wind (Clannad)

Level 3: Mushroom Heights (Platforms, Chainsaws, Fuzzies? This level's got 'em all, but bullet bills.)
Music: China (Street Fighter II Turbo)

Level 4: Koopa Castle (Your generic castle level with dry bones and such. Very reminiscent to the first castle in Super Mario World)
Music: Vampire Killer (Castlevania: Dracula X)

Boss: Kooper King (Name's based off of a friend of mine.)
Music: Waiting Room (Fortress Blue... or 2 +)

Level 5: Chuck Caverns (Baseball Chucks + Lotus Plants = Danmaku shower.)
Music: Sunset Heights (Knuckles Forces) / A Soul as red as a ground cherry (Touhou 6)

Level 6: Checkered Plains (Just look at the picture. You'll know what's going on.)
Music: Do I have to tell you?

Miniboss Music: Again, do I have to tell you?

Level 7: House of Youkai (Don't get lost. Hehehe...)
Music: Voile, The Magical Library (Touhou 6)

Boss: Apollo Totalstine
Boss Music: Ginza - Remix (Shin Megami Tensei)

Danger Zone (Working Title)

Miniboss Music: Boss Bossanova (Donkey Kong Country 2)
Player: Apollo Totalstine

World Map (What the hell?)
Music: Secret of Arid Sands (Mana's Secret)

Level 1: Monty Mole Desert (The only generic desert stage in the game)
Music: Gerudo Valley (Zelda Orcarina of Time / Best Zelda jam ever)

Level 2: Volcanic Sand (The fire awaits you again)
Music: Burning Waters (Imamelia) / Dark Days

Level 3: Land of the Dead (THIS IS NOT A DESERT LEVEL)
Music: Mountainous Melody (Devil of the Blind)

Level 4: Pyramid of Memes (This ain't an optional level.)
Music: Pyrotechnic Perennial X (Crispy)

Boss: SMG4's Questionairre
Boss Music: We are Number One (Robby Rotten)

Level 5: Jungle of Fire (Lava returns once again.)
Music: Rock the Funk / Mining Melancholy (Donkey Kong Country 2

Level 6: Forest Swamp
Cutscene (Despacito 7 Confirmed)

Level Segment (It gets more interesting halfway through)
Music: Bad Apple Mist Lake (Touhou 14)

Level 7: Wild Canyon (It's basically World 1-3 on drugs with normal ground tiles.)
Music: Mirage Saloon 2 (Sanic Mania) / Voyage 1969 (Touhou 8)

Level 8: Bullet Doomship (An Airship Stage)
Music: Corneria (Star Fox SNES, not Super Smash Bros) / Coldsmile (Rockman Zero 3)
Boss: Jason Koopa "Bowser Jr."
Boss Music: Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart DS)

Mount Neverest (Working Title)

Miniboss Music: Boss Battle (Wild Guns)
Player: SMG4

Level 1: Super Koopa Hills (Most vanilla level in the whole game. Not even level 1 compares to this.)
Music: Stage 1 (Twinbee... something?)

Level 2: Sunset Beach (When fish fly)
Music: City Stage (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers SNES, not the movie) / Duff McWhalen (Rockman X5)

Level 3: Dangerous Cliffs - Mountain Segment (Snakeblocks return fro. Hell)
Music: Outpost (Ninja Gaiden Trilogy)

Forest Segment (Parachute Mayhem)
Music: Forest Stage (Sonic 4 SNES)

Level 4: Throwback Kingdom (Return of the All-Stars. A throwback level of the main three Super Mario All-Stars games.)
Music: Main Overworld themes from Super Mario All-stars / Hammer Bros Battle (Super Mario Bros. 3)

Level 5: Weapon Factory (No Memes allowed)
Music: Mark Spandrill (Rockman X)

Boss: SMG3 (SMG4's evil clone that he made years ago. He's an official SMG4 character.)
Boss Music: Fighting of the Spirit (Tales of Symphonia)

Level 6: Winter Battlegrounds (Molotov Brothers arrive. Also, it's a snow Level.)
Music: Cold [THIS SONG IS F***ING OFF THE CHARTS!] (RedNGreen)

Level 7: Icy Caverns (An icy cave level with a small twist, but nothing too big.)
Music: Lunate Elf (Touhou 6)

Level 8: Super Glitchy Run 4 (It's an autorun level based on Super Mario Run. You don't die when you crash into walls.)
Music: Hard Times (The Jetzons)

Boss: Reimu Hakurei (She's back, boiiiii!!!)
Boss Music: Don't tell me you don't know what theme song I'm gonna choose.

Level 9: Sky Spiny Ruins (It's a sky ruins stage ft. spikey enemies and creepers from Minecraft for no good reason whatsoever).
Music: Funky / Don't Wait until the Night (Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow)

Boss: Bob (Also from the SMG4 series)
Boss Music: Boss - Remix (Shin Megami Tensei 2)

Level 10: Temple of Gloves (Super Mario Land Marine Pop Returns)
Music: The Final Phase ~ Dr. Wily's Castle & Here We Go Remix (Rockman 2 & Super Mario Bros. 4)

Boss: Darkiplier (Markiplier's evil alter-ego who invaded this game without Antiscepticeye) [Themesong: Metal Crusher (Earthbound)]
Boss Music: U.N. Owen was Her? (Touhou 6) [It had to be done!]

Scarlet Kingdom (The Mushroom Kingdom... but much more darker x20)

Miniboss Music: Tense (RedNGreen)
Player: All three (they switch off after every level, but something special happens later in the world...)

Level 1: Bloodpool (Got the idea to make a blood river level from ActRaiser.)
Music: Divine Bloodlines (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood) / Treasure Knight's Stage (Knight of the Shovel)

Level 2: Lava Reef Zone Act 4 (Not a mania reference)
Music: 2 versions of Lava Reef Zone Act 1 (Sonic 3 & Knuckles) [BEST VGM EVER!]

Level 3: Dead Yoshi Forest (First segment is a ghost forest segment. The second segment is similar to World 1-7. Hate that level, you'll hate this one more. Hehehe...)
Music: Fillmora (ActRaiser) [No one has ever played this game without getting a musical boner for this song.] / Hundred Chain (Melty Blood)

Boss 1: SMG3 (Ready for round 2)
Boss Music: Bonus Intro (Donkey Kong Country 2) [It's literally Swanky's whole theme song with different instruments and less compression.]

Boss: SMG3 (Same boss, different battlefield.)

Boss Music 2: Metal Works (TMNT Tournament Fighters)

Level 4: Lava Powerhouse (Another factory with Lava on the top and lava on the bottom.)
Music: Toxic Waste (WOAH!)

Boss: John Boreman the Giant Masked Koopa
Boss Music: Smithy's Theme 1 (Mario's Final Fantasy)

Level 5: Dark Grasslands (Multiple segments, multiple challenges!)
Music: Maverick's Last Stand (Rockman X2) / Depths of Brinstar (Super Metroid) / Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy 5)

Boss: Executive 1 - Hong Meiling (Scarlet Team back at full force)
Boss Music: Her boss theme from Touhou 6. You know what I'm talkin' about.

Level 6: Knife Fortress
Music: Flowering Night (Touhou 9 & 10) / Four Warriors of Dawn (Last Fantasy 5)

Boss: Executive 2 - Sakuya Izayoi (It isn't perfect without her as another main character.)
Music: Megalovania - Flowering Night Remix (Lui37 / Earthbound)

Remilia's Castle

Level A: Scarlet Fury (Imagine the final level in Super Mario World, except you have to go through all eight rooms with new layouts and they're a lot tougher than any other level in this game.)
Music: Septette for a Dead Queen (You know what game!)


Level B: Floors of Chaos (Multiple Rooms of Minibosses until you meet your next enemy)
Level Music: Before Boss (Super Mario Advance)
Mega Miniboss Music: Masked Dedede (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Boss: Executive 3 - Patchouli Knowledge (Why not?)
Boss Music: You shouldn't even hesitate to answer this one.

Level C: Final Nightmare (It's time to take on the Scarlet Devil, brah!)

Boss 1: Remilia Scarlet (This is it, boiz!)
Boss Music: Last Battle (Final Fantasy 2 4)

Boss 2: Super Kaoken Remilia Scarlet (...)
Phase 2 Music: Last Battle (Super Kitiku Mario)
Phase 3 Music: You will know our names (OH MAN WATTA BUNCHA JOKAS!!!)

- NOTE: Not all these levels have screenshots, even though I should've added them... I'll try to get them sometime in the future. Also, I have a tendency to change songs a lot, especially since I'm learning how to port my own without having them sound like crap. Just something I wanted to say.

This romhack includes profanity, sensitive topics, etc. If you find any of those to be considered offensive, DO NOT PLAY THIS ONCE IT GETS RELEASED! I can't say I didn't warn you!

The beta is out for testing for those who want it. Grab it here!

> Note that a newer update with the SA-1 chip in mind will be made in the future.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

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