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For some reason Lunar Magic version 2.20 locked all of the hacks I was working on.It started after I tried adding more custom music,it said it was full,but I tried a couple of different songs it still wouldn't let me.Then one of my hacks stopped working.I tried fixing it on the overworld but nothing happened.So I tried expanding my rom.Then none of my roms worked!I didn't even lock my rom,please can someone help me with this confusing problem!

-superbot12 #smw{:(}
Hey fellow SMW hackers! I'm superbot12 here telling you about my first hack that's in making for some time now!#smw{^_^}

Now the hack I'm working on is called "Mario and Luigi and the Seven Crystal Kingdoms". Now the story is that Bowser kidnapped the Yoshis again and stole the seven magic crystal balls from the Crystal Kingdoms. He plans to fused the two together and power his ultimate weapon and then destroy the entire world! But the strange thing is that Bowser's never wanted to destroy the world before, maybe...Bowser isn't behind this catastrophe? So Mario must find Bowser's empire and take him down, and uncover the truth!#smw{>:|}

World 1:

World 2:

This hack includes custom music, sprites, blocks, graphics, and more!
Some graphics were made by me. Most weren't though, the overworld was 1/2 of my stuff.

The bosses will all be custom bosses. The world bosses will be the Koopalings, they will be the SMB3 style bosses by dahnamics.

Most of the music will be from:
Mega Man series
Mega Man X series
Castlevania series
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Cave Story

Now the worlds are pretty epic, first it starts off easy, but world 2 it steps up in difficulty. Here a sneak peek at worlds 3, and 8, (since the first pics are worlds 1 and 2.)#smw{:D}

World 3:

The first level of World 3 is called Cheep-cheep Ocean, but world 3 mainly takes place in the "Vanilla Desert."

World 8:

Now here are other pics from the game so far.#smw{:TUP:}


-I'm wanting to make a world with banjo-kazooie and/or tooie songs, however, there's only about two songs ported from the series. If someones knows how to port those songs please do so and you'll be credited in my game AND I have another hack I'll start working on after this is complete. This hack'll be a team hack most likely and if you help on this, you will get a job as part of the team on the hack once it's announced!
Originally posted by Macky
Originally posted by mario and luigi
for some reason, the overworld seems familiar to another hacks' overworld. #smw{...}

Perhaps Luigi's Adventure?

I got some sort of a Brutal Mario vibe from the shots so far. They look good, I hope the level design is good as well.

Yeah, my overworld was intended to look like Luigi's Adventure OSE overworld, since I liked it, I made one similar.
Originally posted by Nao
Not only this hack's overworld, I can also remember almost all level-graphics from Luigi's Adventure. If you edited Luigi's Adventure's rom, then don't do so. If you didn't, well done so far ^^

Well, the bridge graphics were from Luigi's Adventure OSE, but I give credit to him. And for the other graphics, they were from SMWCentral.net. The city foreground graphics were made by me, well some of it, but it was suppose to look like Luigi's Adventure OSE
city graphics, but with my style.
This actually looks pretty good. I should try this out when it's finish.#smw{:TUP:}
Hmm...This doesn't look interesting, you could probably post more snapshots and add more decorations to the levels, they're pretty flat and dull right now,aannnnndddd that's all I have to say really......#smw{:|}

So yeh...#smw{-_-}
This looks BEAST! Love the graphics so far, though you should add more enemies, unless you killed them first.#smw{B)}

This is pretty good if you just started.

Keep it up!#smw{:peace:}
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
One thing I forgot to mention, how do you fix the glitched backgroud GFX in most of the 'shots? The initial BG position is set to C0, and the Vertical BG scrolling is set to none.

Originally posted by superbot12
Hmm...This doesn't look interesting, you could probably post more snapshots and add more decorations to the levels, they're pretty flat and dull right now,aannnnndddd that's all I have to say really......#smw{:|}

So yeh...#smw{-_-}

Seriously? There are no Castle decorations that I can use. And I don't want to use up too much more of my file bin space either, I used up most of it with my SMW2 hack.

No, not the castle, I'm talking about the land levels.

1. The bridge level in world 8 had too many sprites, so I deleted some and edited it a bit.

2. The second level of world 2 didn't have any decorations, so I added some SMB2 desert tiles.

That's it for now at least! See yah!#smw{;)}
I'd love too help, but I might not be able to sometimes, because I have school. But......#smw{:|}

Here's what I can do:
1. insert custom sprites
2. insert custom blocks
3. insert custom music
4. insert patches
5. level design
6. overworld design
I just have a single question...#smw{o_O?}

How do you add a picture behind your posts, I mean lots of people have it, but I can't seem to figure it out please someone help!#smw{:(}
I could do World 2 overworld. Or other things.#smw{^_^}
Overworld pics!#smw{@_@}

You can see misplaced items. The overworld and other maps aren't close to complention. LOTS WILL BE CHANGED IN THE RELEASE!#smw{O_O!}

Here's a clip of an overworld overview to see if you like.

Originally posted by S.R.H.
Your color choices are lovely, except for the one with Bowser's castle. I suggest something more gray, or darker.

Well, Bowser's world most of the time seems to be dark greyish. So I want his to be more unique this time. His world in this hack will be red, lava like, and hectic, so I think his submap suits the stages well, I do love great constructive criticism though, but I think I'll keep it the same as it is now.
Mega Mario Chronicles I

The Main Antagonists for the MMC series are four characters for now, that I've created call Atnas, Disguiso, Morphos, and Darkumere, but you only meet Morphos.

This hack will be choconilla, but mostly chocolate, and will have a certain boss theme for minibosses, world bosses, and the final boss.

Overworld will all be done by me , however, if you want to give tips or show your maps then that's all right with me. If you have good, helpful, constructive criticism then please, tell me.

There's some levels that are in between worlds or aren't considered to be part of a world.

Most music will be from:
Mario Bros. Games (SML, RPG, etc.) #smw{B)}
Wario Games (WL, Wario's Woods, etc.)
Donkey Kong Games (DKC series, DK Land, etc.)

Boss Themes:
Minibosses - Wario's Woods Boss Theme (catchy track)
Bosses - Wario Blast Boss Theme (epic piece! #w{=3})
Final Boss - Kaptain K. Rool Boss Theme

1. The Mole Gang
2. The Skele-Twins
3. Mummy Bros.
4. Fishcognito
5. Boom Boom
6. Ghostly Beard
7. Flying Boom Boom
8. Stone Eye
9. Chillerz
10. Boom Boom
11. Flying Boom Boom
12. Morphos (Fight 1)
13. Morphos (Fight 2)
14. Morphos (Final Boss)

Most of the pics shown of this hack has been changed, some little, others dramatically. You've been warned!

Hack Progress Pics:

World 1 - Forst Plains -
No World - Rope Drop Bridge -
World 2 - Sandoki Desert -
World 3 - Icebergia Sea -
World 4 - Gimba Trees -
World 5 - Chillerz's Land -
World 6 - Swampster's Land -
World 7 - Morphos Castle -

Graphics & Sprites Help:
GFX - superbot12
ExGFX - superbot12
Bosses - superbot12

Title Screen Music

My Custom Tilesets done or close to done so far:
- Grassland/Snow/Forest
- Morphos Castle
- Cave (needs more slopes)

Also, this will probably not include Luigi once it's fully complete, he will be playable in MMCII as he has his own story in it.

I'm quite excited about this hack, however #smw{:(}, this'll take up lots of my time so 'Mario and Luigi and the Seven Crystal Kingdoms' won't get done, I will get back to this hack once the hack is released, maybe. #w{=3}

Questions, PM me or comment.
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