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Made me laugh.
Wow, I'm famous?
Originally posted by S.N.N.
The second is just that your underground theme doesn't work (the SPC) It only plays one note then dies.

Works fine for me. *shrug*
Originally posted by TheRealUltimateYoshi
don't you ever play zelda games or things like that it depends on side quest for somethings

In Zelda games you can freely explore and if there's something you need you can go back to get it. In Super Mario World, if you play through a whole level just to find out that you needed a springboard or yellow switch the whole time, you're kind of screwed. You often have to pointlessly kill yourself and then go back to the required level, and then replay that whole level from the beginning again.
Originally posted by zdude255
For this reason, I think I might make this a community project. If some of the people here would like to do a level, I'd certainly welcome it.

Sure. Give me a level number to do and I'll give it a shot.
Okay, zdude. I made a short level. I challenged myself to do one that didn't require slippery ground, noteblocks, or line guides.

I've sent you a PM about the details.
Hi. I downloaded the new version of addmusic but am still having the infinite p-switch and star music bug.

I tried using the new version to add music to a rom that already has custom music and still had this bug so I thought maybe the bug fix is in the INIT. (Is this correct?)

When that didn't work, I got a fresh ROM, expanded with Lunar Magic, and then used INIT, then added the music. The bug is still happening.

How is the bug fixed? What do you need to do to get it to work?
This is so frustrating! I've tried this about twenty times and I still get that bug. I thought it was fixed!

Edit: I even downloaded the Addmusic made easy program to make sure. I installed it in a seperate directory and everything. I took another fresh SMW rom, expanded it, ran the exe and told it to do everything. Everything works perfectly except that the star and p-switch music still goes on infinitely.
Right now I can say we'd be making a lot more progress if addmusic was working the way I wanted it to. >:(
Originally posted by Xgor
Heisanevilgenius here is how to fix it!:)

If you want to fix a ROM already added custom music, open the ROM by hex editor.
Next, saerch "1A 09 20 8D FB 1D 9C DA 0D 6B" and change to "1A 09 20 8D FB 1D 8D DA 0D 6B".
If you will public announce, I'm happy if you also announce that MiOr found how to fix this glith.

Thanks. I'll give that a try!

Edit: My hex editor can't find that string. Where is it supposed to be located?

PPS: D'oh! Stupid! I forgot to take out the spaces :p My bad.
Originally posted by Abominable Snowman
What seems to be the problem? I've still been following this hack for the most part and I am 99% likely able to help you out if you need it.

Well, as I posted in the music help thread, I'm still having the infinite p-switch and star music problem even with the new "fixed" versions and even if I start with a fresh SMW rom and do everything from scratch. The new versions are just as problematic.

Xgor told me a workaround that I'm just about to try, but I'd have thought it would be fixed without my having to hex edit.

Anyway, the English version doesn't work for me, but I've been using the Japanese version all this time anyway so that's fine. I downloaded the new Japanese addmusic, but still having that awful bug no matter what I do. Just wondering how exactly this bug is fixed and if there's some sort of specific method you have to use to prevent it from happening.
I wish I could say for sure. Dispari and I are quite perfectionist about this (she's more so than me) so we like to know that everything is in working order before we go spreading it around.

Currently we're mostly done world 1 and world 2 is somewhere between half and mostly done. I still have some more music to come up with and there are a few design flaws in my levels (Level design is Dispari's talent) and just a lot of very minor stuff needs to be done.

We'll try to keep everyone updated.
Just wanted to let everyone know that TKO is for sure still being worked on. Here's some screenshots:

Some videos:

<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

And for those of you who had kind words about my music, you may be interested to know that I used some high-quality orchestra samples to make an orchestral mp3 out of the overworld music.

Hmm. I really like the way the orchestra hit fits in at the beginning there, though. Maybe I should take it out after the intro so it doesn't take away from the melody? I've been thinking of modifying it anyway just because it's a tad short.

Also, I'm a tad disappointed that the speedrun (which I did by the way so I only have myself to thank :p) is so fast you can't hear my favourite part of the piece.

Thanks for the compliments and support. I know Dispari and I are very encouraged by the comments we receive.
Cool. Thanks, Sind. :)

Also, S.N.N., I want to thank you for your input on the castle music. I didn't take your advice to the letter, but your suggestion did lead to some experimentation that I think made the music better.

Here it is, if you want to take a listen:

Originally posted by Proton Jon
Also, hi guys, glad some of you like my stuff apparently.

Hey! Proton Jon! I loved your Kaizo Mario World videos on SA. I'm the guy who did the tool-assisted run for the thread.
Originally posted by Schwa
Is it harder having two people working on the same hack?

+ Sometimes we disagree on some points and have to make some heavy compromises.
+ Both of us have a bit of OCD so now and then we'll do something that just bothers the other person for no good reason. (Usually it's me doing something to bother her)

+ We keep each other motivated. Whenever one of us doesn't feel like working on it, the other one kicks their face.
+ We both have seperate talents, giving us more versatility. The two of us together can do stuff that we wouldn't be able to do individually. Both of us are doing level design and some small hex edits to the ROM Map. I'm doing the music and most of the graphics, and a bit of ExAnimation. Dispari is doing the overworld (I usually design the basic layout in really awful drawings and she makes them look good), custom blocks, sprites, inserting new backgrounds (which I understand is a lot of work), lots of ExAnimation, and probably 450 other things I forgot.
+ It's ALWAYS a good idea to get outside opinion. Other people will notice things that you miss. We're each other's beta-testers. Sometimes you get annoyed because you worked hard on something and the other person hates it, but after some discussion we usually end up with what's better for the project.
Actually, a few of them are outdated already. We've made some cool changes.
Actually, yeah, it is a bit difficult to tell from the background except when you're moving. That's somewhat of the point. I may fix it to make it less confusing, but it's actually much easier to tell when you're actually playing. The screenshot also doesn't show the background animation, which is part of the fun.
My ears! Owww ow ow ow OW! My ears!

Sorry, but the music is terrible.
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Heisanevilgenius' Profile - Posts by Heisanevilgenius

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