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I remember there being a layout generator of some sort
that I was sent to to make a layout for myself. And I've
searched on Google and can't find anything for some
reason. Does anyone know anything that can help me?

Thanks in advance! c:
Yes! That's what I was looking for.
Thank you very much!
Is there any way to remove the overworld? By this I mean, can I have
the game just go straight to level 01 and, when the level is beaten,
go to the next level?
I have a patch here called noow.asm that does this but it causes
the game to crash when a goal point or sphere is present in the level,
so I can't use it.
Yes, that's the same one I've been using, and it has the same effect.
The game crashes after a level is beaten.

The rom I'm trying to patch has already been edited. Sprites have been
added, music, graphics, it's been expanded, etc.
This patch never did this with any other hack, so maybe it's
incompatible with something? But whatever it's not working with
is something that I'd rather not remove.

I found that the problem is when I add custom music, I guess that's
what causes this patch to crash the game? It sorta just makes the
game freeze at "mario start" when the next level loads. But the
patch works fine before I add music. Does this patch normally
act like this?
Originally posted by Koopster
Originally posted by Vissova
I found that the problem is when I add custom music, I guess that's what causes this patch to crash the game? It sorta just makes the game freeze at "mario start" when the next level loads. But the patch works fine before I add music. Does this patch normally act like this?

Not the patch, but probably the music. What song is it? Perhaps it isn't compatible to the emulator you're running it. Or does it happen to any song you insert? If so, what AddMusic are you using?

The music I've inserted is Mario&Luigi-BeanBeanOutskirts, M&L-PoppleBattle, SMW switch palace remix, SMB underground remix, and SM64-castle. I've only used the first three music tracks so far.
I'm also using Addmusic405.
After you've extracted the GFX for the game, go to GFX files 1C, 1D, and 1E. 1C contains the top section of the OW graphics and 1D contains the bottom section, and 1E contains level dots, ghost houses, castles, etc.

In my hack, when any level is finished there's a black
tile that appears after the level fades back in after
showing your score. This happened in another hack of mine,
but it was too long ago to remember what caused it.

Is there a solution for this?
Ooooh I understand. It's still showing Mario's name, but I replaced it with that tile. Thanks for the help!
The title says everything.

I don't have an SD card at the moment so I can't use my Wii.
I also can't find any tutorials on how to play NSMB levels on
the Dolphin emulator.

In the picture above, I'm using a part of the BG
to make it look like there's a structure behind the door,
but the BG is a few pixels lower than the FG.
Is there a way to raise it a little higher without
re-drawing any of the graphics?
Originally posted by Ladida
check #lm{props}, make sure layer 2 scrolling rate is set to constant/constant. also adjust BG initial position (#lm{1door}) as needed (should prolly be same as FG)

That worked. Thanks for the help once again.
Is there a way I can have Mario always be Super Mario, and instead of
becoming small when he gets hit, he dies?
Originally posted by theraze2fan
Originally posted by rom map
0x77D7: Change this to 80 to have Mario die when touched, regardless of powerup status.

For your first question, go into LevelASM, type this code in the level you want:
LDA #$01
STA $19

I never actually learned about how levelASM works. How would I go
about adding that?
Is there a way to have an enemy die and fall off of the screen when they get
hit with a fireball instead of turning into a coin? I don't remember
seeing any patches or anything that do this.
What I'm trying to do is this:
Because I'm using the Venus Fire Trap sprite in every level along with
message blocks, the Venus's head is in the
same spot as the message block sprite, so
message blocks look like Venus heads.

^Is there a way for me to make the Message Box sprite use this
blank section (tile 0x3C2) that was originally the coin used for the coin game cloud instead?
Hopefully without having to make a new sprite?
Well I looked at the sprite in Tweaker and I see nothing related to editing the sprite's tilemap.

I'll try that hex edit, but my experience with hex editing is limited. What exactly do I do with these codes in Transelhextion?
It worked!
Thank you everyone for helping!
This question may have already been asked but I haven't found anything on this particular subject. Sorry if this has already been answered.

How can I make Mario start as Super Mario (Mario after using the mushroom powerup) at the intro screen without just placing a Mushroom
sprite where the player start is? Is there a hex edit for this?
It worked.
Thanks for the help!
I apologize if these are questions that have already been asked and answered

When building a level in Sketchup, is it necessary to draw lines
going diagonally through things to cut them up into triangles? (Thus
creating polygons, I guess)
Quick example:

Or will the game/importer do that by itself?
If it is, is there anything I need to know? Or is what I did shown
above good enough?

Another question:
Sometimes in Mario 64 there appears to be different lighting in
different rooms. A good example is the endless stairway and room
with the Bowser painting that has dark reddish lighting. Is there
any way to do this sort of thing in a custom level?