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Could someone please tell me how to make the Super/Fire/Cape Mario sprites one block high? I've seen (and played) some games where the "Mario" sprite (usually NOT Mario) is one block high, even when super/fire/cape-powered. The sprite also acts like it is one block high (can easily slip through one-block-high tunnels, ledges, etc.) I've seen some weird bright-red blocks amongst the GFX32.bin sprites. Are those meant to be "invisible" filler blocks that don't interact with the rest of the game's sprites?

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Note about applying the one-block-high super/fire/cape powerup hack:

If you also want to add custom player sprites (in GFX32.bin), make sure the two sprite sheets (of your custom GFX32.bin and that of the original ROM) match up EXACTLY! Otherwise, you'll end up with wrong-sprite, double-sprite, or glitched-sprite errors in your player character, which looks just...wrong, if not entirely broken.

It took me at least five hours of fighting this seemingly "unsolvable" problem to figure this out (well actually, refresh my memory). I just hope that other aspiring hackers don't have to endure that kind of aggravating realization that the sprite sheet you had just spent hours working on (and fussing over the placement of individual PIXELS) turned out glitched to high heaven, with "piggy-back" sprites or flickering, glitchy, wrong-position sprites. Other times, it could be the palette is all wrong (your character looking more like a cut ruby than the legendary Pokemon she is supposed to be #ab{:P})

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How would I go about using the Spaceship asm patch (on this site), yet still enable post-castle cutscenes (where the player sprite jumps on the dynamite plunger in castles 1 and...5 or 6, can't remember offhand)? Even after tweaking the patch's code (to disable death by touching walls/floors and re-enabling spinjumps so I can break blocks set into the ground/platforms), the Castle 1 post-boss cutscene shows my Mew sprite running and grabbing a dynamite plunger, then making a jumping noise...but NOT jumping! The cutscene stops there. I don't want to be cheesy and simply use the skip-level Game Genie code on all Castle levels! It just feels so...cheap.

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Anybody know where I could find a spritesheet of Mewtwo that fits into a 16x32 frame (standard Big Mario size)? I already have a whole slew of 16x16 small Mewtwo sprites, which I created from scratch. I want to use a Big Mewtwo as well (maybe use a Mega Mewtwo X or Y motif for powerups), because I want to attempt a vanilla hack called "Mewtwo: Lost in the Mushroom Kingdom!"

The story would be as follows: Mario was sick of chasing after Bowser, so he called up Mewtwo. The big cat agreed, both because he needed to repay his debt to Mario for the plumber finagling the cat into Melee, and to enjoy a welcome change of scenery (and enemies--'Two had become rather bored with squashing endless waves of enemy Pokemon and exploring the same old Mystery Dungeons).

It's basically where Mewtwo plays Super Mario World, instead of Mario. To change it up a bit, I'll apply the SpaceShip patch (modified to eliminate both wall/floor-contact death and clipping problems) and the Yoshi Fireball patch (the Fireball will be recolored blue to simulate a psychic attack).

Because it will be easier for Mewtwo to get around the worlds, I'll reduce the timers in most worlds (except for the one where the timer is part of the puzzle). Also, due to Mewtwo's increased maneuverability, I'll reduce the number of powerups, coins and 1ups throughout the game. You'll still be able to amass 99 lives if you're good, though.

Two final things: I need to know how to get past the game hanging after defeating Ludwig while the SpaceShip patch is active, and I will attempt to build my own 16x32 Mewtwo sprites from scratch, possibly using Birdo sprites as a base (she already has the rough body style I want to use for Mewtwo--I'll need to completely reshape the head and tail, as well as perform a major palette change).

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How on Earth do you get an xkas patch to show up as active on an SMW rom? I've tried repeatedly to get the "invincible with knockback" patch to work, but nothing ever changes--Mewtwo still dies upon running into an enemy, as if the patch wasn't even applied!

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Mewtwo is one of the most popular Pokemon in existence, even though he's one of the old-school first-generation Pokemon.

I have an idea for a very simple hack, which basically takes the default game, scraps Mario, and sets the invincible Mewtwo in his place.

This hack will be titled "Pokemonslaught: Mewtwo's Rampage." It will feature the following patches:

--Disable Death Flag
--Perfect Fly Disable

It will also feature the following sprite alterations:

--Mewtwo replaces Mario as the protagonist
--All sprites of the cape itself will be deleted.
--The fireballs will be recolored blue, to simulate psychic projectiles.

In addition, Mewtwo's hitbox will be permanently set at 16x16.

The intro text will read as follows: "Mario sent ME to destroy you, Bowser! I am the ultimate Pokemon! I CANNOT DIE! Good luck...heh heh. --Mewtwo"

Mewtwo can be hurt (lose his powerups), but he cannot be killed. He can become stuck in a wall/floor/ceiling if you are not careful, so the last patch I will apply is an always-can-Start+Select patch, so if you do get stuck, you can use the "bail-out" button command to try the level again.

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I'm going to take my hack in a different direction. Seeing as how I chose the name "Pokemonslaught--Mewtwo's Rampage", why not have it so the timers are cut REALLY short--as in the timer counts down very quickly, but have it so Mewtwo takes very little damage from enemies, and has a huge starting HP, so he has to blast/tail-swing his way through his enemies, all the while attempting to find the way to the exit--often in as little as 90 seconds! This hack will be quite basic, and designed to test your speed-running skills, while not being that difficult (you most likely won't die from being hit by enemies).

Perhaps the most difficult thing to do in this hack will be to unlock the secret exit in Chocolate Island 4. To combat this, I will make Mewtwo capable of flying at what will feel like supersonic speeds (which he IS capable of, at least according to the movies/anime). This will make you bump into tons of enemies, but with such a huge HP to begin with, and the enemies doing so little damage, dying by enemy contact should still not be a problem. Your main enemy will be time itself...which you don't have a lot of! So...BEAT IT TO THE EXIT!

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Has anyone ever wanted to destroy Bowser...as Mewtwo? He is one of the most popular and talked-about Pokemon of the entire franchise, especially considering his return to "Most Powerful Pokemon" status, as of Pokemon X and Y.

My hack will focus mainly on gameplay elements to increase difficulty (and change things up a bit for SMW veterans).

Some of the difficulty increases I will implement are:

--Increase timer speed by 25 percent.
--1up mushrooms now give Mewtwo the Tail Whip ability, instead of an extra life. Tail Whip is just the cape-spin, sans cape.
--Enemies move/recover faster than normal (where possible).
--Bonus Stars do nothing.
--Items taken across the Goal Tape give you points instead of a 1up.
--You can still earn extra lives by collecting 100 coins...so GRAB THOSE COINS! Extra lives are at a premium here, so make them count!
--Midway points will be disabled--you'll start the level all over if you die at the end, so...BE CAREFUL!
--Starman items still grant you invincibility.

Now, for the "difficulty buffers":

--You will remain impervious to further damage after being hit for twice as long as normal.
--It is more difficult to scare Yoshi into running away from being hit. This works as follows: if you are small, Yoshi will still run away from being hit. If you have either the Tail Whip or Fireball powerup, it will take two consecutive hits, fairly quickly, to scare Yoshi away.
--Yoshi will ALWAYS gain wings and the stomp ability upon holding any shell in his mouth.
--Fireballs have a "psychic" feature to them--they fire straight downward at a 45-degree angle, and (usually) pass through walls and blocks.
--Mewtwo will be able to move freely in any direction, emulating his ability to psychically levitate, as in the anime/movies.*

*To eliminate two annoying glitches with this ability (via a modified SpaceShip patch--credits to wiiqwertyuiop), in addition to disabling the Bonus Game, I will also disable boss-defeated scenes.

You can still spin-jump with the modified Speed!.asm patch...but only if you are standing on something solid first (e.g. a row of blocks, the ground, or a ledge).

Finally, to explain the powerups a bit further:

Like I said earlier, the 1up mushrooms now grant Mewtwo the Tail Whip ability instead of 1ups. Feathers also grant Mewtwo this ability. Red mushrooms will give Mewtwo psychic fireballs, as will Fire Flowers. Starman items will retain their default attributes. One final note: Collecting all five Yoshi Coins will still earn you 1up, but will NOT count toward your coin total!

Now, for some good news: this hack is nearly complete...so I will have to supply the IPS patch, only I haven't ever done something like this before, so could someone give me the low-down?

One final thing: this hack will be titled "Pokemonslaught--Mewtwo's Rampage".

UPDATE: I had to make a few adjustments in order to preserve the enhanced difficulty:

The 1up mushroom has been restored to its original function, while the 1up-per-100 coins function has been disabled. I also had to re-enable midway points, because otherwise, no level-opening scene would occur after beating either Yoshi's Island 1 or 2.

Starmen do not give you invincibility; they are simply another Tail Whip powerup (so that there are three ways to get each powerup--Mushroom/Starman, yellow/green ! block, and ? blocks containing mushrooms, Starmen, Fire Flowers or Feathers).

This game is indeed more difficult than the standard, unchanged Super Mario World.

Oh, and I also disabled cape flight via the Perfect Fly Disable patch.
(Credits to Pieguy1372). Now, the cape feather simply makes Mewtwo able to swat enemies with his tail. This hack shall be released shortly! #ab{;)}

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I have one little problem left before I will release my hack: how do you remove the flickering effect of the overworld sprite? The top half of Mewtwo's sprite doesn't move, but the bottom keeps switching back and forth from the normal to the mirror-imaged front-facing Mewtwo sprite and back. This makes it look like Mewtwo's tail gets "broken", and I would rather simply have a static sprite of Mewtwo. Also, I need to perform one last tiny tweak of Mewtwo's status-bar name (It currently says MEW 2, but there is a black line at the top of the space between MEW and 2).

Wendy's castle is a b***h to beat (at least for me). I've lost at least 20 lives (and gotten GAME OVER--which I NEVER do) to this ONE level! Wendy must be friends with Jigsaw or something... :p I did manage to finally defeat her (the first half of the level is murder, but I had to laugh at how easy the second half was, and Wendy wasn't that hard, either).

I tell you what--having a floating character really changes the way you play the game! Remove the effect of gravity, and a whole new series of challenges suddenly rear their heads!

UPDATE: I discovered that making Mewtwo's sprite completely symmetrical eliminates any annoying flickering. Besides, based on the side sprites, Mewtwo would be holding his tail directly behind him, so you wouldn't see it when he's facing you.

I just hope I have a way to make Mewtwo stop moving altogether in the top-left of the overworld border. There's supposed to be a way to do that, but I'm not 100 percent sure it completely stops the overworld player sprite from moving.

Anyway, ran into YET ANOTHER annoying "delete-the-hack-and-start-over-from-scratch" problem--the non-animated water tiles (like in Vanilla Dome 2) became "solid" so I could walk on them, but I could not sink into the water and swim. They remained solid after returning the 32x32 box-around-OW-border-sprite byte to its default setting.

So, I'm going to do things in such a way as to eliminate pretty much any possibility of things going wrong for the eleventy-first time (Lord of the Rings reference, for those in the know, or who have hair on their feet...LOL).

Hopefully this time, my hack won't pull another "stupid" and go completely to pot. Besides...pot kills brain cells...duuuude...#fim{:P}

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I've got some ideas for a whole series of Pokemonslaught games--

Pokemonslaught II--Mewtwo Must Die is where Bowser puts a hit on Mewtwo, and his minions are even harder to defeat (say, 10 hits on a Chuck, plus they're immune to fireballs). Starmen will be eliminated, but not 1up mushrooms. Yoshi will resume running away if you are hit while riding him. Timers will be even faster, as will Mewtwo! You're going to have to be even more careful than in the first hack! Enemies will move faster than in Pokemonslaught I, and the powerups will be fewer.

Pokemonslaught III--1000 Ways to Die takes the difficulty curve and makes it even steeper: the timers will be maxed out at twice their default speeds, while Mewtwo will be moving even faster than in Pokemonslaught II. Thus, it will be harder to avoid running into enemies than before. Also, all 1up mushrooms will be removed, along with Yoshi. To compensate for the harsh increase in difficulty, the lives counter will cap at 999.

Pokemonslaught IV--Death Becomes Mewtwo will remove Mewtwo's free-flight ability, replacing it with multi-jumps. Also, the Yoshi Coins will be removed as a possible way to gain extra lives. Thus, to compensate for this, I will reanimate the Goal Tape and re-enable the Bonus Rooms. If possible, however, midway points will be disabled.

Pokemonslaught V--Cats Only Have 9 Lives will have a very low lives cap--as in 9 lives will be all you can have at any one time! Plus, I will leave the Bonus Rooms disabled in this hack. Lives will be extremely hard to come by, namely by chaining enemies together, whether by throwing a shell at them or jumping on a series of 9 or more enemies...yes, Mewtwo still cannot fly.

Pokemonslaught VI--You Only Live Once is the next step up in intensely difficult Pokemonslaught games...you start with only one life, and that is the lives cap! You die = GAME OVER. You will have to reach save points in order to continue onward if you die. Savestates will be your friend here.

Pokemonslaught VII--Kami-KAIZO Mewtwo is exactly that: a Kaizo-difficulty game, where the rules of Pokemonslaught VI apply...with one additional tweak: there will be NO powerups--AT ALL--in the entire game! To compensate, I will make accessible certain parts of levels inaccessible to normal Mewtwo. Good luck beating this one...you WILL need it!

One last piece of advice: I would highly advise against plunging into any of the later Pokemonslaught games before attempting the first three (unless you are already a long-time Kaizo aficionado).

Of course, I will need to release them, hopefully to critical acclaim.

The FINAL final thing I will ask, is this: where do I upload my patch(es)?

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I've run into a very deadly patch that will kill your hack, so avoid it, at all costs--Mr. X's "LR Powerup" patch. It just KILLED my essentially complete hack, Pokemonslaught--Mewtwo's Rampage. It rendered the entire thing nothing more than a megabyte of scrambled, useless data. Why do I keep running into stupid, unfair situations like this?

Now, I have to spend ANOTHER three days (or more) to rebuild Pokemonslaught from scratch! What gives?

Basically, the only things I have are the patches I used (the working ones, anyway), my Mewtwo spritesheet, and a standard, untouched SMW rom. Of course, many of the changes I made on my hack involved the SMW Customizer (credits to its creator--it is AWESOMESAUCE!!!). I just wish I could figure out how to get that blasted Powertool app to work...

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Pokemonslaught is designed not to kill Mewtwo by enemy contact. It is designed to kill him through various environmental hazards (cough*valleyofbowser2*cough), and he has to race against the more aggressively paced timer as he plunges ever closer to his dance of death with Bowser.

Enemies are faster/revive/recover faster, where possible.

Powerups have been changed a bit, as have Yoshi's abilities.

Mushrooms give you my hack's equivalent of cape powers, as do Feathers. Fire Flowers now give Mewtwo the deadly Psychic Shot ability, which is analogous to Goku's Kamehameha attack.

Starmen still grant you invincibility (mostly because I can't figure out how to strip them of this ability/replace it with another powerup's ability).

Mewtwo is able to freely fly around each level, perfectly emulating his ability to fly in the movies/anime/manga. However, to make parts of some levels visible, he will still need to climb vines or make Yoshi grab a shell (to give him wings).

Yoshi is now harder to scare off, as it takes being hit while moving in such a way that Yoshi would drop if you were knocked off of him. If you are standing on a solid surface, it is very difficult to scare him off. Plus, Green Yoshi ALWAYS gains wings and the stomp ability upon grabbing any shell.

Gaining extra lives every 100 coins has been disabled, as has the Bonus Game upon collecting 100 Bonus Stars.

The cape's original flight ability has been disabled, but the cape spin is still in, as Mewtwo's tail-spin ability or "Tail Whip".

If Mewtwo bumps/is bumped by an enemy, he recovers/stops flashing much faster than normal. Be forewarned, though, that this means that he can be knocked around easier, if he is surrounded by a group of enemies. He will NOT lose any powerup he had beforehand, but his spare item will drop (if he has one).

Despite Mewtwo's psychic flight abilities, he can only perform a spin-jump when standing on solid ground, and this can cause him to fall into a hole. His tail-spin ability will also make him lose altitude (and can potentially kill him by making him fall into a hole). Use his tail wisely!

While Mewtwo's psychic flight makes him more maneuverable in the air, it makes him a bit clumsy on the ground, as it is slightly more difficult to line him up with a door (he may accidentally rise up into the air again if he's not lined up properly). In icy levels, however, he will NOT slide around on the ice.

Mewtwo's psychic flight even extends to underwater levels! He can "swim" much faster than even Frog Mario was capable of in SMB3. Thus, many water levels will be easier in some ways than before. Careful navigation will still be needed, though, especially in levels crowded with those nearly invincible Urchins!

I'll have to end this post (it's getting a bit long in the tooth) with the following info:

Mewtwo can be killed in the following four manners:

1. Running out of time
2. Being crushed
3. Touching lava/boiling mud
4. Falling into a hole

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Some of this info isn't always available; sure, I should've backed up my hack before I applied any patches I wasn't sure would work. However, why is there absolutely NO readme or tutorial regarding how to correctly use Powertool? None of the changes which show up on Powertool actually manifest themselves in my hack. What gives? *is scratching head*

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Finally, I found out what I was doing wrong (I think). I'll have to use Powertool in conjunction with Lunar Magic, as well as some carefully chosen patches and the use of SMW Customizer.

This hack is going to be hard, but nowhere near Kaizo-level difficult. "Contra rules" apply--if an enemy bumps into you or you bump into an enemy, the result is the same--YOU DIE.

Mewtwo will not be entirely defenseless, however--he will be able to throw rapid-fire, Yoshi-style fireballs, as well as swat at fireproof enemies with his tail (which will also allow him to go through vertical yellow brick columns).

Here is as complete a list of difficulty enhancements as I can think of off the top of my head:

Enemies will move faster/recover faster, where possible.

The timer will count down one-third faster than normal.

Chucks will take FIVE hits, instead of three, to kill by head-stomps.

Boos and Classic Piranha Plants will NOT stop if you look at them/stand near their pipes.

Now, the list of difficulty buffers:

Yoshi will not run away automatically; it will take two hits in rapid succession to make him do so.

Green Yoshi will also ALWAYS gain wings and the ground-stomp ability no matter what shell he grabs.

Mewtwo will have psychic levitation abilities; this will enable him to move faster than full-speed Mario, but with more maneuverability. Mewtwo's powers still work underwater, and he will not slide on ice.

I will have to apply the "Title Solution" patch (or whatever it's called), to remove the annoying glitch where you're stuck in the intro sequence if you die (Mewtwo will simply run into the first Koopa onscreen, thus dying, due to his inability to actually "jump").

If I can get everything to work properly, then I'll have to ask one final question: how do I upload my patch onto this site (after I've tested it on a fresh SMW rom)?

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I could easily solve my conundrum with a couple of easy-to-apply asm patches, one for allowing small Mario to have a cape-spin ability, and the ability to break through yellow bricks by spin-jumping. Another would give him the ability to throw fireballs. I even saw someone mention such a patch in these very forums! So, I'll have to do some patch-searching, and see if I can find what I'm looking for (sadly, I've had a very poor record of finding what I'm looking for--whatever I'm looking for either seems to "hide" from me, or the Web does the hiding itself).

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Don't know if this has been answered, but, before I release my hack, I want it to be as perfectly polished as possible (including removing any annoying graphical glitches--such as a flickering overworld player sprite).

That last issue is the meat of this post--I need to know how to make an overworld Mario sprite simply stand still (in this case, the "Mario" is Mewtwo). I've searched the ROM map, and there is nothing regarding how to make the actual overworld sprite simply stand still when not walking or climbing...as far as I know. I've tried various search queries (via Ctrl+F), using "overworld", and "OW Sp"--it picked up on "sprite" right away, but did NOT give me the info I needed (all too common a problem for me #smw{-_-;} )

Could someone tell me the ROM address I need to edit to stop my Mewtwo sprite from "flickering" when standing still/walking while facing forward? Also, when he moves left, it seems to cause a weird graphical glitch where the upper half of another Mewtwo sprite's face shows up behind him! This darn hack keeps coming up with new ways to stall for time, and make me take much longer than I had planned, to finally be satisfied enough to release it to the general public.

Well, at least this time it's playable with all the patches/hacks I've done to it...*braces for electronic blood-splatter upon resuming gameplay*

Also, I apologize for pestering all you more seasoned hackers with my n00b questions. #fim{:[}

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Thanks Jack, but I decided to go in (yet) another direction with my hack, back toward the idea of making a harder game through gameplay tweaks, rather than level design. SMW Customizer really helped with this, as did carefully perusing the ROM map (to find what address did what).

There is still one issue I have left to resolve, before I'll release my hack: how on Earth do you eliminate the annoying once-every-four-frames "flicker" where the bottom half of the player sprite mirrors itself, causing a rather jarring "broken-tail" effect on my Mewtwo sprite? I've searched VERY thoroughly through the ROM map, and there are numerous entries concerning the overworld and its sprites--but not a single one dealing with how to stop the player sprite's overworld idle animation. That's what I want to do...so, of course, there is NOTHING at all concerning what I need to do.

I did find a 384-byte block (that is a TON of addresses to sift through!), dealing with Mario/Luigi's overworld sprite animations, in general, but I don't have a clue as to which ones deal with their idle animations. It would be cool if I could make it look like Mewtwo's bobbing up and down (via psychic levitation) while idle, but if I have to, I'll simply settle for making him stand still.

I would greatly appreciate it if this question is answered with utmost promptness. I'm at my wits' end trying to wrestle this hack into complete obedience. It's about 99 percent of the way there (just those annoying overworld-sprite flickering issues to deal with), but 99 percent is not 100 percent, so I still won't release my hack until EVERYTHING is debugged (or I find a way around the bugs I can't get rid of--so I can tell everyone else to do the same).

I take pride in my work, and I do NOT want to be known as "that lazy hacker". Sure, this is my first hack ever, but I want it to be a good one, and one that everyone will enjoy, because of its challenging but far-from-unfair difficulty.

The intro says it all:

"Mario sent ME to destroy you, Bowser! I am the Ultimate Pokemon, and when I find you, you will DIE! I...AM...GOD! -Mewtwo"

Here are a few tips to avoid some minor bugs I couldn't get rid of:

Mewtwo may get stuck inside a red running block (those triangles you can run up). This isn't a problem, as it won't hurt him; simply float either backward or up, and he'll become unstuck. Besides, he doesn't need these due to the free-scrolling feature I built into the game.

Also, during the Iggy/Larry battles, avoid getting hit by the orange balls at all costs--if you do get hit, while standing on the teetering platform, you'll teleport to some random place, which could end up being in the lava, way up in the air, or even INSIDE Iggy/Larry! the worst that can happen, though, is you simply lose a life.

One final bug I've found, is that in very rare cases, the clipping protection I've built into the ASM code giving Mewtwo psychic flight may still fail, but only in one level (that I've seen so far): Chocolate Island 4. This is due to the rather oddly angled ground in some places, where if Mewtwo flies forward, he'll simply pass INTO the wall, but be unharmed, due to the "hollow" nature of the wall.

Here's a brief synopsis of the changes I've made to the game:

1ups don't give you an extra life anymore--they are simply another way to get the Tail Whip powerup.

Starmen give you the Psystrike powerup (rapid-fire Yoshi Fireballs).

Red mushrooms are like the green ones--they give you the Tail Whip powerup, as do Feathers.

Fire Flowers retain their default properties (they give you Psystrike--this game's version of fireballs).

Also, collecting coins to gain 1up won't work anymore, and the Bonus Game has been disabled. These tweaks will make extra lives much more difficult to come by. Yoshi coins, getting 50 on the Goal Tape (3up), 1up moons, collecting silver coins from hitting a silver P-switch, and chaining enemy stomps will be your only methods of gaining extra lives. MAKE THEM COUNT!

Also, the timer will countdown one-third faster than normal, and many enemies will move and recover 50 percent faster than normal (Pokeys move at TRIPLE their normal speed, so you'd better brush up on your Yoshi-tongue-aiming skills!) Chucks now take 5 hits to defeat by head-stomp. Boos will still keep coming if you turn to face them. Classic Piranha Plants will still come out of their pipes if you stand next to them.

Yes, Bowser prepared very well for Mewtwo's arrival. Can the psychic cat overcome the odds and defeat an even tougher Koopa army, or will he fall prey to Bowser's twisted schemes? It's up to YOU to decide!

"Let's-a go!" --Mewtwo, in a badly-done Mario impression


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This is my first hack ever, and doesn't change the levels themselves, but the gameplay elements are changed enough (especially how Mewtwo moves around) that I think it makes for a new way to play Super Mario World.

Here is a list of the difficulty enhancements I have coded into the game:

--Enemies move faster/recover faster (especially Pokeys--they move at TRIPLE their normal speeds!)
--1ups no longer give you extra lives, but the Tail Whip powerup.
--100 coins will no longer give you 1up.
--Bonus Game has been disabled, but not Bonus Stars.
--Starmen no longer make you invincible, but give you the Psystrike powerup.
--The timer counts down one-third faster than normal.

Here are the five ways you can still gain extra lives:

--Collecting at least 5 Yoshi Coins in a level.
--Chaining together at least 9 enemy stomps/use a shell to kill 9 or more enemies.
--Hitting 50 on the Goal Tape (3up)
--Finding a rare 1up Moon (you know--the former 3up Moon).
--Hitting a silver P-switch and collecting at least 9 coins. The tenth gives you a 2up, the eleventh and subsequent give you 3up apiece (good luck finding that many!).

And, here are the ways I mitigated the harshness of the game's difficulty (so it's not almost hard enough to be considered Kaizo):

--Yoshi is harder to scare off than before (it's not impossible, though, so be careful!).
--Mewtwo can move freely in any direction, emulating his psychic levitation abilities seen in his movie/anime appearances.
--Mewtwo's levitation abilities also apply when underwater/riding Yoshi.
--Many levels now have free-scrolling capabilities. The only levels which do not have free scrolling are those with vines (unless the level is a vertical one), Lakitus with clouds, or auto-scrolling levels.

Now, for the bugs I couldn't get rid of:

Due to the nature of the Speed!.asm patch, if you touch the platform during the Iggy/Larry battle, and he throws a ball, I would highly recommend spin-jumping, as flying to get out of the way will cause you to warp, super-fast into the lava, or you'll become entangled with Iggy/Larry's sprite (cough*TheFly*cough). Either way, it will NOT crash the game, but it will cost you a life. I suggest simply hovering above the platform, and when it's safe, give Iggy/Larry's noggin a good bopping. Do this in time with the platform, and you could win in as few as two hits!

You can sometimes get stuck inside the triangular running block (the one that lets you run up walls/pipes). This one is easy to fix--just fly up or backward to remove yourself from the block; just run from closer to the block and the problem is gone.

Finally, in Chocolate Island 4 (the cave), there are a few places where the ground forms sharply angled trenches. Mewtwo can sometimes go straight into a wall, due to the angled nature of the "floor". However, because the walls here are hollow, Mewtwo won't die; just back out and go on your merry way.

Now, onto the thank-you section:

Thanks to Darkknight, Pieguy1372, wiiqwertyuiop (twice), alcaro, and the creator(s) of SMW Customizer and SMW Status Bar Editor.

Finally, thanks a sexmilliquincentisexagintillion (10 to the 6,560th power) to FuSoYa for your awesome all-in-one SMW "Swiss Army knife", Lunar Magic. Without that, more than anything else, my hack would not have been possible.

The last thing I'll post is the first two messages you see when playing my hack:

"Mario was sick of chasing you, Bowser, so he sent me (besides, I owed him a favor). Good luck defeating ME! Heh heh... -Mewtwo"

"Whew, thanks for rescuing me! My name is Yoshi. Wait--you're THE Mewtwo?! AWESOMESAUCE!! Bowser is SO dead!"

I'll leave the rest for you guys to discover (most of the levels remain the same, but the message boxes are different--you'll love the Iggy one!)...so enjoy! #fim{;)}

The meaning of life is 42 because potato.

I don't feed trolls. I feed THEM to Cthulhu. He finds them DELICIOUS.
UPDATE: I'm going to create an invincible-tank type of game, where Mewtwo has to clear all the enemies from the main part of each level (sublevels won't necessarily count), in a very strict amount of time (due to his invincibility and ability to swap powerups on the fly).

Anybody know how to make Yoshi completely invincible (give him the same type of enemy-clipping "invincibility" as Mewtwo)?

Mewtwo will not be immune to lava, being crushed, or the time running out. He is still capable of falling into pitfalls, as well, but I would think that would be a rather rare death type for the average player (due to Mewtwo's ability to freely fly around each level).

It's either the above idea, or make it so he has to kill a certain number of enemies per level to be able to complete the level.

Has this idea been tried before in any other hack? I know that certain patches exist that might make this at least partially possible (I know quite a few ROM address edits I could do concerning the powerup swap/Yoshi color swap/invincibility).

Mewtwo needs to be given his due--he's a nearly indestructible titan of a Pokemon (titan as in super-powerful, not super-huge). He shouldn't be capable of being killed by normal means. It should take something like falling into boiling magma or being physically splattered between two closing walls. Not simply running into some goofy-looking turtle or a mushroom with legs.

I would definitely appreciate all the help I can get. Of course, I can make the enemies harder to stomp/kill, due to their insanely increased speed.

Or, how about a third idea: you have to score a certain number of points (stomping a series of enemies in a row would help!) before you're allowed to complete the level.

The meaning of life is 42 because potato.

I don't feed trolls. I feed THEM to Cthulhu. He finds them DELICIOUS.
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