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Hello. Not really making a hack, but rather random levels every now and then. Every time I start a new level, I'll update this first post with some screenshots or a video.
I'd appreciate some comments and/or criticism.

Cloud Haven
This is a cloud-based level I started. It's main focus is line guided chainsaws, which will slowly be introduced in the level. I included both some screenshots and a full-level (so far) .BMP since I'm not too good at taking screenshots.


Full Level Image (So far)
Click to view image!
Aside from the full-level image, they're all .PNGs.
Thanks for the comments everyone! Let's see what everyone has had to say:-

Looks nice. I'd brigthen a bit the color of the outlines in the clouds, especially the blue ones. It would feel better if the transition between the pure white and the outlines were softer. Otherwise, you palettes seem really good.

I've brightened the cloud outlines a little so the transition is a little softer.

Nice level you've got there. I'm really liking that palette. I also like the way you've got the atmosphere formed. Adding the touch to where it looks as if you're in between two cloud formations is nice as well.

Looking forward to more! #ab{:)}

Thank you!

Welcome to SMWCentral! You said that your images were .bmp. Try not to do that, switch to png by pressing f1 and then down until you see screenshot format or something like that. Press the space bar to switch from png and bmp (assuming you use zsnes) pasting the pic into paint and saving it as png. I must say though, the cloud palette really fits and it looks awesome. Can't wait for more images!
Edit: fixed up instructions

Ah, I do know how to make PNG files. I was just too lazy to convert it into a PNG. Besides, it was only a small file so the filesize won't be too big, regardless.

The level looks good so far! Cotten Candy clouds looks cool, was already used. I'm not sure if this hack is in the hacks section but, it was "JDC Games Collab" or something.

Yeah, that's the thing with vanilla hacking: you're bound to reuse something as there's only so much you can do with the original GFX. I can assure you that wasn't on purpose, though.

Well, good news: Cloud Haven has been finished! I'm now underway with a second level simply named Blissful Bay. It's meant to be quite an easy level themed around water and fish. I've got a video showing the first half (approximately 9 screens) of the level. I'm aware the midway point's a little early in the video -- I'll probably move it to where the video ends.
In addition, there's no music yet. I'll be using AddMusicM when I insert music as I prefer the flexibility with the .brr samples as opposed to .bnk files -- you don't have to mess around with Sample Tool for each level you want to use the sampled song.
Aside from that, comments are welcome. :)

Video Link
Originally posted by Qwholl
I re installed chrome. All the ads are gone, but the lag is still there

Do a malware scan, seriously. Your computer is infected.
The old system seemed fine as it was, in my humble opinion. "Drama" is a subjective term, and people really need to stop complaining over the results. They aren't meant to be serious (from what I know) so why is receiving a negative trophy, or being voted for in a negative category such a big deal?

If it is, those negative categories should be removed rather than forcing anonymous voting. The idea of robotizing this event doesn't sit well with me. It seemed better before as there was more of a community aspect to it.
There's an article entitled "Wikipedia doesn't need your money" that would make a good read. I'd suggest looking at that for more information.

Wikipedia isn't going to be bankrupt anytime soon as their sympathetic ads suggest. Donations aren't needed.
I hate the effects from being hot (sweat, uncomfortableness etc) so I generally prefer being cool but not to the point of being a walking ice cube.
It's still exactly the same for this year. They've not magically changed to Samaritans this year.
Uh, yes? I know.
Your Maria impersonation was actually really good. Great job!
This site could do with a "favourites" features rather than an email alert. That is, when you favourite a thread, you will be notified of replies similar to how you are notified of new Private Messages.
Indeed, this hack is not bad enough to be rejected. There are a few looming issues and bugs which would be beneficial to be added in order to smoothen out the gameplay.

It's better to wait on this for a while until Daizo submits a fix rather than accepting and then updating the project a week later.
Hello, I'm interested in taking part in this collab by designing a level. Which level is free?
Ah, that is OK. I just decided to ask as the title of this thread and the first post contradict each other; the former says "Level designer wanted" whereas the first posts implies there are no levels open.
Not bad! You've got a decent palette set up there and an intriguing concept for your level. I've a couple of issues to point out, though:-

Firstly, the level seems a little flat at places. That might just be because of the screenshots you have shown, but it's often better to vary up your terrain. Next, although this is more minor, the first screenshot lacks a little in enemies.

Moreover, the level seems to focus on just the standard koopas. While this is OK in some circumstances (For example, early levels in the game), you should typically use more challenging enemies to avoid.

Overall though, you've got a good concept going along. Fix those minor points and it'll be great!
Welcome to Frutti Kingdom: a magical universe situated none-to-far from Dinosaur land. The place, which is populated by the jovial Toki creatures, seems like the ideal tourist destination which is why Mario and crew have taken a short vacation there. However, something is amiss. Bowser has teamed up with an unfamiliar foe, and has snatched the princess right from Mario's clutches! As usual, our hero must embark on an adventure to save her.

If you want to assign an arbitrary ice-cream flavour to this, I guess you could say this is chocolate. Some levels will have more of a vanilla feel to them, though, like the level I am currently working on now -- Wallrun Wonderland.

There are 5 main regions of Frutti Kingdom which act as the worlds of this hack. However, there are no world 'themes' as such. Instead, each region is home to all sorts of levels. The regions are as follows:-
-Pineapple Plains
-Strawberry Sands
-Watermelon Woods
-Mango Mountains
-Tomato Tundra

Wallrun Wonderland
The first level of FKA. This level provides a gentle introduction into the game and introduces purple triangles which mario can use to run on walls. As a minor note, some of the graphics are not final. In particular, I am referring to the original Mario graphics and original Lakitu graphics which I plan on switching out soon. Finally, this is explained in the second message box in this level (see screenshot 10), but the blue coin at the end is the checkpoint tile. It functions identical to the midway point bar in SMW.
Without further ado, here are some screenshots:-

That's an event forum that was for the eshroomcorp event for C3. It's not really relevant now.
I feel the OP's being a bit harsh on what constitutes "cheap" level design and what doesn't. Most of the time (in a non Hacks101 inspired hack, that is) decoration adds to the flavour of the level without distracting the player too much.

You have merit on some of your screenshots as you are showing rather extreme examples of this. The first screenshot is a little distracting due to the vibrant palette and setup of the level, but I wouldn't call the decoration "cheap". The third screenshot especially, features multitudes of enemies stashed away in the ground and on the ceiling, and so you are pretty much unaware what is going to hurt you without prior encounter.

Next, we have the fourth and fifth screenshots which don't really strike me as cheap in any way. Most people, as I have mentioned above, usually just add minor amounts of decoration which complement the level design rather than distracting away from it. I don't see the problem with adding stars or feathers in the foreground as it is fairly obvious, due to the re-paletting, to see that they are just merely decoration.

The sixth screenshot just strikes me as nitpicking. How is the magikoopa there cheap decoration and the other sprites in that background not? The background, I assume, gives the idea that Mario is in a creepy-like setting with the enemies situated on the posts in the background as "guards" of sorts.

Afterwords, you talk about "Dress-up" -- the concept of decorating enemies with new outfits to go with their setting. I see this as kind of unnecessary from my point of view, but there's nothing really wrong with it.

Throw-up, however, is where people don't understand to differentiate between minor level aesthetics and so-called 'art', which in fact distracts from the gameplay. Ideally, decoration should be minor in a level. I suppose I do like decorating a bit much, but I don't really think it's too much of a distraction.

This post turned out a bit essay-ish, so I'm sorry for that.
Originally posted by Neidave

That looks quite interesting. The setup you're going for (ruins castle) seems to work out quite well. There's a few minor graphical oddities which I've spotted though:-
-The decoration mask thing in the top-left has an awkward palette. I feel a more saturated version of what you have now, or a grey-ish palette could work well to complement the other decor used in the level
-Some of the SMW Graphics don't really fit in with the level here. I'm mainly referring to the spike in the top-right corner. I reckon it'd be better using a re-paletted version of the spike provided in that tileset.
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SpicySeafood's Profile - Posts by SpicySeafood

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