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It's disheartening to see stuff like this happen. My condolences go out to Bijan's family.
Hi, I need a happy port (like in hacks like Lunar Legends, Choco Rise, etc.) for my title screen. Any recommendations?

You could try Bubbl Bustin' or More of it. The former's a port rather than a custom composition which looks like what you would want judging by your post.
Your layout's nice! It's a little mono-chromatic for my tastes, but good nontheless. I quite like what you have done with the quote and code box headers, though I feel the background colour used on the code box is a little too bright. I'd suggest saturating it a little.

Overall, I would give it a 7/10.

This layout's something I did myself in a little under an hour. It's quite basic (that's intentional as I don't like cluttering my post too much) and I like how it turned out. Some critique would be nice!
You'll get CMD from your window's System32 directory. Copy and paste it to the folder xkas is in. Alternatively, you can also run cmd directly and use the 'cd' command to change the directory that you start in to the directory xkas is in.

Once you've done that, you'll want to type the following:-
xkas.exe patchname.asm romname.smc

Replacing romname.smc and patchname.asm with your rom and patch name, as appropriate.
For something that has seemed so professional all this way through, a random joke level in the middle of nowhere doesn't really appeal to me.
I agree that the third version of your level is looking the best so far in terms of aesthetic style. The only thing that's striking me as being strange is the palette of the fence thing to the left. Other than that, I'm looking forward to seeing some more screenshots!
Originally posted by Snowshoe

No fun allowed?

Not at all. It's just that kind of thing wouldn't really fit too well in this project if we've been aiming for a professional hack from the get-go. Something like this would have fit better in a more lighthearted project among the styles of ASMT and SMWCP1.

To elaborate, I'm not too concerned whether this gets implemented or not. I just thought it would be best to voice my concerns.
As Dragonfly pointed out, you have a few perspective problems in your overworld. I've edited your image and marked where they are in black below. Ideally, you would want the cliff's height to match throughout consistently. You can read this tutorial by Teo17 which can explain the concept much better than I can.

Other than that, I do not see any major problems.
The World 1 castle seems a bit bland to me, in terms of architecture (the repeated use of the blocks) and the lack of a BG. Might just be me, though.
That rip looks really impressive. Indeed, it looks easy to adjust the palette to my liking too which is a definite plus. I see this working well for NSMB style hacks.
Some of the gimmicks were well implemented towards the start, but later on, the quality and level design started to slowly slip away. It occurs to me some of the later levels weren't tested as much for issues such as slowdown, time, and sprite memory errors, which means some of the later levels feel a little rushed to me.

Moreover, a few bosses seem like an afterthought. The first boss, which is a homing thwomp situated in Thwomp's Fortress seems overly difficult while the Boss Bass in Underwater Ruins seems very easy (a bomb from the shooter killed it quite quickly). The other bosses seem OK though, to me.

On the other hand though, the first levels were excellently designed with a single gimmick in mind and a level to go around it. I especially liked Mushroom Pit's concept. I also like the idea of having secret exits in your hack (not many do nowadays), though some of them weren't in the best location. For example Mushroom Pit's, where you had to go through a long autoscroll level again to get to it. Lastly, it's worth mentioning that the other areas of the hack such as the overworld and music choices were fantastic.

Overall, this hack is difficult to decide what to do with it. I feel the author is capable of much more than what is provided here post world 1. I'm leaning on Reject and give time for the author to touch up on a few levels.

(+1 -Cou)
Possibly, though I doubt many people would have the knowledge or patience to code that.

My first overworld. It's average, I suppose, but there's a lot of cutoff stuff I wasn't aware of at the time including those ladders and the water edges. I only made the first world part as I didn't continue with the hack at the time. Blame me for being lazy with my projects. :P

If I recall correctly, the level paths didn't light up, only the levels did as I didn't know how to work the events editor.
As I've said on YouTube, your music has always been fantastic, and this is no exception. I find it very catchy. Particularly, I like the progression in the song and how more backing instruments are added from time-to-time. Sorry, I'm not really technical with the music stuff so this is the best I can explain it!
It's a hack called "SMW Beta" if I recall correctly. It'd be here in the Legacy Hacks section.
The main problem here is that there are a bunch of top-quality hacks in that section which have been removed due to minor reasons such as custom music compatibility. While emulator compatibility has to be enforced to some extent, it's kind of a shame to see some really good hacks there buried with the other hacks which are, I suppose, less appealing due to other more important issues such as lackluster level design. For that reason, I feel the legacy hacks section is going to have a negative stigma associated with it in that it contains a bunch of 'crap' hacks -- which isn't true.
The bottom-left circle in suckhacker's image would definitely count as a perspective error. I would alter that a tad. Finally, there's a bit of cutoff land just above that error, though I assume you are aware of that.

In the video just showed, Verdant Isle 3 looks very good. There's not much to comment at from a Level design perspective as it's all pretty good! :)
There'll most likely be an ExGFX file within the zip, as suckhacker has mentioned. If not, you can look for some suitable graphics in the graphics section.

You will find a tutorial for inserting graphics here (although that tutorial's a bit outdated)
To be honest, I would rather it be linked via the File Bin here instead of using base64 encoding. It seems strange that you would do that... oh well.
Create an IPS patch with Floating IPS and then upload that IPS patch to your file bin here. You can then link the uploaded file as usual.

I can not comment much on the screenshot provided so far. It looks a little plain to me so far, but I will wait until more screenshots (or a working IPS) is provided for further input.
Originally posted by HuFlungDu
Originally posted by SpicySeafood

Crashes on level completion: Minor reason
Maybe a little boring: Major reason


Completely depends on what your perspective is, I suppose. I've played a lot of hacks and have a somewhat short attention span hence why I would value level design over emulator compatibility. I was also talking about major level design errors and faults there, not small nitpicks. Music compatibility is still important, but for me if a hack crashes, I would just continue onwards in ZSNES.
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SpicySeafood's Profile - Posts by SpicySeafood

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