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I'm at a different computer so I can't show any more progress (yet), but I will answer some questions:-

I do like the fact that the level is equal parts land and equal parts dolphins, but I don't like the fact that the Porcu-Puffer's palette is incorrect or the usage of Torpedo Teds out of water (they're torpedoes, dammit!).

Thanks for your post. :) Firstly, I must say I both agree and disagree with you. In the stance of the Torpedo Ted issue, I don't think this is a really an issue in the Mario Universe; after all, we have floating coins here, turtles which aim to kill you, and flowers which make you spit fireballs. Torpedo's might be a bit strange in a random level (like a forest), but in the context of the level's location, which is a coastal environment, I feel it works fine. However, I do agree about the Porcupuffer's palette being a bit off. I've fixed that by giving him a less saturated blueish colour.
I echo FPI's words in that the level shouldn't have autoscroll. Autoscroll just reduces your pace through the level to a crawl and is often misused 90% of the time (As in, autoscroll for no reason rather than as a clever level gimmick).
I mainly look for level design, but I also don't like it when people use a mishmash of graphics from varying styles across levels, such as one level having DKC's GFX and another having Kirby or NES Styled graphics. That just seems very unoprofessional to me, and I don't usually play hacks which do this. I prefer hacks which have a unique graphical style across their hack. 1upDudes' Super "Mario" World series comes to mind.
The gimmick looks pretty cool! I'd recommend you add a layer 3 background to the level though, so it does not seem as empty. I would recommend using this one, or this one as they seem to fit the best in your level.

Originally posted by 1UPdudes
Originally posted by Footsteps_of_Coins
Torpedo Teds have always appeared underwater in official Mario games.

This isn't an official Mario game. Not been an ass here just saying. Using sprites in other ways is something I look forward to in hacks. Bowsers Bowling Ball makes a cool addition to some level even though it was only used in a boss fight...

I agree with that. Sprite variety makes for more interesting levels! I've already had my say about the Torpedo Ted issue and I feel it would be best to stop the discussion here. This thread's about my hack, really, not the logic of Nintendo games in general. :P

Originally posted by GloriousWater
I really like the level design you've showed, and the palette makes for an interesting break from the 'make it green/brown' trend in hacks. It all fits together well.
I don't see the Torpedo Teds as an issue, but maybe you could tweak the GFX to make them look like rockets. Though it doesn't matter really.

Thanks! About the rocket GFX, I'll see what I can do. I'm not the best GFX artist, but I might be able to get something decent drawn.

Originally posted by Final Theory
This is just my opinion, but I think the rocks little a little odd on the ceiling.

Hm..? I'm not really sure what you are talking about as there are no rocks in the level. If you can elaborate more on this issue, I'll do my best to fix it for you :)

I have been working on the overworld of this hack recently and have finished the first region. I'll link two images below (one showing paths and one not). I should point out that the level at the top of the mountain is part of a later world which will link back up to world 1. This is why it seems you can not reach it yet!

No Paths

I'm willing to offer my services as well, if you still require testers. I've wrote more detailed stuff about what I'll do in the testers thread, but in short, you will get a review of each level's strength and weaknesses (in level design and gameplay) plus a list of any bugs and glitches if there are some.
Originally posted by Mirann

Thanks! I wouldn't say overworld designing is my main forte (I don't find it as exciting as level design) so I am pleased you like it. As per your suggestions, the two double outlines have been fixed now, I forgot to do those earlier. I'll also see if I can alter the "1" sign too, to match the rest of the main Overworld. Finally, the bottom-left and bottom-right parts aren't perspective error, actually. They're the same height (1 square between cliff and water) all round. :)

Edit: I have spotted the real culprit of the perspective error now: the cliff just above the bottom-left peninsula. I've fixed that one now, too!
To start with, quite a lot of levels are very similar to the original levels. To name examples, River Ride is an edit of Yoshi's Island 4 and The Adventure Starts is an edit of Yoshi's Island 1. Ideally, you should press CTRL+DEL before starting work on a level to ensure your level does not pose any similarities to the original levels in SMW.

The level design you have made, however, is quite poorly made. From my impressions on playing this hack, I can see it was not tested very much as there are quite obvious issues in this hack such as the Time Up error and the ? blocks in the switch palace using the bonus game mechanic. Some areas seem to be over-populated with sprites causing a few to disappear, while others areas have hardly any enemies or threats to the player. I feel a great cause of this issue is the fact the levels were blatantly edited, as pointed out above. Your more original levels, which include Cliff Climb and Haunted Castle, suffer from poor enemy placement but do offer considerably better level design than the other levels you have to offer. As a suggestion, I would recommend reading APPALLED by AxemJinx for more information on how to design better levels for the player.

Unfortunately, the overworld is not free of errors either. You can access all levels immediately and some levels activate the incorrect event. Despite all this, I must commend you on your efforts in providing new player graphics and graphics for the enemies. They seemed decently done to me.

I feel in conclusion, it is best to Reject this hack.
1. What kind of world themes do you like?

I'm indifferent as long as there are good levels within that world. That said, I tend to quite like Ice levels and Ruins/Cave levels the most. I feel those themes tend to spark the most variety and interesting level design.

2. What kind of world themes do you like to combine?

I don't like combining many themes as it would get a little outlandish, but I do like combining other themes with castles and caves. As an example, one of the levels in my hack is a cave with a lot of water elements in (layer two 'bubbles' which you can swim in).

3. What kind of world themes are you planning to make on your hack?
My hack doesn't really have world themes, but different regions which encompass a lot of themes in them. Each 'region' may have a specific theme to it, but the levels themselves are varied. For example the first world, despite technically being grasslands, also offers a water cave, a rocky level and an athletic sky-like level. Think a slightly less-varied Super Mario 3D World.
From an aesthetical standpoint, it looks simply outstanding. Very well done! From a design point, it looks great as well. I'd exercise caution in having too many 'themes' in your level though, judging by the variety of screenshots shown. At the end of the day, this is a level within a collaborative contest, not a 1-level hack.
I really like the idea of this hack, but the levels seem very barebones to me, and don't really offer much in the way of challenges for the player. For example, in the first level you can clear it by simply jumping over everything while the second level is a random barrage of enemies separated by a section of note blocks.

I would recommend having a look into making your levels have a bigger variety of obstacles and enemies (See APPALLED for some great level design pointers), as well as investing time into improving the aesthetics slightly (though not too big a deal!). For graphics, I would recommend perhaps using these graphics as an alternative to the vanilla counterpart, if you know how to insert graphics. If not, there are plenty of tutorials on this site to help you out! :)
I would actually just recommend using a custom boss. I'm pretty sure there's a few custom bowser bosses out there in the sprites section.
Do you mean hacks that are currently undergoing moderation in the other forum? If so, "Pending" is a word used in English to say something is "in progress". Users contribute their thoughts to the sticky threads in that forum and then the original hack moderator would make the final decision as to accept or reject the hack a few days later.
Just tested it, and the level is coming along really well so far. You've utilised tileset mixing well in making a good aesthetical feel for your level without going too overboard. I also like your enemy selection in the first part of your level, too. The combination of Magikoopa plus Podoboos and Bullet Bills poses a unique challenge to the player. The only thing I really dislike about the first area is that some spikes feel a little 'cheap' and unnecessary in places. I honestly feel the level would benefit more with them removed, but that's just me.

As for the second part, I was somewhat alarmed to find I only had 100 seconds left. I understand the gimmick, but the second part of the level really is not 'panic room' friendly. There are a lot of low ceilings in places -- particularly one besides a Dry Bones and a 1up Mushroom -- which made it hard to clear the level and the boss in time. I think I had around 30 seconds when I went to the boss, and found he liked landing ontop of spiked pipes more than anywhere else. I feel it would be perhaps better if you remove the boss and have the end of the level where the boss door is in the panic room sublevel as the 100 seconds time limit would be more reasonable then. Time Limits aside though, the second room of this level was generally well done.

Overall though, this level is pretty good! With some spike adjustments and the boss removed, I feel this could be a good entry. :)
More overworld progress!



As you can see, the main concept that I am trying out here is for the overworld to be "connected". That is, you will be able to traverse from world 5 back to world 1 as shown in the centre of the map. World 4 and 5 have yet to be added, but hopefully you can see how this is shaping up so far. Comments are welcome. :)
Congratulations! #ab{8-)}
Perhaps it could be measured across all music sections instead of just the SMW one?
The new trophies are pretty sweet! Great job on them.
Hey there!

Great job so far. I'm liking what I see with the style of this hack. It's great to see you stick to one consistent style throughout the hack (SMAS) and not a mishmash of various graphics.

Regarding the graphics clash that skullkid mentioned, I personally do not see the clash there. The graphics go together quite well to me, because they're all similar cartoony styles.

There's one thing I would like to point out though:

This OW has a few perspective problems. Near the middle and the right of the map the cliffs go downwards which looks odd to me. Ideally, the cliff's height should be equal throughout. You've done this on the other maps so this is the only map with this problem in. It shouldn't be too hard to fix!
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SpicySeafood's Profile - Posts by SpicySeafood

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