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What the [heck] is wrong with just showing some gumption and learning to get the job done yourself? I think its just lazy and unrealistic to expect someone else to create something for a hack that they're not even as passionate about. How do you even know they are even reliable and if not, then what? Going out of one's comfort zone and taking some initiative is what seperates the men from the boys. If that's too much dedication for someone, find another hobby.

In a nutshell, people have different focuses. As an example, I consider one of my main fortes in hacking to be level design, and thus I don't put as much effort into making graphics, music or ASM into my projects. On the contrary, people prefer being 'creative' with their projects and spend more time making resources than focusing on the level design. Brutal Mario could be an example of the latter.

What I'm saying is that it's irrelevant what your talents are when making hacks. People aren't going to be skilled at everything and that's a fact. That's the reason why there's teams of people making real-life games and not just an indie studio of 2-5 people, because everyone has individual and different talents.
I've never been one for level design guides as level design and quality is subjective. One person's best level might be another's trash. People like different things -- e.g. kaizo, puzzles,long levels, short levels -- and it's only natural to have different tastes.

There's a few points that I, personally, disagree with. However, please note this is just my opinion and would therefore be invalid to some.


You can’t have Swoopers in a daylight level, or Boo’s either. Chucks, however, seem to fit nearly all kinds of levels. (Except underwater, of course).

{list of enemies}

This is actually something I would not encourage. I feel people should be creative with their levels and not stick to the norm. As an example of that, take a look at Axemjinx's Rise to the Challenge. One of the earlier levels called 'Sludge Trudge Isle' uses Urchins in a non-water environment yet still has engaging level design.
Just like using Urchin's in a grassy level might be as controversial as swoopers in a day time level, I find it more creative (and therefore more exciting to play) if a level has something 'new' in it and not just the same set of enemies in a level.

A good level size is usually around 16 - 1A screens.

Like others, I disagree with this too. I feel having 16-1A screens would border on too long and unless the gimmick of a level stays fresh and entertaining throughout, I think I would start to get a little tired of the level by that point. I tend to make most of my levels around 10-13 screens long (Hex), and that works for me. Obviously, others prefer longer levels and others prefer shorter levels. Everyone's different.

To note, I'm not criticising your tutorial. I'm just mentioning that there are different opinions which are as equally valid as your own.
Have to restart the whole game the next time I play. Is this game meant to be played with saved states?

Yeah, I would recommend playing this with savestates. The hack gets quite difficult later on (World4+), though that's partly the fault of the somewhat-broken wall jump patch.
Hello all. I'm trying to modify Nesquik Bunny's goal roulette sprite, but I am experiencing problems.

You see, I plan on making it so that when you complete a level, you earn one bonus star. Thus, I added this simple one-line code to the sprite:

INC $0F48

I ran my sprite and it works fine... except the code seems to run every frame and so the stars will keep increasing all the time until the level ends.

It seems I placed that code in the wrong place somewhere (obviously) but I am at a loss how to make it run correctly. I would appreciate any help.

Ooh. I know #26 of the tip of my tongue but really can't think where it's from.

Also, a question, if I may. There are certain games on the list which have different names for different countries. #33 is one of them as it has a slightly different name in the EU. In those cases, would either name be acceptable? I figured it would, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
Yes, I like things to be organised with my Map16, but I don't usually make a big deal out of it. It's not a big deal for me either way, as long as it isn't a huge mess I'm OK.
#20: How could I miss Layton? D: The style is unmistakable. Beautiful song.

I've even played Azran Legacy and managed to miss that. Oh well!

Congratulations to the winners! :)

#1: Decent, but some of the palettes are a little off. While it isn't bad it's not my favourite either.

#2: I like this one. The submaps, even though they're a little abstract, show a lot of creativity. The only problem is the main OW feels a little square and blocky.

#3: One of my favs. Every flows together really well here.

#4: Good, but I don't like how the best & worst submaps look identical in terms of paths. Otherwise, I like it.

#5: Same as for #4. I don't think we should be putting nudity & swasticas on a hack, especially not on a community-wide collab like this.

#6: Looks really unfinished. While the main OW is neat, The submaps feel half-done and they just look bad.

#7: This is my favourite entry. It's a fantastic collection of OW and submaps. I voted for this one.
New Super Luigi U. was designed with this style in mind

I actually never really liked how NSLU used that style. It hindered exploration even though the levels were small.

In general, I don't like timers at all. I prefer hacks without them in.
You have to be a staff or admin to have a custom colour.

There are exceptions though, such as being MoTM or winning some rare contest.
This list is much harder than last time. Can only name a couple.
I'm slightly concerned the idea will be too similar to Switch Scamper from SMWCP2. I know it's not exactly the same but the gimmick reminds me of that.

Otherwise it looks like a decent idea so far. The level won't turn out that difficult if the switches are introduced fairly, and not above lava or bottomless pits. I say you should start with that idea if you feel you can work with it.
Here are my general opinions:-

Main Section (12F)
-I liked this section. Good introduction to this level.
-I enjoyed how you use the same 3-4 sprites in differing situations. It gives the level a sense of coherency and flow.
-The secret paths here were interesting. I enjoyed how they were signposted. They weren't too obvious nor were they too obscure to find.

-Screen 3: Not obvious you weren't meant to fall down here. I saw the coins as "Oh look, some extra coins" rather than "Follow this path!".
-Screens C: I don't like the powerup placement. It's too easy to lose the mushroom here especially as it is near lava & Podoboos

Water Section (14F)
-I don't like this section as much. It feels very cramped and frustrating at times; especially as big mario.
-This area isn't bad but the low ceilings make it more frustrating than it ought to be. Mainly Screens E-F.
-I do like your usage of the roto disk in the water. That's an interesing sprite choice that works really well here.
-Seems a very abrupt change from lava to water. Perhaps a more fiery palette would make sense?
-Screen 5: The rip van fish seems like an unnecessary threat here. I think the roto blade and the torpedo are enough to dodge here so I would perhaps consider removing it.
-Screen D: It's difficult to pass through all the threats here while remaining unscathed. Maybe the bullet bill could be removed?
-Screen E: This area is a bit cramped for my liking. Could the ceiling be raised here?
I agree with Axemjinx. Despite the difficulty of the original, the aesthetical style was very unique. I think at least that style should be kept similar to the original.
I think new syntax needs to be invented for the gooey smilies, and not just :), :D, and so on. I think something like #gooey(:)) could work.

I agree with JackTheSpades in that there's not going to be any negative repercussion in disabling, or changing, the gooey smilies.

Originally posted by JackTheSpades
<div class="filter-noemote">Your post goes here</div>

seems like a good solution at first, but as Alcaro stated, it can't be nested. I'd totally put it in my layout code, if it didn't kill any and all emoticons. While I rarly use smileys, I use the LM icons quite a bit (not just for the icon games)

It's a good solution for those (like myself) who don't wish to use any set of emoticons. I thought I should point that out.
I would like to discuss the Introductions forum, and why I feel it should be brought back to this site, instead of opting to use a thread.

Introduction threads are more personalized. One big thread fullof introductions isn't very personal to the individual user, and many people's introductions can easily get lost and even not commented on at all. By giving the latest pages of the designated thread a quick glance, I can see that numerous people already have posted introductions, but haven't been welcomed. This wasn't a problem in the old introductions forum as you can see. Additionally, a huge thread full of empty introductions isn't very welcoming to a shy user who has just recently joined.

I understand the advantages for choosing a thread over a forum, namely that it reducing the need for users to spam the same two-or-three line response into each introduction thread. However, I don't see this as a necessary gain, considering the compromise of personalized introductions and a more welcoming atmosphere to this site.

Personally, I feel there are more advantages to bring back the introductions forum, rather than keeping with the thread. What are your thoughts?
Originally posted by Counterfeit
There's nothing genuine in most people's replies as nobody really takes time to get to know most new users and all that gets revealed as they post in each other's threads around the board or talk on IRC.

My point is a lot of introductions in the thread go by unnoticed, which doesn't happen in the forum. Even if 99% of the replies are insincere, it still is nice to be welcomed into the community. Joining large sites like this for the first time can be unsettling and having friendly users come around and say hello certainly is appreciated by most people.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
I'm not sure what's more personal other than the aesthetic and having a thread title that suits your desires

That's true, but what's personal about posting in a large thread that no one responds to? I think the current solution is less personal.
I usually make my levels in a random order, starting from which ideas I feel most inspired to make a level out of. I assumed that was the norm. The only caveat to that idea is that making a progressive difficulty curve can be more challenging.
The first thing I notice is that your overworlds have some errors in them. Most of them are quite flat and not visually-appealing, unfortunately. There are also perspective errors in the first submap (the orange one) and also the grassland submap (the last submap). However, aside from that I do think the last submap was designed well, as it included a variety of shapes, landmasses and decoration which the other maps didn't have!

As a suggestion, I would try using a variety of landmasses and decoration to make your overworlds look more pleasing to the eye. There is a tutorial on-site that will help you with that. Good luck!
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
I actually just espace my smileys by using &#58;
This will turn into a colon, so I can use &#58;) and I get :)
Still, it's a pain to always do it, so yeah.

I find it easier to use BBCode tags to escape smilies on a case-by-case basis. Like this: :[b][/b]) which becomes :)
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SpicySeafood's Profile - Posts by SpicySeafood

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