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The graphics look nice but the level design's really lacking.
As a general rule, you should try focusing on your level's design before it's visuals. The main problem with your level design is that nearly all of the terrain is barren and empty without any enemies to pose a threat to Mario. Check out Axemjinx's APPALED for some great level design tips and ideas.

Good luck, and welcome to SMW Central! #ab{;)}
I agree with Axemjinx. A lot of these contests are too difficult for the average user. In this contest, I only recognised 4 songs. I'm not a VGM enthusiast at all; but I'm very surprised by how few songs I and others recognise in these types of contests. I think people will feel less motivated to enter if they can only recognise a very low percentage of songs.

Perhaps I'm wrong and someone knows all 32... but I think I'll pass from entering this contest sadly. My two cents are these contests are meant to be fun, and it's less fun if it's too difficult or obscure for most people.
Originally posted by Richard Nixon
keep in mind that it shouldn't be easy enough for someone to get all 32. despite the possible difficulty of this and the previous ones, there are people who manage to get above half of the songs on the list (the enthusiasts). If it was easy enough for the random person to get at least half, then the enthusiasts will more likely manage to get them all, in which case could end with multiple first place winners. It's more reasonable to have some difficulty with these contests rather than to make them too easy.

Of course not easy enough for everyone to get 100%, but not hard enough that even the enthusiasts are only getting half right. There should be a reasonable balance (e.g. the median user should be getting 40-55% correct). Additional songs can be brought out as tiebreakers if multiple people get all songs, or if there are ties for first place. Though such situation is unlikely.
Where are the eggs?
Very impressive! Even more-so if it was only done by hex editing. I can't wait to see what else you have in store. #ab{:)}
I'm curious why the p switch needs to send a POST request on misc.js. But apart from that, all it does is change the background margin to switch images.

My guess is it just merely counts the number of times it's been pressed and updates the DB. It can't be anything less mundane than that.
You are being pedantic.

If you want to read archived threads here, you are free to do so. Otherwise there will always be an option to mark all forums as read.
I prefer the original scheme. Probably because I have been using it for so long now.
Let me preface this post by saying I am a lurker on the site: I do not post much. So take my $0.02 with a grain of salt.

Nearly everyone needs to let of steam now and then by posting banter. Low quality content should not be moderated too harshly, provided there should be a dedicated place for users to be less serious. So, I believe the World of insanity forum should be brought back to contain shitposting in one place. Let people discuss their favourite soda or what they last ate for dinner - but moderate the other boards so that spamming more serious topics would result in warnings.

Regarding Lightvayne, I also believe the post leniency policy was a mistake. However, I understand people can sometimes make poorly thought-out decisions in the heat of the moment. I am not calling out a witch hunt and disagree with those calling for Lightvayne's head. The best advice for anyone is: if you're under emotional strain with anything, then take a break and come back tomorrow.
There does not look like a specific YI Hacks subforum. I assume the description needs to be updated to show that YI and SM64 hack removals will be updated there.

Not sure why it's done like that... it seems messy to me.
1 - I can imagine VLDC10 having different level categories.
I vote no. First and foremost it is meant to be a vanilla level design contest so imposing artificial restrictions beyond those already imposed by the vanilla "label" is not something I would like. What makes the collaboration special is that one has the freedom to design any theme of level. This is not a feature that is usually present in other collaboration hacks.

2 - During the level contest period, there will be a dedicated music requests thread in the VLDC forum,
Definitely. The music requests thread should be opened as soon as possible so that music composers have more time to finalise the game's soundtrack.

3 - mode 0
No. It's not vanilla.

4 - exit unbeaten levels

5 - fancy score chart
I have no opinion either way on this feature. I never looked at the score charts during my playthrough of the hack.

6 - timers
It would be a good feature for speedrunners to use, but adding this depends on how much ROM space is available. It would be nice to see it in VLDCX but not at the expense of other, more important, patches.

7 - fly free region
No, because it is not vanilla. Besides, it is very easy to stop the player from flying over the level without using a fly-free-zone patch. The level creator needs to design the level with cape in mind. An alternative idea - but please note I dislike this one too - is to disable cape flying completely but allow the player to float and strike enemies with the cape. I believe that suggestion is less inconsistent than the first, but nonetheless it will draw criticism from those who wish to utilise cape flying in their level.

8 - optional patches
Much of my criticism of the fly-free-zone idea applies here: consistency. Optional bug fix patches definitely should be applied, to make the experience more polished, but should be applied globally not on a level-by-level basis.

9 - ban sfx sample changes
I have no opinion either way on this.

10 - level badges
Yes. It would encourage participation in the contest, and it would also encourage everyone to put in a bit more effort into their level to win a badge.

11 - apply spinjump fix patch

12 - double exgfx files
If the space is available in the ROM to allow 20ExGFX files per user, then sure.


Also I vote 'no' to any of the fancy graphics features listed below your original 12 suggestions.
Okay. I misunderstood; I thought the creator was wanting to apply a patch to limit the capabilities of the spin jump so that one could only spin jump once before being hurt.

In that case, I agree the bug fix patch needs to be applied.
Happy birthday, eXcavator. I hope you are at peace.
Originally posted by Koopster
Originally posted by leod
Then there are unmarked forum and sections bans, which don't change the name color and are 100% invisible to everyone.

You can see if someone is section banned if you look in their profile cause they'll have "Section Banned" in their usergroups lol

Yes. You may also see a complete list of section banned users by browsing the group page. There should be an option on the site to make certain groups invisible to the userbase.
I do not like the suggested idea of including a readme with every hack. Instead, the best solution should explain how to apply BPS patches on the FAQ section and/or the section description.

It would not be a difficult addition to add a description table row for each section; anyone could program that in less than 10 minutes. There is also a file in 'Strings' for a SMW hacks description, although it appears to be unused.

I made a mockup screen showing how this may look.
Originally posted by leod

Originally posted by SpiceSeafood
It would not be a difficult addition to add a description table row for each section; anyone could program that in less than 10 minutes. There is also a file in 'Strings' for a SMW hacks description, although it appears to be unused.

You really need to stop assuming how the site's systems work, for one thing. I don't know either, but it's not unreasonable to assume that every section shares the exact same template and adding it to one would add it to all of them without some rather ugly hacks.

This site already has a system for extracting posts for use in various pages, e.g. section descriptions. All that would be required is another database column in the site's sections table, which would contain the postid for the section description field. Then, the next part is as easy as echoing a new table row with the description already fetched from the DB.

Even if SMWC's section.php page is a pile of spaghetti, it would not be a complex addition so please do not claim it is. It sounds like PR spin talk.#ab{:S}

It is understandable that the coders are busy, and thus can not develop frequently. I am not criticising that, but I am merely pointing out this would be an easy feature to implement, and it would explain BPS patching a lot easier to the beginner crowd than at present.
Originally posted by Hobz
you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, i suppose.
VLDCX actually starts in 60 minutes.
I will join.
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