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Welcome ! This Is The Sequel Of Marioxx2 !
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7

There Are 12 Levels

Can You Complete The Rom ? Do A Video ;)
Check The Others Levels ;)
I Love Your Hacks #smw{:peace:}
Welcome To My New Kaizo Hack !


Screenshots :

Start Of Level 1

Shell Jumps

Level 2

A Puzzle Level (Level 5)

Level 9

Levels Are 10 ! Can You Finish This Hack ?

If You're Pro Do A TAS Video !

Mro314's Tas
Check My Hack :
I Can't Wait For The Video Of Stage 3 !
Originally posted by Katerpie
Uh... please try uploading this at your File Bin, since those external sites are, say, rather annoying and eventually will force you to register or pay. Also, ROMs are illegal to submit; upload an IPS/BPS patch instead to not get you in trouble.
Y'know, you could either link your images or make them remain their normal size (unsure about how to do that in Snes9x, though), since bigger ones can stretch the threads awfully.

Onto the hack itself, it seems decent. Not sure if you have to actually get the mushrooms on the first screenshot, but I'll play this hack soon and review it.

I'Ve Added A New Link
Originally posted by InitialBN
Nint3ndo, help me out hwew :p.

Stage 5 Solution

I Love This Hack
2 Anni Da Quando Nessuno Scrive...

Mie Hacks


Marioxx è una rom di tanti anni fa e non la ho più ;(
It looks very hard
I Really love this hack !
I Hate Wall Jumps #w{=(}
Cool Hack
Originally posted by SoulJester726
that was pretty cool, but a few things:

the fire flower part where you spin jump on the urchin, you can just burn the top layers and walk across without the urchin.

and at the second urchin part with the on/off blocks, you could just screen scroll to despawn them making life easier.

anyways, loved the use of the layer three water with the dolphins and the rip van fish, that was pretty cool!

The Frozen Blocks Are Black Piranha Plants, If You Walks On, They Hurts Mario
Cool Hack But Short Levels