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Sorry everyone, I meant to say just finish creating the level, send it to someone, they will give you a review on that level, and they wil probably say that it needs some changes, so you can get an idea what to fix.

Btw, "go with the flow is just a saying" Look it up somewhere if you do not trust me.
What do you mean the N64 died?
It appears on Youtube.
Dinomar, that's off topic.

Hotel Mario or E.T. the video game.
Getting rid of the watering can (I really hated doing that every day)
I feel it almost always.
Do you hate pinsirs?
I mean like YU-GI-OH!, went from graphic novel to anime.
That would actually suck big time!
Will you post more songs when all the songs run out on the list?
Same as ...
What do you mean by, invincible pokemon?
Find a shiny absol which,...
...use a poke ball...
SuzyM uses ZOMG Yeah Mature
More like blind jumps into death water!

spam or myspace?

Offence or defense?
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