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Originally posted by detroitlion11
I sucked at playing Mario Galaxy

Same here, because I absolutely fail at the last ring
with guppy in Deep Dark, timed purple coin comets,
purple coin Dusty Dune, and many other missions that I do
not know.

But it is fun to try to do glitches.
Enjoy your vacation while it lasts, because you will need it.

Anyway, I first came to this site because of mention of it on Youtube
I wanted to see how many hacks were there, started to playing hacks, and even making my own. After that, I found those things a lot harder
than I ever expected. So I just decided to first ask how to do the things. My name may seem like a girl's name, but it actually stands for Super Ultra Zany Yoshi Man. I was too lazy to write if fully,
or to put periods in between so it would not take up so much space when
someone is typing my name. It is so nice to meet all of you.:P
I actually think it is also mixed with a Groudon, because
of the palms.

Do you think you can mix Lucario and Infernape?
I think he is talking about the old banner, which is probably
too old for this site now.
This will most likely a bad idea, but what about putting some
games (or WOI threads) into old news, so that it it would not
be for-*shudders*-postcount++, but for fun. I know this will be
a bad idea for staff members who moderate news will have
a bigger job, and it will confuse other members.
How do you pronounce your name?

Do you have a last name like humans do?

What are the names of your parents, if any?

If you could have one extra power, what would it be?
These are so beautiful!

Have you thought about how some of these evolve?

Can you do an evolved form of Fearow?
Oh, sorry, I forgot that you were created.

What laws are there in Zoincailla?

Since you were created, do you have a number?

Yes, it is pretty.

Were you created to have two eyes, and your brother four?
Two new staff for the price of one O_O

Congratulations to you both!
I think that smallhacker forgot. :P

I wonder when the breakable block was available.
I will just order a FEW
It seems that we can keep on clicking the "new".

What will happen if two users have the same key?
I have one, but it is a really stupid idea.

A bot that somehow tells you how to do things on the IRC,
because someone totally new did not know what to do.
I think it has something to do with his computer, but I am not sure.


Couldn't you have just contacted with him?
Originally posted by Sonia

How exactly is this bad?
I have heard of it, and I think of actually getting it.
Although, is it a war kind of game? Have any of you tried the codes
yet? Also, is there an easy option?
you can always peel off the stickers, and re range them.
But I never did it that way, honestly. I never solved one, but I did a different rubik shape, and solved it once on accident.
Can you show some screenshots? It will bring more attention, IMO
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