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Originally posted by Earthworm Jim
This part is stupidly hard to get pass without getting hurt

You are not being informative enough. Which Earthworm Jim are you
talking about, exactly?
Cute. Looks like a rice ball, but with eyes. Is it supposed to look like a rice ball? However, the picture of him being angry,
the anger mark is too close to the eyes. I would highly recommend
you to put space in between. Also, I don't think you need all
that extra white space.
I am probably one of the few members here that actually like
water levels. It's like you are flying, and do not need a cape to
break the level. But, I agree with alexnobody on the fact that they
compliment each other, and need more variety. Although, if least
favorite type, it would definitely be dark stages, esp. with
munchers and such, You could not really know what is there, plus
IMO, it can hurt my eyes a little
Originally posted by Swine Flu
The ability to sort users based on rankset. I know it's useless and no one would ever use it, but it would make documenting the Chrono rankset names a lot easier.

You mean like the acmlm board having? I like that idea, but wouldn't
it make evenmore people go for postcount++?
Try leveling up more, and bring tons of reviver seeds, max elixirs, sleep seeds. Also, you may want to equip piplup with def. scarf, and turtwig that color specific ribbon you got at the start of the game.
I keep having wonderful dreams of being a Swampert or a
Torterra, but I would go with Lapras, since I took that quiz.
I wanted to delete a post, but I quickly decided not to,
so I pressed cancel when a window asked me If I really
wanted to do this, but the post was successfully deleted.
Game: MLSS

in the area where you see a backwards L, in beanbean,
there are two chuckle bean holes at the top of grassy
platforms. how do I get up there?

Edit: nvm found them
I have been waiting for a long time for this. Thank you for
creating this. Sure, I would love to post in it.
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