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Thank you everyone! I'll take a look at that stuff.
On the top bar where it shows the online users, they are now all different colors. I appear green there, but in my profile, I'm still blue. Is this for the holidays? It's kinda cool so I'm curious...
Okay, cool.
Honestly, I love the way this site is - custom layouts, SMW graphics, etc. The only thing I hate is the lack of notifications (outside of PM). I would like a link I can click on to see new posts in forum threads I participated in or created. I hate looking back at every thread to see replies to my posts. Email notifications for new replies and PMs would also be very nice. It would help me to reply faster. Other than that, this site is great. Thank you for it!
That would be Mario vs. Donkey Kong for GBA. Great game - one of my first. Very colorful and fun. There should be a way to hack that game, too.
Seiously, I know Nintendo games aren't all that scary, but when are some times you were truly frightened in a Zelda or Mario game? Maybe a weird creepy boss or enemy or just something unsettling. I remember a room in Wind Waker: Tower of the Gods where there were two Armos Knights that I thought were just decoration. Then I made a chest appear and opened it and they came to life. I had no idea how to beat them. They were just chasing me around very quickly and I thought I would die.
I know I can be lazy sometimes, but it would be nice if I would be able to use the mouse wheel to scroll left and right in normal levels. I am used to it so using the bottom scroll bar can be inconvenient at times.
I know there are some weird games out there. What are some of the strangest you've ever played or attempted to play? Why? I'm talking about games that make you think to yourself What the $%@#?! every 5 minutes. I would like to check these out as I kinda enjoy seeing how strange they are.

I know one of mine is Xexyz on the NES. Fairies coming out of the bathtub after killing a flying robot hand eyeball thing. A room with treasure chests floating on the ceiling that are knocked down by thwomping a dancing ghost in the butt. Strange game. But it's also very fun and I would recommend it to anyone who's bored.

What've you got?
I'm hacking SMW and Oracle of Ages (using ZOLE 4). I might also begin a hack of Oracle of Seasons using the upcoming ZOLE 6 (ZOHS) but I'm not sure yet. For more info on that, head on over to
That Legacy Hacks link in the "pipe menu" wasn't there before. What are legacy hacks?
Okay. Merci!
I agree with a lot of this stuff. Some of it I just remembered now, like this:

Originally posted by S.N.N.
The only thing I recall freaking me out from any Mario or Zelda game was the bottom of the well in Ocarina of Time. The atmosphere was bone-chilling.

I especially hated that huge green bubble floating around. Suddenly I turn the camera around and his big ugly face covers the entire screen.

Another thing I hate are Armos in Wind Waker. You get near them and without warning they start jumping towards you. Also, the Beamos in Twilight Princess. Pretty much anything that looks stationary and harmless that comes out at you when you least expect it frightens me in any game, up to this day.

Wow, the creator of SMW Central posted in this thread! I'm honored!
Originally posted by BlackMageMario
Actually SNN is just our most prominent administer. Kieran and Smallhacker created the site.

- BlackMageMario

I was referring to Kieran. I just quoted S.N.N. in the same post. I tried to change the color of that comment to make it seem unrelated to the rest of the post.
Actually, the palette looks more like lanterns lighting the place rather than copper. I actually like the colors in that regard. I do agree with JackTheSpades, however, that the green ledge tops look random and out-of-place. I can kinda see where you're going with the copper thing, but I think if you made the house look lantern-lit, that would look great.

Good luck!
It appears the Rules section has changed since the last time I looked there. Could someone point me to information regarding the IRC? I just want to double-check something. I can't find where it is.
Oops, I was unclear. I wanted to know the rules and stuff regarding the #SMWC IRC channel. I already knew about what it was. Sorry 'bout that.
Don't worry, I have. I could not find where that was. Thank you!
Hello, SMWBros! I actaully really like the level design here. I just found a few things. And I'm not a moderator or anything so don't take this stuff the wrong way. These are just suggestions.

Just a bit of grammar here...
"Mario was traveling to somewhere..."
It might sound better if you get rid of the "to" and said "Mario was traveling somewhere".

When I hit the P-switch, there's no music change. It's hard to tell when the time runs out.

Wee bit of cutoff between the bridge and stone blocks.

The door just being a black hole looks kinda weird. But I think the secret exit here is very well hidden.

Is there any reason why I can't move right or down when I finish this level and open the path?

Good luck with this hack, it looks great and I can't wait to test your future levels!
Hello, SecretFrenchFry, welcome to the site, and thank you for what you're offering to do. Little suggestion - possibly put a little summary of that post into your signature; it might help people discover what you do. And if you ever want to chat or have a beta tester for your hack (if you're making one), i'm almost always available. Have fun!
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Xyspade's Profile - Posts by Xyspade

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