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13th. The most unluckiest number possible that I hate besides 404. I didn't put a whole ton of time in that level so that's expectable though.

Sometimes it's about what the users like, not the staff. Harsh post quality moderation has been a common userbase complaint for quite a while now.
conglaturation and good luck to the new stafferz
Not sure if "corrupting" is the right word, but let me give the whole story here.

I was playing on my Atari 2600 4-switch model for a while and everything was working fine. Played about 10 games. All the games worked on first insert, even though some haven't been cleaned.

Then I put in the Asteroids cartridge and turned it on. I hit Reset to start, but the spaceship is invisible. I take out the cartridge, blow into it (exposing the contacts first of course) and blow into the 2600 cartridge slot. Put it back in, turned it on, hit Reset, and this time the spaceship is visible but the enemy sprites (asteroids) aren't.

So I tried Defender. Put the cartridge in and hit Reset. Again, the spaceship is invisible as well as certain enemies. Tried Joust, same thing. Tried Yar's Revenge, either the brown blocks or the rainbow strip is invisible. Obviously none of these games are playable because of this.

Then I put these games in my Atari 2600 Jr. to see if they would work in a different unit. But no, same problem. Tried the games in a ColecoVision with Expansion Module #1 (plays Atari 2600 games) and same problem there too, even on different hardware. But the real kicker here is that all the games I didn't play on the original Atari 2600 4-switch model after this epidemic started happening worked fine on the other two consoles.

I tried unplugging and replugging the A/C, cleaning the cartridges with rubbing alcohol, trying different game modes, etc, but nothing has brought back those 4 cartridges to proper working order. The 4-switch console seemingly has corrupted those 4 cartridges. Thankfully they aren't expensive games.

So question is, what do you think could have happened in the 4-switch console within about 60 seconds (between cartridge swap) that could have ruined all subsequent games inserted? I even took it apart and nothing seems physically wrong. Could it be fixable or would I be better off with a new one? I don't mind getting a new one; I prefer the 6-switch model anyway. #tb{:>}

This is SMWC of course, so you guys probably have more experience with the SNES, but figured I'd try asking anyway. I looked online and can't find a trace of information about this or anyone else with any kind of similar problem.
Lightvayne and some other staff agree that we should do things users want, not what a small group of staff wants. Users wanted this, so they granted this. And now that they did all the users are popping up who don't want this (for some reason). All we're doing is showing the staff that we can't be satisfied with any of their decisions. Now this is going to turn into a civil war. There's a thread in Announcements and now here with people debating this already. Just what the site needs to look good on the outside; more drama. Shitposting memes is really the least of our problems right now.

My advice to you is: if you're not here to stay, now would be the perfect time to leave instead of adding more fuel to this.
Meh, ignore that last sentence; it was a little extreme and hypocritical.
The word "corruption" was just the first word to come to mind, implying "non-working games." Just kind of a strange issue that an atari would stop the game from working, rather than it being an internal problem where the game would then work on other models. Thanks for the replies though.
I'm quite surprised that all of you wanted no moderation, yet expected there to be no trash and everyone would act civilized without the staff's help. I'm not quite sure what planet people with this mindset were living on.

OF COURSE there would be trash in GD up the wazoo! So now that everyone has learned the obvious lesson, we all come to this thread complaining to staff and almost wanting the old policy back. I'll repeat what I said in Wuthering's recent thread in Site Questions: All we're doing is showing the staff that we're whiny, spoiled little children who can't be satisfied with any decisions made by staff. I think Lightvayne was right in calling us children here. And for anyone concerned about our PR now that we are allowing the kinds of posts that we're allowing: take a look at this thread and Wuthering's thread in Site Questions. More drama. That's got to look good on the outside, right? (In other words, shitposting is really the least of our community/PR problems right now.)

Setting aside my thoughts on my observations here, I pretty much have the same opinions as Raiden everywhere but the 3 places Skewer mentioned these opinions shouldn't apply: Reality Corner and some of the Works Feedback forums. Because I for one am happy with the new staff moderation and don't mind showing it. And GD is pretty much the main forum I go to. For some reason I'm not bothered by seeing the community have some fun.
Originally posted by Najeraldo
The general idea of this thrad was that shitposting is a manufactured/artificial/subjective/etc concept and that everything should be allowed, even if the post is useless or has nothing to do with the topic. Raiden even gave an example saying that it's okay to post a heavy metal video in a thread about France because apparently saying "creme brulée" makes you think about heavy metal. So, only porn, illegal material, spambots and personal attacks should be moderated.

The thread WAS asking the staff not to moderate, at least in everything regarding shitposting, and now you guys are saying that's not what you wanted.
And that is also what I took from that thread. If that isn't the case, that's news to me. You people either have an odd way of wording it or I have an odd way of interpreting it. You will all probably say it's the latter, and I'll admit that's probably true.

However, that doesn't make anything I said after "old policy back." any less true, and of course everyone just ignored that part.

Originally posted by Koopster
Xyspade seriously, stop trying to make this situation seem like it's way worse than it is.
I dunno about you, but I consider 4 threads, 2 of which are in Announcements, 2 of which so far have 8 combined pages of drama and debate about something, and a lot of users posting, pretty bad.

Also darkened layout, thanks for the feedback.
Well it was considered drama when people were voicing their opinions about DeePay's "harsh" judging style and wanting that changed; this seems pretty similar.

I quoted Najeraldo because I wanted to show what I took out of that thread so you know why I replied the way I did; he already put his interpretation into words so I didn't have to. Looking at the responses to him, well...

Leod: I've learned to take most things he has to say with a grain of salt, because I sometimes can't tell when he's messing with people and when he isn't

...aaaand that seems to be the only people who directly responded to him before I posted here first.

I'm only calling out what I'm witnessing.

Okay, the one thing I must have skipped was Vitor's reply, though I was looking for more of a reply from Lightvayne. But let's not skip over the fact that that compromise was mentioned a page ago already and people are still debating this. Indeed, stop bumping a dead horse please, and I'll do the same. Anyone who wants me to continue with this can PM me or talk to me on IRC or something.
Fantastic guys. Glad to hear the staff listens to the userbase, even if they're not quite all sure what they want.
Whoa. What did what I say get interpreted as?

Okay, I'll reword it to "I'm glad to see the staff tries their best to listen to the userbase and be willing to compromise if it is a very split opinion of the users."

What I meant by "they're not quite sure what they want" is it's not one solid opinion.
Donations are a confusing mess right now. I'm not surprised that seemingly each person has a different understanding of the process. And the process does change a lot.

Did you try contacting Lightvayne or Kieran? They're the two head admins that probably know the process best. I don't know it at all, lol.
I honestly think a lot of people from this thread as well as this other thread already answered that in their many posts, and answering your question here would probably just spark that debate again. To avoid doing that, I'd advise you to reread some posts to get a general idea of why it was a problem to a lot of people.
K.T.B. and I can claim this month; we have all the tracks ready. Posting in case you (Sinc-X) didn't see my IRC message.
That one track that's really low I had to capture myself because I couldn't find anywhere to download it. I guess next time I won't use a Dazzle DVC-100.

Yes, there are some tracks that aren't exactly 27 seconds; that was intentional.

Just so everyone knows, tracks 01-18 were chosen and made by K.T.B., and tracks 19-36 were chosen and made by me. EDIT: I was wrong here; apparently K.T.B. randomized these a bit.

Good luck sirs!
If I knew I was typing a (long) post and I would have to close it quickly at any moment, I would type the whole thing in Notepad, then copypaste it to SMWC when I'm done. Notepad has this feature. Just a suggestion in case it slipped your mind.

like this one.

this is a loooooooooooong post

mrdeepay cuz he's king deedeedee

discothebat cuz cutesy little bat. so cute. cuteness overloaded *explosion* dead

mandl27 cuz we go back

lin cuz he's too cool for the internet so he never comes on anymore

ktbhacking cuz he finally changed his name to k.t.b. nah not really but we like to chat and hold vgm contests btw guys go check that out its totally rad

insert more people who never come on this site

raidenthedaring cuz guy above me said why

mirann and eevee and undertaker

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