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I thought this was the best idea for a while, even if there are no other request threads. Since this is a repeat post I'll just summarize: I feel like graphics is the only hacking concept that one can't learn to do for themselves since it requires artistic ability.
well i guess if your sig is true we should have request threads for everything

Originally posted by Alcaro
Since when does music not require artistic ability?
I'm referring to porting music, not composing.

Originally posted by Alcaro
and most of our users don't want to put in those months.
Pretty much exactly the argument that was brought up last thread. People should be able to ask other people to do something for them because they can't be bothered or don't want to learn to do it for themselves?

Naturally funny personality and does my favorite kind of LPs: BLIND. Also does ASMR. Pretty much the only YouTuber I need.
So I'm going to be getting a new desktop PC soon I think, and I was thinking about using my UPS with it. This hasn't been a big concern to me before because my current PC is a laptop that has its own battery in the case of a power blip. But I have no experience with UPSs and was hoping to get a few concerns addressed by someone on here who hopefully does.

So, the UPS. It's a CyberPower 550VA that I got second-hand at a yard sale for $3. Not really concerned about it being exposed to the elements as it was in the person's garage rather than outside, and it looks brand new to the point where the red sticker over two of the surge-protected outlets is still there.

First concern: everything I plug into it buzzes when powered by the battery. Fans, lights, chargers, etc., and seems to run at slightly less of a voltage than 110 (light is slightly dimmer, fan is slightly slower). I'm not overloading it - I'm plugging in only one of these at a time. Is this normal, and is this safe for a PC, monitors, and an external hard drive? These are the devices I plan to plug into the battery-enabled slots.

Second concern: When I was testing the battery with the fan, I noticed the fan gets gradually slower, which I'm assuming means it's getting gradually less and less voltage supplied to it, rather than the UPS supplying max capable voltage to it then instantly cutting power when it can no longer handle max voltage. Same question as above: is this normal and safe for the devices?

Third concern: When I plug it in it gets noticeably warm, on or off. Not hot where it smells or will burn me, just warm. Normal?

Fourth concern: It only has a 16 AWG cord and a 10A circuit breaker. I would need to use all 8 outlets on this for the 4 devices I mentioned above, plus a Wii U, projector, DVD recorder, and cable box in the 4 surge-protected-only outlets. Can a 16 AWG cord safely handle all this? Most power strips and surge protectors I see have a 14 AWG cord capable of handling 15A; not sure why a UPS wouldn't.

The more I sit here and type all this the more I realize that this is probably not worth the trouble at all and I should just continue using the Newpoint 14 AWG surge protector I'm using now, especially considering I rarely EVER get surges or blackouts here. But these are still questions I have anyway in case I'm in the market for UPSs in the future.

Just a note that I did hook the UPS up to my PC with USB and used the software with it. The software said everything was running correctly and there were no problems.
Well I'd assume it's intended for 110V, but I'm more concerned about the amps. 12A for a 16 AWG cord vs 15A for a 14 AWG cord. I feel like I'll be very close to making it trip if using all 8 outlets for electronic equipment. Guess I'll find out.
Originally posted by K.T.B.
why did you want to buy one in the first place if you're basically all set anyway with your laptop battery?
Very true. But it was worth $3 for me to take a chance and try a UPS out for myself and see how it works, rather than having to spend $80+ to do that. That's basically why I bought it.

Also, I think you missed the part about I'm getting a desktop soon, so I'll have more of a purpose for one.

Oh also, to confirm what you were saying above, yes, everything I plug into it buzzes. Pretty loudly too. But only while on the battery -- when running off wall current it's fine.
Best one is MB980. Love the Engrish.
I'll also wish congrats to the winners. This was a pretty hard contest, mainly due to the tracks I picked.

Looking back, the tracks I chose were most likely way too hard or obscure. I figured since I haven't played a whole lot of games that aren't on Nintendo systems, I would pick slightly harder than normal tracks for the games I knew, hoping that that would be fair. Not surprised that the majority weren't able to guess them.

You guys should definitely play some of those games, though. Some are a little mediocre, but most are hidden gems I've known about since childhood.

I was planning on DJing the tracks as a nice grand reveal of them all, but I was right in the middle of switching PCs at the time the contest ended unfortunately and the answers were already revealed before I could get online again. Next time I do one of these contests we'll do that.

Thanks to everyone for participating, reading the thread, signing up for SMWC, or even connecting your PC to the Internet. Special thanks to K.T.B. for the work he did for this contest. Great job everyone!
Yeah, yeah, I know I officially took an indefinite break from here, and yeah I know this is a little late, but this was just too big a news story to ignore.

I recently rejoined the SMWC Discord mostly because people were hyping me up about the new VLDC and I kinda wanted to chat with some old friends, and one day I saw people talking about this. At first I was in complete denial. Upon seeing the news post it only took a gasp and a combination of about sixty "What the,"s "What the heck,"s, and "Are you serious?"s for the shocker news to finally sink in. Then, recalling the similar event of a disgusting attention-whoring brute called Yanama bamboozling the innocent hearts of the SMW Centrealites, I wanted to make sure this was truly real before I offered any condolences. With all due respect for Mr. Arts and all of Nicholas Arts' family, I will not publically link any proof, but for anyone who may be skeptical, it's absolutely, factually true.

Because sharing personal experience with the deceased may help others to cope, I will share my story with Nick, even though it's not much.

I met Nicholas "eXcavator" arts very soon after joining the SMW Central IRC channel #smwc, very shortly after joining the Zelda Oracles Hacking IRC channel #zole on the same server, very shortly after getting into ROMHacking in general, which was late 2013. Because I tend to not join conversations when the topic is not of something of interest to me (mainly due to me therefore not having much to say about the topic), and because Nick often talked about things that didn't interest me much, I never really got to know him. Also because when we did talk there were times when we didn't really agree on things. I won't really go into detail on what about or how often we didn't agree, but let's just say it was probably enough that he wouldn't be able to become one of my top online friends, as much as I feel really bad to say that. I remember him most from the #minecraft channel, when I just got Minecraft and was all excited about playing on SMWC's server. There, he was a fun guy to talk to. He always made sure the server was running up to par as admin of the server, except when he was barely active because he had college stuff to do. From that and because of his many works, I can tell that he puts the utmost effort into anything he does, and that is something anyone should be proud of. The last I remember of him was him stepping down from the administrator position of the Minecraft server to make way for a new team that some people wanted, and not soon after I started this indefinite break mainly due to my own life busyness where I shut off most connections with SMWC and its community except for my really close friends I made here.

Originally posted by eXcavator
What you have so far looks very good. Also, on the offhand chance that you didn't decide on the name for the level, try "Vestal Hollow." It pretty much means the same thing, but without the possible negative connotations. ( is a wonderful thing.)
-eXcavator's First Post on SMW Central, May 21, 2011

Mr. Arts, if you're reading this, what a wonderful person you are, and your son was, and the rest of your family is. I read your eulogy on Facebook, and I will say that I am so proud of you and your son, but I'm so happy for you that it ended on a good note and his last words were "Goodnight Dad, I love you." This must have been such a shock to you and your family, and coping must not be easy. Your son has impacted the lives of all the people who have set foot in this site in a way that cannot be duplicated by another, and I'm sure he has touched many more lives outside of here. He has helped so many improve their custom SMW games and has given so many great joy and fond memories from doing something as simple as sitting behind a computer screen, typing on a keyboard and moving a mouse. I hope your son will find new life in a better place, and I pray for you that you will find comfort in this tragedy. May God bless you all.

Originally posted by eXcavator
“…goodnight dad, I love you.”
-eXcavator's Last Words, November 2016

And to everyone else, remember that life can be a d*ck. It can turn on you instantly, with no warning, no matter how successful or lucky you may be. It can even take the life of a completely innocent, wonderful, loving, caring, irreplaceable person like Nicholas Arts. Please cherish every moment you spend with friends, and remember every day that the online ones are real humans just like you, sitting behind a monitor typing on a keyboard and moving a mouse. They may be perfectly fine or they may have complications, whether it's disease, mental illness, depression, disability, or some other abnormality. Please be extremely careful what you say to them and try not to hold grudges, because they may not be there next time you get online, or next time, or any time thereafter.

Originally posted by eXcavator
Disco and me were great friends, before he literally vanished off the face of the earth (in the middle of a conversation, no less!).

Other than him, I also really miss:

probably other people i've forgotten, may edit to expand the list later
-eXcavator's Last Post on SMW Central, October 9, 2016

"RIP" is so overused as a joke meme these days that it's almost at the point where it's insulting to use it in such a serious context, so I'll stretch it out to "Rest in Peace, Nicholas 'eXcavator' Arts; you will forever be missed."

Originally posted by eXcavator
I often root for the characters I like the most and get upset when they don't end up getting a happy ending. In particular, I find that the ending where two people who love each other are forced to be apart because of fate is one that really frustrates me.
-eXcavator, SMW Central, August 8, 2012
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