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I love SMB. (Yes, Super Monkey Ball and Super Mario Bros. have the same initials, lol, but I'm refering to Super Monkey Ball here.) I've played it on GBA, GCN (1 and 2), Wii, DS, 3DS, and iOS. My favorite stage is on GCN - I think it was called Gravity Slider? It's that one where he travels down insanely fast down an incredibly steep ramp for about 20 seconds. Favorite character - Baby. He's cute. Favorite minigame - Monkey Target on GCN. And that's about it.
Ocarina of Time is my favorite Zelda game ever. When you have a Zelda game where you kind of "miss" the dungeon you just got through, that is a good Zelda game. Especially the Water temple. The music is the best I've ever heard in any video game ever. Everything just looks good, the story is great, and everything is just fun to do and figure out.

My least favorite is Zelda II. I can't even consider it to be a Zelda game. There's no puzzles, no enjoyment factor... Everything is just side-scrolling fighting and it's hard as heck, right from the beginning. Not to mention all the sexual references in the towns.

It's funny, because my next two favorite Zelda games under OoT are a tie between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, and I like those both at the same time for the same reasons basically as OoT.

And my favorite 2D Zelda game is A Link to the Past. That game is awesome.
VVVVVV and Paper Mario TTYD : )
I definitely think it's a much better idea to combine all the levels into a ROM. It should be much better than going through and patching a bunch of IPS files, and it's definitely gonna be a cool experience to play a full SMW custom game with levels from all different users.
I certainly enjoy the assigned resource method. It's nice to forget all the custom stuff for a bit and rely on basically what the original game has to offer. It will make the final ROM much more like a sequel to the original.
I would love another contest like this, for the reasons I mentioned above; also because I didn't get a chance to sign up for this year's contest, unfortunately. I hope to see another contest like this soon!
This is a thought I've had for the site ever since I clicked the Register button. I am one who doesn't like to go back and check EVERY. SINGLE. THREAD. I. EVER. POSTED. IN. for new replies. It takes forever and I think it's rude for me to not respond to people when they asked me a question or answered one that I had, or simply posted in a thread that I was in, and I especially hate it when I didn't even do it on purpose. I try to be a very active member here and it doesn't help when I don't even notice someone's response to a post I made in a thread. I would really like a thread / forum subscription here and, even if Email notifications aren't possible (although they would be really nice), even a little thing on the top of the page showing me unread notifications / forum / thread replies would be too much to ask here (I'm talking about something like the Google Plus bell). This would allow me to become so much more of an active member here and encourage other users to be the same way. Am I right? What's your point of view on this? Post down there with any opinions you got. Let's make this happen.
If I were ever the only user on here, I would stay and just mash the refresh button, seeing how long the magic lasts. Dark magic, that is.
It wasn't incredibly easy for me, but the only thing I couldn't figure out on my own was the key hidden under a block inside that center island thing in the main entrance room. But I did like the temple. It had outstanding music and the miniboss is my favorite one ever, in any game. That basically makes up for the constant annoying water switching. I wish the miniboss room didn't transition back to the normal dungeon room for some reason - I would like to go back there after beating the game and stare off into the foggy watery infinity with a single tree in the middle. Also yes, boot switching was incredibly annoying. That's about it.

I thing I'm gonna start a new file someday and play until I hit the miniboss, then never continue. Just so I can go back to that infinity room as many times as I want.
Happy Birthday Alex Zerdax, Egadd, and tcdw! Also gonna give a birthday shoutout to Lin over at Happy birthday Lin!

BTW, my birthday is tomorrow, March 10. I go by BigTarantula99.
You're gonna wanna get a video clip of whatever you wanna loop, then download, then convert it to a high-quality GIF. There you go!
Take all the time you need. I'm not really in a hurry; just saying it would be a fantastic feature. Thanks man!
Originally posted by RednGreen
Majora's Mask makes it up to the top: the time system may be a bit annoying at first, but it creates a creepy and distressing atmosphere which I absolutely adored, not to mention the variety it brings to the gameplay

Yeah, I love creepy games, although I have yet to play that one. Can't wait. I gotta finish ALBW first, though. And lemme just say that, while ALBW is extremely and incredibly fun so far beyond belief, it's kinda
more of a port than a sequel
. So don't get
your hopes up insanely
for it to be
. The package even claimed
"brand new original dungeons"
, but the
East Palace is way too similar to the first.

Originally posted by RednGreen
I have to admit that the Oracle episodes (even though I only tried them) didn't drew me in like the other games

Very true, they can be a bit boring. But not when you're making a hack for Ages. I love hacking the games as much as SMW.
I know that both of these games are extremely similar in every way, so which one do you like better? And why? Personally, I liked Spirit Tracks better. There actually was a dungeon theme instead of a single note played over and over, the train riding and searching for the bunnies and warps was fun, and it was always fun to try and avoid the evil trains. Plus the bosses and dungeon design was awesome.
If you guys are seeing this, and sorry if I'm not allowed to post this here, I'd like to recommend a screen recorder called FFSplit. It's completely free and has many great features, like only recording the content of a window without borders with just a single click, streaming to YouTube and Twitch, fully customizable video and encoder options, capture card and webcam support, and a really nice interface. Plus local recordings don't even need any file writing time after they get done recording - it's instantly on your hard drive. So if you guys wanna add this to the example list above, go ahead; if not, I hope you guys try this anyway.
Hello - I just wanted to say that I've been to your YouTube channel and it looks amazing, and someday I may want to post a video. But I was just wondering - are you guys interested at all in some art for it - like for the main channel page, or for the avatar? It used to be very shrunken down, now I see you've fixed that, but now it's cut off. It's just a suggestion and I would be happy to come up with something good-looking if you're interested. Thanks!
I used to love SBSP a lot, ever since I saw my first episode, Rock Bottom. It used to be very clever and very enjoyable. But, pretty much all of my opinions have been said up there - SpongeBob has become too stupid, although that actually seems to have improved the slightest bit in Season 8 and 9. It's not all that fun to watch the constant screaming that SpongeBob does in all the new episodes - compare the way he speaks and his voice from season 2 to season 6, 7, and 8. HUGE difference. Also, Nickelodeon seems to show the same episode over and over again, like Penny Foolish. It's nowhere near as fun as it used to be to watch, but fortunately, it hasn't fallen in the crapper yet. Also, when Nickelodeon gets a new show, they seem to either cancel it after too short a time, or migrate it to Nicktoons. This stinks, because at this rate, SBSP will have to continue on forever for that channel to stay alive. They need to keep their new shows there and get people excited about them. 6 hours a day or more of SBSP is a bit overkill.

Anyway, that's my opinion.
I'd have to say something from Ocarina of Time, though I can't decide what, something from Twilight Princess, or the X-Naut Fortress theme from The Thousand Year Door.
Uhh, I'm not entirely sure, except maybe try a different emulator. I would recommend Jnes. Or play the GBA version of the game on VBA.
That's fine - glad you're enjoying the games with the community!
Hello, I'm BigT, and welcome to the site! I'm sure you will enjoy its many parts and features. Have fun!
Oops, guess I misread it then. Then I have no idea, sorry.
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