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Originally posted by Cousin Earl

Wow, I guess that was quite a popular episode, haha!
Originally posted by BloodyToothBrush
If you do ever get around to doing it, I think it would be a good idea to have the notification right on the site(perhaps near PMs on the sidebar?) rather than email. That way you can see the notification when you are randomly lurking instead of having to check your email.

I was actually going for both, since some people have set up their devices to make a sound when a new email comes in. This would be an easy way to check. For now, I found an okay free service for notifications here. See my sidebar.
Seriously, great idea. I'd love to try this sometime.
I know the whole idea of this is to be something other than hacking, but a hack based on this could be really cool, too, maybe with the original levels, but an overworld that's a bit more board-game friendly. And this way, you could make it so you don't have to beat the game to be able to play the board game - you could set it so everything's open from the start. Interesting experiment.
Ugh, I'd have to go searching through my game collection. I'm gonna just list what I know off the top of my head and then update this as I remember more stuff.

Paper Mario TTYD (Best Video Game Ever, BTW)
Paper Mario Sticker Star (Second Best)
Ocarina of Time (Bronze Trophy)

SMW (Most important, right?)
Oracle of Ages (Second Most Important)

All Zelda games except MM, I, II, Skyward Sword, ALBW, Four Swords, FS Adventures

Many, many Mario games except SM64 and YI

Kirby Nightmare in DreamLand
Kirby Squeak Squad
Kirby Mass Attack

Super Monkey Ball, 2, Banana Blitz, 3D

THe SBSP Movie (GameCube)

The first four Professor Laytons

BomberMan, 2, Tournament, Pocket


Originally posted by Sakuya Izayoi
some weird GB platformer

You mean Pocket BomberMan? That game was so fun, omg.
Hello, everyone! Just here to let everyone know about my YouTube channel. I like to do Let's Plays and reviews of stuff from Nintendo and more. As of 2014, it's the Year of Zelda there - nothing but LPs of Zelda games and other Zelda stuff. The only exception is I'm currently doing BomberMan Tournament (although that is a lot like Zelda). Also, as of 2014, you can hover over the About button on the side of my layout there ► to go to my YouTube channel. Thanks guys, and enjoy!
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Am I the only one who found the Shadow Temple like 50x harder than the Water Temple?

I didn't find it that hard. It wasn't as confusing to navigate for me, but it did have annoying boot switching. I remember being stuck in one room for about 10 minutes until I put on the Lens of Truth and saw the invisible platforms, but that was it. I hated how some of the skeletons on the wall had green lit eyes and some didn't, though; creepy as crap. Also hated how the walls kept telling you the same thing.
I'l love to do this, but I'd have to hack it on the GBA version of the game unfortunately, because my PC is too stupid to emulate GameCube/Wii. Sad, but true.
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
The only two Zelda games with hard dungeons are Zelda 1 and Zelda 2. Although most of the difficulty here comes from unfairness.

Yeah, it's darn hard to kill the Darknuts in Level 8. I'm still stuck on it to this day. Even with a red potion. I can't imagine Level 9 and the boss.
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
I had more trouble with the Wizzrobes in level 6. Their pattern was so unpredictable and random, especially whenever they manifested. There was no real sign that told you when they would manifest and whenever they did they instantly fired a shot, giving you barely any time to react and move out of the way. Add to that fact that they could wipe out four of your hearts with a single hit and you have some of the deadliest enemies in the game. And the dungeon was full of them. Even WITH potions and powered up armor I still had trouble beating the dungeon.

Yeah, it took me a long time to kill those, too, but eventually at least I got it. I've been doing the Darknuts with a red potion for weeks and can't kill any more than 5 of them. Then there's other rooms with a bunch of them and they come back sometimes, too. I wish I could avoid them, but they're required to kill to open some doors. -_-
Cool. I'll hang out there sometimes. I could probably help you with VB.NET, Petit Computer (Awesome DSiWare if you have it), some C#.NET, minimal C++.NET, HTML, and CSS.
Beating the Special World. Gosh, that was hard, especially the forest level with those hopping flames on the ground everywhere.
Originally posted by iBeare
I am requesting a layout. I may be a new user, but I will make will make my layout worthwhile.
Image to the right
For all types of text boarders, I would like a style similar to LaughingLuigi's.
For a normal text boarder, I would like the inside color to be somewhat like this
For a quote text boarder, I would like this color
Finally for a code boarder color I will not likely use, this color is what I need
And for the text itself, I would like white text, and possibly a black outline of it. If the black outline is too much, you don't have to do it.

Sorry if I sound a bit demanding, but thanks future editor!

I think I might be able to pull this off for you. I don't have insane HTML experience but your request seems simple enough. I'll hope to have something for you in a few weeks.
Feliz Navidad to Dylancd5010 and MariosHub! Have a happy day! I hope you get a mechanical keyboard.
They're so different from each other in their personalities, I can't decide one over the other. iBeare pretty much summed up my reasoning behind this.
This "hack" is seriously AMAZING. It looks exactly like the actual game so much that I'm amazed it's running on an SNES emulator.

I'm not lying:

Please download this!
Hello to you, Zack-san! I assume that, since you've been here since mid-2013, that you know your way around here by now. But if you have any questions about the site, ask here or PM me about anything. Have fun!

I used to use Vista, now I use 8. I had some experience with XP, and I like the classic feel more than anything else. Maybe I'll buy a WinXP PC someday, but only for novelty or ROMhacking maybe, but not for Internet access. It is an okay and slightly fast OS, but I don't think it replaces newer OSs in any way. I'm actually kind of glad it's being dropped, since way too many businesses use it and they'll finally have to consider upgrading to something more present-day.
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