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I think you know how to fix that.

Limit the shoot-things.
Did this in about 30 minutes. Feedback would be nice.

Initial FG/BG Positions (vertical level)

Large Picture

The BG Setting can be in LM 1.7+ everything, in older versions you should set the BG Setting to the FG value. The Entrance on screen 1B is an exception of this, as the screen scrolls upwards. You can set the FG value to whatever you want, it is always placed good/it does not scroll.
Did a (non-perfect) TAS of it (well, it destroys the purpose of that Hack) :
TAS v3
Nice Hack, it is very fun and I enjoyed it very much. It would be nice, if it saves the best time in SRAM and is displayed on the options screen and if you beat the record, you get a message on the results screen (e.g. Time is changing between palettes or a small message).
One fix might be by using pipes, there it updates the whole palette (because of the fadeout?).
Small animation:
Click here for the animation
The other solution is changing $0485E8 (PC: 207E8) with a hexeditor to $60 and fill that hole with Terra Stripe (do not forget to turn priority for these tiles off!)
EDIT: Whoops, made a small mistake, it is now corrected.
In Spritetool, there is in the generator-folder. In generic.asm, change the SPRITE_TO_GEN to 53, then insert it with Spritetool.

@MaZ18: no need to write ASM code, its included in Spritetool.
Its pretty easy to get the sprite number. Look in LM at the Add Sprite Window an the number of the sprite and write that to that SPRITE_TO_GEN.
It doesn't make sense to put a generator into a generator (generatception) as you can put it in with LM.

@ycz: I know that, he just asked for a generator, not a shooter. But the shooter is better, didn't think of that.
Not really, but you can use this method:
1.) Open the edited OW in Lunar Magic
2.) Export all palettes of the OW (there is a button in the Paletteeditor)
3.) Then open the new ROM
4.) Go to the OW-Editor and edit a random 8x8 Layer 2 tile.
5.) Import all palettes back.
6.) Click on save.

This should import everything into the new rom, even Events and some small stuff.

This method is a bit older but works. There it mentions to redo the palette, the new LM can import/export palettes.
I submitted that Address to the ROM-Map with additional stuff explaining every value and sideeffects. Thanks for finding this.
Meh, a small display bug in the Overworld Editor:

Just quoting the said lines in the help file:
Originally posted by LM Help File
To deal with a few compatibility issues though, the ASM hack will reconvert some tiles back to 3bpp when needed. Portions of files 0,F,14 and 21 are affected (mainly tiles associated with Bowser).

It would be nice to fix this as this may confuse new users.
Looks very nice, but it needs minor tweaks.
First of, the "Edit using Text"-Button is unreadable with the Win2k style:

It would be nice to allow to change the Background Color to see the tiles better (in the Screenshot, you cannot see many things).

This is what you want, right?

Bottom Status Bar with black BG (Ladida's post on ASM Projects show-off thread Page 119)
Originally posted by tatanga

Image 2

Yeah, that is German.
FYI: This is a slightly modified german meme from the reality television series "Frauentausch" (german equivalent of "Wife Swap", Wikipedia (english): Frauentausch).

Rough translation of textbox:
It just warns about the difficulty in that hack and insults people, nothing more. Nonetheless it is still a bad hack.
Originally posted by FuSoYa
I don't have a Win10 system to check on it myself, but if you can get a few more people with Win10 to confirm it's an issue I'll look into loading it up in a VM to see what's up.

Win10 user here, can confirm this happens only with the top edge. I might have found the cause: DPI settings. With the regular size, it doesn't happen but with the 125% (120 DPI) setting in the Display options this happens:

(The cursor is at the top edge of the selection; 120DPI mode; I started the selection at the topmost tile)
I tried 150% (144 DPI) and 175% (168 DPI) scaling, too. There it works like it supposed to.

To reproduce this bug in Windows 10:
Open the "Settings"-panel, go to "System" then "Display" change the value of the slider to 125%. Then open LM and a ROM and try to drag the selection thing out of the level. The selection should spaz out.

I also tested it with WinXP in 120 DPI mode, which should be the same as 125% in Win10. There it works properly. I couldn't try it with Windows 7 (I don't have it) but I guess it might spaz out there, too, if you set the DPI to a higher value.
LM3 Horizontal Level Modes visualizer

This is just a visualization tool for the new Horizontal Level Modes in Lunar Magic 3.00+ to show you it's general shape and where the screen exits are.

Update 2019-01-09:
• Layer 2 support (Basically just halves the width of the levels)
• View Modes! (None, Screen Exits (default), Sub Screens)
• Block overlay checkerboard thing
• You can now hover on the view to get X and Y coordinates.
• More visual swag and polish

Link to the visualizer:
Should work on most browsers.
Thanks everyone for your feedback, didn't think this got more than one or two replies.

@Vitor Vilela:
Didn't even think about the Subscreen thing, I rarely used that view in LM. Will make a thing where you can select between "nothing", "screen exit" and "subscreen".

The Level mode number input thing supports the mouse wheel (almost) like a selectbox in LM, it's a secret feature I didn't advertise ;)

Layer 2 support is coming, gonna make that a option, doesn't seem that hard.

Bonus thoughts:
- background mode to show the blocks with a checkerboard pattern
- maybe an auto zoom mode to automagically fit the level on screen
- show where the block you're currently hover on is (Bonus: in RAM)
- nobody complained about the font not being legible on bright backgrounds
I just updated it, same link as in first post.

• Layer 2 support (Basically just halves the width of the levels)
• View Modes! (None, Screen Exits (default), Sub Screens)
• Block overlay checkerboard thing
• You can now hover on the view to get X and Y coordinates.
• More visual swag and polish

Also updated the screenshot in the first post to reflect the new things.
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