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Thanks to those who had the foresight, or made the effort post-contest, to provide level packs. I'd love to see any further contributions to help recover the missing entries.

If anyone wants a hack from past contests, I would gladly share when possible.

2015-03-08 Missing VLDC 2011 (#4) entries listed
2015-04-12 Found the remaining 24hosmw3 entries via Hadron
2015-04-14 Missing 24hosmw6 entries listed
2015-04-14 Missing Strawberry LDC 3 entries listed
2015-04-16 Missing Chocolate LDC 3 entries, other contests listed
2015-04-16 Found the remaining 24hosmw6 entries via aj6666
2015-05-19 Found the remaining Secret Santa entries via an unknown contributor
2015-05-19 Found the remaining VLDC4 entries via an unknown contributor
2015-05-19 Found an older version of a missing Bowser's Castle entry
2015-05-29 Found three Beginner LDC entries
2015-06-01 Found the remaining Vague Gimmick entries
2015-06-01 Found an older version of a missing Linear LDC entry
2015-06-10 Found the remaining Joke Contest entry (SMW Topsy Turvy)
2015-06-17 Found the remaining Puzzle Contest entry (SCORPION's Iceberg)
2015-06-18 Received the remaining STF GFX contest entry from S.R.H.!
2015-06-25 Found one more Beginner LDC entry
2015-08-21 Missing JDC Title Screen LDC 2 entry listed
2015-11-11 Missing Themed SMW Contest entry listed, recent contests added
2015-11-16 Found Boss 1 contest, sorted by importance and chronologically
2016-02-09 Missing VLDC8 Overworld Contest entries listed
2017-06-20 Found the remaining HLDC entry (Last Minute Entry)
24hosmw 1:
24hosmw 2:
24hosmw 3:
24hosmw 4:
24hosmw 5:
24hosmw 6:
24hosmw 7:
#62-R57 dragoniante174A patch.ips
#66-R35 S.R.H.This is a Thing patch.ips
24hosmw 8:
#21-RXX DarkFeposo24hosmw DarkFeposo Entry.ips (PATCHEOF)
24hosmw 9:
Vanilla 1:
#46-R46 AtomikCape_quest.ips
Vanilla 2:
Vanilla 3:
Vanilla 4:
Vanilla 5:
Vanilla 6:
Vanilla 7:
Vanilla 8:
Vanilla 8 OW:
Private entries:#2 #3 #4 #6 #8 #9 #11 #15
Chocolate 1:
Chocolate 2:
Chocolate 3:
#01-R22 Two Tailscocoa level contest entry.ips
#06-R21 MarioFanGamer659Cloudy
#10-R04 Gamma VGamma V.ips
#14-R16 levelengineCLDC 2013.ips
#15-R18 SokobansolverSpace_Sokoban(chocolate_entry).zip
#23-R26 JackTheSpadesChoco_Jack.ips
Strawberry 1:
Strawberry 2:
Strawberry 3:
#3-R4 levelengineOld Man Winter.ips
#5-R9 dragoniante174camino del
#8-R1 Rykon-V73Rykon-V73-3ASSSLDC.ips
Kaizo 1:
Kaizo 2:
Kaizo 3:
Kaizo 4:
Kaizo 5:

Minor Contests:

Auto Level:
Overworld 1:
#13-RXX phenolatukas?
Overworld 2:
#02-R11 Lunar RicoEasy.mwl
#03-R10 Findoku29FindokuEasyLevel.ips
#04-R01 HellbourneHellbournes entry.ips
#05-R07 10204307 (Delta)Contest Level.ips
#14-R08 ThwaterguyThwaterguy's_Entry.ips
#15-R06 Fourpify?
Lunar Magic:
Vague Gimmick:
#6 (V1)
#6 (V2)
#6 (V3)
SelinTheFox GFX:
Bowser's Castle:
#1-R2 CorruptendoBowser's Castle!.ips
#6-R5 (V1.0) KotKotKotKotBowsers-Evil-Revenge.ips
#6-R5 (V1.1) KotKotKotKotBowsers-Evil-Revenge-V1.1.ips
JDC's Title Screen LDC 2:
#4-R5 FellipeUzumakiTSC_Entry_FellipeUzumaki.?
Themed Level Contest:
#2 Luigi370 (Ugaps)Entry.ips
Secret Santa:
SMW Boss Round 1:
SMW Boss Round 2:
Joke Entry:
Special LDC:
These are all missing files. No sense linking to dead files.
Jackpot! Thanks for linking the level pack. I failed to revisit the Discussions topic for this contest. #ab{>_<}
Bumping with purpose. I would have replied promptly if I had known of this topic sooner.

I was the sole 'seeder' of the torrent. Completion was impossible due to some metadata and broken files. There were three independent releases of the hacklist actually, and I cobbled together the files I could find to try and attain a good percentage way after these died, to help others out who got to them late like I did.

Checking KTB's list, I looked through some archives provided to me and was able to match all but 2. here they are. *EDIT* Remaining 2: click

A couple days ago, I threw together all of's snapshots of the hacks page. Duplicates were permitted if they contained alternative information. Maybe it is of interest here.

If you need anything else, send me a PM.
I have been independently listing problem hacks for a while, and find the following worthy of fixme status (apologies if any were already listed): 5055, 5131, 5166, 5356, 5409, 9828 (first castle), 10152, 10185, 10225, 10252.

5151 has a fixme tag, but no mod notice, probably because it is not addmusic related.
It appears to be missing just a video for Medic's entry (MSU-1 requiring higan / libretro). Thanks for recording!
Since I see that higan's interface is still garbage (I can't get it to list roms of any extension and folder selection is worse than Java interfaces), you just have to follow the steps in Medic's readme. They are mostly straightforward and painless.

Note, check "Show All Extensions" when loading game to see manifest.bml. Also, manifest.bml explicitly defines "hween.smc" so be sure your rom filename is the same. Lastly, it doesn't work if the file has no header, so if you somehow don't have one like me, you have to pad the top of the rom with 512 bytes or change the manifest's base value to 0.
Originally posted by chineesmw
It could probably be this, but what did you mean by this exactly?

If your smc file is 2097664 bytes (2^20+512), you are OK in this regard. It is oddly not common here, but if the size is 2097152 bytes (2^20), you are missing the header and need to fix the data offset problem, and the easiest way to make it right would be to open manifest.bml in notepad and replace base=512 with base=0.

However, a missing header should not causze ZMZ to crash. I don't know what problem you are having, but bsnes is a CPU-intensive core that requires a semi-decent computer. It uses ~20% of my aging Phenom II X4 960T, but any one made in the last 8 years would work. It uses only around 180MB of RAM, so I find it hard to believe you're running out of memory. Do you see any messages when it crashes?
What? I gave you those 3 hacks, and said you need to wait until a later time before requesting more. After that, you had the bad idea of demanding "all" of the hacks by sending me six character-maxed PMs of a copy of the entire list I had compiled from snapshots (3 POSTS ABOVE), duplicates included. It's clearly impossible to fill such a request, and you don't seem to get that some of what you are asking for simply doesn't exist anymore. Don't be so greedy and quit bothering me about it.

*Edit: I suppose I must clarify that the torrent is not mine. I'm just seeding it. And I will not be linking to it, since that opens a can of worms for everybody here.

*Edit 2: The person I replied to deleted his posts.
As not just a power user for 15 years, but also a credentialed IT specialist whose job and hobby is to corral files into their appropriate pens, I tell you that either you're a wizard who could develop trojans for a living, or the files are the same. Their timestamps, internal/external CRC hashes and byte counts haven't been changed from v4 onwards. Here's another pic from my side: *click*
Yes, and we are trying to get you to check them for yourself (the ones in the uploaded zipfiles, not those on your computer) with evidence proving they're still old. By declaring you're not a wizard, the only other possible conclusion is that your files are the same. TBH you're acting like an uncrackable nut, so sorry to have ever brought it up.
It was because of how the frontpage news item was written. It has since been changed, but it did use those words to draw attention.
white bg plebes
Crazy serious.

With over a million files for SMW alone, my need to stay organized is an understatement. Gotta keep up on what's what in the world of pokemon SMW hacks. You create and share them, while and I try hard to just preserve and curate them.

Recently I've run out of credible file piles to assimilate, so I'm wondering if anyone is interested in donating theirs (fresh or stale) by email, and let me put names to them. Most hacks submitted for review here are rejected, however I don't judge and would like to give everyone a full chance to save all from being forgotten.
Listed twice:
069,084 Blizzard Buffalo (mentioned update)
008,107 IronFoxGaming (replaced entry)
044,072 moo_we_all_do (replaced entry)
033,037 superwiidude (mentioned update)

Did 1UPdudes officially submit his entry, or has he withdrawn?

I've compiled the entries myself, and have this very similar list.