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Originally posted by imamelia
What does a CRC32 hash of E2696DD7 mean?

Per our discord chat, that is the hash given when using an online tool to interpret the rom as text data using a different CRC32 method via PHP, and their other tool to read as binary using CRC32B gives the hash for a bona fide PRG0 rom.
If you don't mind, here is a patch for PRG1 rom (same as your source), and leaves the tag at the end off. SMBV (PRG1).bps
I fainted. That's all I am good for.
.bps for the common (the source rom was de-headered) - outdated, use the new link in OP.
I've tweeted about the tool to Jason Scott (textfiles) who works at the Internet Archive (, and he retweeted to all his followers. I'm hoping it will hang in there for a bit. Getting this kind of stuff backed up (and often reporting on it) is their specialty.

Kaizo Trap is among those that will be broken by removal of annotations. Are subtitles even linkable, or does it just function as closed captioning?
Just found this topic... SMWDB / smw.servegame is my pet project, shared in atonement for indirect mismanagement of content being preserved elsewhere. I have a lot of hacks, but know that I also miss as many. My site would be far more spotty without the piles of random downloads graciously contributed by members here and there. My collecting habits are more hands-off than they could be, as I no longer practice the mass leeching habits that would sometimes get me blocked from various sites. :(

At the beginning of this year, I hooked into a companion project that was trying to preserve a copy of every hack submitted for inclusion in SMWC, as we know most don't make the cut despite the author's good intentions. However, that project has been effectively dead since the recent denial of service attack that necessitates Cloudflare protection.

When the well runs dry, I eventually go on a pile hunt on the outer nets, but independent collections are extremely rare and more often outdated forms of the very sets I had already contributed to. I've often considered posting a request topic similar to this here, but usually the response includes a batch of baked ROMz instead of the neutral diffs/patches they would have been best preserved as. I'm aware of the legal ramifications of soliciting certain kinds of data in a public forum, especially one with rules forbidding it.

Off-site and in private, you can do whatever you want with games you've purchased legitimately within the law of your country (which a corporation should not dictate), but for any patches to them to be circulated safely, they'd need them to not function by themselves (i.e. be a playable game), and the end user, independently having their own legit copy and means to apply the patch, would need to decide to do so without your input.

I've experienced the wrath of corporate watchdogs nearly first-hand more than once. They don't simply order deletion of content; they can get a court order to commandeer a site's domain name redirecting visitors to their own network and "educate" them of wrongdoings and damages caused to them. I do not want SMWC to turn into another rom site to be given that pressure, and thankfully they have the sense to dropkick every detected ROM out of the ring before they pile up here.

You can visit my site as I am also without roms (I roll my own patches), but please contact me before attempting to leech files by the thousands, as there are better ways for you to collect.
Yes, people leave messages all over the place. I should start a gallery, but it can get people in trouble. I found a nazi symbol in one hack that had been moderated. I assume it went right back into moderation.
It was an audacious move on the artist's part to even try to recreate such an impeccable expression of the human form, but the risk paid off. No detail was spared: The stubble is perfectly rendered, so subtle you'd miss it if you didn't take a closer look. His hand hangs loose from the wrist in that quintessentially Goldblum-ian attitude of effortlessness, of ease with the self. And those eyes: They gleam with a confluence of fear and knowledge—a mirror image of the look Goldblum flashed the camera just after Dr. Malcolm nearly lost his life to a T. Rex. If the city of London has a lick of goddamn sense, it'll keep the monument there for all eternity—maybe even consecrating it as a national landmark. Sure, Goldblum isn't British, and no, Jurassic Park has nothing to do with England, but just look at that masterpiece: the fleshy bulb of the nipple, the furrows of the chest hair, the pinnacle of what a human face can be.
Oh dear, it looks like the Japanese leaked a beta of your creation a full 7 years ago. 修正版SP World ...It doesn't look like much has changed during that time either. Are you sure you uploaded the right version?
CRC32 checksums are easy to spoof mathematically, which is the case for BPS because mad scientists worked on the format. It should be used simply for surface error detection (if not 2144DF1C, tis brok). More advanced cryptographic hashes like MD5 and SHA-1 are necessary to differentiate files reliably. You don't normally have to elsewhere, but it's a rather neat feature to work with in the backend.
Note, these patches have to be applied to an unheadered ROM for a correct result.

Some memories are best left dead and buried.
This is late (and perhaps still too soon for the format despite Chrome natively supporting it), but testing with your latest master from github, converting GIF to webp saves 600KB, and zipping squeezes out an extra 38KB, so the full archive including code now sits at 800KB.

precompiled binaries for the encoder are here.
This joke has also spawned one of the best tree ornaments of all time:
Originally posted by Katerpie
What's a Toad? Is it edible?

It's a room full of mush. ...yeah you can eat it. I won't tell anyone.
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