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Hello! I'm Yimmy, and am very skilled at breaking SMW ROMs with Lunar Magic

Randomness aside, i've never been one to make, but more to play and rate, so don't expect any hacks from me. expect lots of rated hacks though. yeah, not really comftorable releasing much personal info. I came here because of SomeGuy, but i came across it a couple times in the past couple years
yep! yeah, never patching a rom again, because that's how i utterly destroyed it...

edit: i actually mean using lunar IPS. i'm just gonna stick with zsnes autopatch

Currently Testing: Nothing
Type of Tester: Proofreader/Playtester
Max. Amount of Levels/Worlds: 30 levels.

Description: I'm not that good at playing, but I'm a decent proofreader. Also, my controller isn't that good, which may hinder me and make me ragequit.
I'll sign up
Use smack...
Yeah, my moveset is somewhat is somewhat limiting.
If I can, use curse instead...
Yay either you made a mistake or I was immune to the fire. Probably should of mentioned that.
Go ahead and Invisibility
Also nice that I can't even use half my attacks :P
wait how do I pick my level ups

Also I don't have enough FP for half of them lol