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Well, I've downloaded the "goal roulette" custom sprite, but I've found a problem, for me at least. When it ends any level, it always acts like a defeated boss, stopping mario on his tracks, and fading the music in the overworld, wich is bad, because I wanted to use it in every level, instead of the goal tape. I don't know enough ASM to change this and make it act more like the goal tape (music in the OW doesn't fade, mario walks right), only things like palette or GFX used, nothing more nothing less, so.. could someone help me with this?

Edit: Should I include the sprite ASM code? I haven't touched it, but..
Works PERFECTLY, thank you, zkip! ^^ This thread can be closed, I guess... but shouldn't that version of the roulette be sumbitted too, for whoever wants a diferent level ending?
Well, as the title says, I've found a set of blocks and sprites called Pseudo-Powerups, made by schwa, and inside I found exactly what I needed, a code for making mario run faster under certain conditions.

First of all, is Ok if I use his code, even if I'm not going to release the patch? I couldn't contact him, so...

The thing is, I've already tweaked it, so the condition is being cape mario, and so when mario runs at top speed, enemies can't touch this (lol pun). The code is here.

My main question is: how can I make a patch of this code? Set it to use free ram, make it execute always, all that stuff.

Also I have a simpler (I hope) question: What should I add to this patch, so the Y position of the cape is always the same, the lower two tiles at about mario's shoulders height, like when he falls with cape?

EDIT: please go to last post

Thanks to anyone reading ^.^
Well, if it's a bad idea, then I'll try to use something different.

The thing is, it was a generator, but what I want to make is a completely-separate patch, without levelasm or uberasm, like most on the patches section. How would the basic "skeleton" of such a patch be? (Place code in defined freespace in smw, then make that code execute.)
Well, then I'll study the code in level asm,and see where can I hijack, or I'll have to surrender and make it an uberasm patch :p Thank you for helping!

EDIT: Well, I made the patch and it ALMOST works:
	LDA $19		; \
	CMP #$02	;  | Check if caped, if not, do nothing.
	BNE Return	; /

	LDA $7B		; \ Check the player's X Speed.
	BPL HiSpeed	; /
	EOR #$FF	; | Make the value positive if it isn't (ie if the player is running left).

	CMP #$2C	; \ If not at max speed, do nothing.
	BCC Return	; /
	LDA #$05	; \ Make Mario invulnerable when moving at new hi-speed.
	STA $1497	; /

The problem is, mario doesn't flicker when running at top speed, though he IS invulnerable... how can I fix this?
So, after struggling all day and all night with ASM,I did a thing.

I'll post it here, since this is not even worthy of videos or screenshots, yet, it's just the pysichs engine and all ASM/Hex changes I made. I hope I can post it here!

Patch to a clean (U) rom, here are everything you need to know:

New things:
-You can double jump!
-You can wall-jump!
-You can do a dropkick (Down in mid-air), but it won't affect blocks in ghost form.
-Air meter! Except in ghost form, you can't breathe forever underwater!
-Cape -> Ghost form. Use your phantom run to go through iron bars and enemies! You can also hold the jump button to slowly glide. However, you can't fly or capespin, in order to avoid overpowering.
-Powerup roulette! Test your luck at the end of each level!

Changed things:
-SMB3 goombas!
-SMB3 koopas!

Non-existing things:
-Yoshi. Double jumping makes him redundant to getting an extra boost, and the ghost form makes him redundant because you can just run on munchers.

-Running up walls. Because I didn't want to.

-Original ending tapes. Because lame.

So, please tell me what do you think about the new mechanics (ASM forum :P). And thanks for reading! ^.^
Well, thank you for your review, but as I think I said (And if I didn't, i say it now :P), the demo is mostly to see if anyone who plays likes the engine tweaks and patches I either made or applied.

The rom is the (U) clean rom, sorry about that ^^U

The overworld is VERY alpha, obviously I'll do something better for a demo release. Regarding the graphics, well, I actually wanted to make a vainilla-ish hack, not too much ExGFX, custom sprites and such, mostly focusing on level design. So, thank you for your review, but I'd appreciate more if you(or anyone else!) could review the double jump, dropkick, ghost form, or anything new I added. This is the ASM showcase thread, after all :P
I'm trying to use the wall kick patch, but no matter how low is the value I place in the no_back_time define, I can't make it so you can wall-jump repeated times off the same wall. The code is barely commented and I get lost every time I check it, can someone help me with this?

Here's the code in the patch: Click me!
Well, I'm trying to make two custom blocks, but I'm finding a little bit of trouble...

1) I saw Ramp202's Sprite shattered from below block, and I need a block like that, but wich also can be destroyed if a stunned sprite hits it from the side. Besides adding interaction between the block, and sprites horizontally, I also know I need to use adress $B6 for X speed, but I don't know exactly what to do...


; Made by Ramp202
; Requested by Jacob
; Modified by SMS 
; Make it Act like tile 130

db $42


JSR CheckKickedV;\ check to see if a sprite was thrown at the block from below
BCC E		;/
LDA #$14	;
STA $AA,x	;
;LDX $15E9	;\
;LDA $9E,x	;| Uncomment if you want it to
;CMP #$0F	;| shatter if hit by a specific sprite
;BNE E		;/ (Currently set to Goomba)
LDA $D8,x	;\
CLC		;|
ADC #$02	;|
STA $D8,x	;| Move the sprite up by two pixels
LDA $14D4,x	;|
ADC #$00	;|
STA $14D4,x	;/

LDA $0A		;\ 
AND #$F0	;| Update the position
STA $9A		;| of the block
LDA $0B		;| so it doesn't shatter
STA $9B		;| where the players at
LDA $0C		;|
AND #$F0	;|
STA $98		;|
LDA $0D		;|
STA $99		;/

PHY		;\
PHB		;|
LDA #$02	;|
PHA		;| Shatter Effect
PLB		;|
LDA #$00	;| #$00 for normal, #$01 for rainbow (throw block)
JSL $028663	;|
PLB		;/
LDA #$02	;\ Replace Block
STA $9C		;| with tile 25
JSL $00BEB0	;/


; This subroutine checks to see if a sprite was thrown at the block vertically.
; If the carry flag is set, the sprite was thrown with enough force.
BPL EndKickCheck1
LDA $14C8,x
CMP #$09
BCC EndKickCheck1


2) This will be trickier... I have inserted MarioE's wall kick patch, but I'm lost everytime I try to do something related to walljumping. In this case, I need some help to make a NON-Wall Jump block, that the player can't wall jump against. I can barely understand the patch, so please, I really need help with this one.

Thanks to anyone who stops to read/answer this! Peace ^_^

Forget it, I've solved it by myself. Can someone close this thread?
Quite stupid, but well... :p

For people who is using the wall jumping patch, instead of wall jumping blocks, I made a very simple Anti Wall Jump Block! For puzzles, and stuff. So you can wall jump on almost everything instead of everything :O Just change the adresses for the ones used in the patch, and that's it. :p Should I upload it to the block database? o.O
Originally posted by AnOtakuGamer
Learn ASM is hard too.

But very worth it! ^.^ Also, once you get the basics, making decent, interesting blocks, sprites and patches is just a matter of time. :P

Originally posted by AnOtakuGamer
@SuperMariaSis : Why not?

I decided not to upload it since, well, it's just three STZs and RTL, I think it may be too simple :p When I make some decent/interesting/notthatshort blocks, Maybe I'll upload that :O
Originally posted by LX5
So I have been busy lately...

There is why:

It may be released only if I found proper graphics (or a proper palette).

Looks great! I can try and make some GFX for you, with a vanilla palette. But does the shell suit overwrite the fire flower, or you made it use a new value for $19?
.. and not enough talent to execute it.

See, I have seen a lot of what ASM coding can do, and I was impressed every time. But I had a question, "Why no one has tried to make a charging fireball attack? After all, there are a few patches that change mario's fireball to yoshi's, so why not?" And so I tried to make one, think megaman or every plataformer ever with a charged shot type skill.

The problem is, I'm not as good as coding as a lot of the legends in this site, but I'm good enough at coding in general to know more or less what I want to do. So I'm going to post here what I have so far, and if anyone of you can help/take over/support/give advice/give cookies/give a hug/tell to never bother again with asm/ignore a poor little widdle not so skilled ASMer, I'd be so glad! Thank you for reading this! ^.~

Here's the code so far, btw.
Thanks a lot, ladida but although your code doesn't crash, but it doesn't produce a yoshi fireball either... otherwise it does work like I want to, except maybe having two different flashing and sound phases, but it's good enough anyways! Any ideas about the "spawn yoshi's fireball instead of mario's fireball" part, or are they incompatible, as in you either shoot mario's fireball or you shoot yoshi's fireball?
It still has the same problem :/ Everything works fine but mario only shoots normal fireballs..

Update: I just tried to use your code, but placing the "spawn extended sprite" code block in the .yoshifireball tag, but.. still does not work, could it be that normal fireballs and yoshi fireballs can not be set for the same powerup? I remember demo world giving you a powerup from normal to 3 yoshi fireballs, with no problem, but... no idea :/

Code here
Works like a charm! I'll try to give it a two-phase charge (Phase 1, flashes and sounds slowly and fires normal fireball if released, Phase 2, flashes and sounds faster and fires yoshi fireball), but Right now I'm very happy with it, thank you ladida!

Edit: Well... I don't know why, but no matter what value you put in holdframes, as long as you hold the button for two-three frames, you shoot a yoshi fireball... o.o

Edit2: Fixed by myslef, there was a CMP #$10 that should be CMP !holdframes, now it works! Thank you again! ^^
Yes, it's definitely possible, I'll give it a try later, and pm you with the results, ok? And please, don't double post if no one has answered yet, just try to be patient, after all people may not have seen your thread at first ^^
I played around with the same edit, and unfortunately it seems that adress controls both the player and piranha plants (and whatever custom sprites you have with fireballs, like the venus or the fire bro) fireballs, maybe as a way to save space. I can only say either to redesign the piranha plants and the venus fire traps so the new fireballs make sense or add code so the player and sprites fireballs have separate graphical properties.
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