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=D This sounds/looks like the type of hack I'd started out looking for when I came across this site. Super Mario World is a favorite game, mostly for nostalgia reasons. I wanted to be able to play something with the same look and feel as Super Mario World, but that would give me back some of the sense of exploration and discovery that I can't get from playing the exact same game for the millionth time. Hacks that heavily change the graphics or add lots of new programming are awesome, too, obviously, and I appreciate the work that goes into that, but it's not what I'm most interested in playing right now. So anyway, yay! Keep going with this.
I am definitely interested in seeing what you do with this. =D
Dude. The bad palette isn't "girly". Don't insult girls with that. Eye-searing clouds don't have a goddamn thing to do with being either female or feminine. The orange stuff could work for a sunset kinda look, but the bright yellow in the ground isn't looking so hot, and those clouds are painful. Not "girly". Just painful. Fix 'em. It's perfectly possible to have a soft/pastel/sunset look without causing eye pain.

Also, what's with The Entirely random Capitalization of Words...?
Where is the water for the waterfalls coming from?

I do like the cliff icicles. =D
It's significantly less painful, yeah.
Originally posted by Daboys121
Use more lucrative font and a nice background to go with it.

A font that'll make more money...? o_O

This is not the most major of things, but maybe you could make some kind of minor decorative nonfunctional bits for the tower walls? Cracked bricks or a little decorative ridge across the whole thing every so often or something. Because that is a vast expanse of tiny identical bricks. o_o Kind of visually monotonous.
Also, it's spelled "jeopardize".
Anyway, looking pretty cool! There's nothing that says the name "Raymond" is incompatible with mysteriousness and whatnot. XD Perfectly good name.
I can't possibly respect anyone who thinks Ico was a terrible game.

I tend to repress memories of really bad games, I think. I know I've played some gawdawful ones, but can't seem to dredge up specifics.
Aaah, sorry. Kinda tired, I miss bits of posts. =P Anyway, Isaac is a perfectly good name too. I just didn't see anything wrong with Raymond. XD
Originally posted by MATTAN
Double post FTW!
Anyways, I need YOU to help me. I can´t come up with a clever new powerup that would work for a onion.

He could make enemies cry. Or, hm...oh man, french onion! Give him a beret! Don't know what the powerup would actually do, but hey.
Well, I know the beret is obnoxiously stereotypical, but I don't know how else you would indicate that. Anyway, French onion soup is delicious. Mmm.
You can't claim using glitched graphics for a plot reason is original. Everybody and their brother pulls that one at some point. You know what actually would give it some originality? Drawing your own graphics in a style reminiscent of "glitchiness", but that still works coherently and where you can tell what things are. Create "glitched" enemies and things that are totally different from what the game would do on it's own if screwed up. Done well, that could be interesting, creative, and fairly impressive. Of course, done badly, it could still end up looking like you were lazy and used plot to excuse it. Heh. Also, I think it would still require a fairly ugly palette to do convincingly, which still might not fly with some people. Hm.

RE: Munchers...no matter how goddamn crazy something fictional is, it does need some kind of internal consistency. Floating munchers just aren't right even in their already-bizarre context. It's also really heavily overdone by people. I've mostly just been lurking on here, and I've still started waking up in the night screaming "DEAR GOD NOT THE FLOATING MUNCHERS! OH LORD THEY'RE STACKED AND COVERED IN 3-UP MOONS! NO! NO!</B>". It's a problem.
Now, I personally would be pretty damn amused if you drew rocket packs on the munchers, and would consider that grounds for not minding 'em. However, I have no idea if that would get you around the SMWC acceptance rules.

People are only not cutting you slack on these things because it could be so much better if you didn't do them. ;_;

Unexpected end tag (</b>) at 1183, expected </i>
Tag (b) was not closed.
Originally posted by lemmythekoopa
What The Hell Dinosaurs.

Is there some cute little script that shows the name of whoever's viewing it?
And if not, do I know you?
I thought to myself, "What sums up my thoughts and feelings about Super Mario World?". That was the answer.
Is that an onion with a mustache? Oh man. That's awesome.

The father's introduction does strike me as weird, for the same reasons WhiteYoshiEgg said. Sounds like he's meeting his dad for the first time...and if he were, I think it would be a bit more dramatic than "Hi, I'm your dad!". Then again, onion family relationships may work totally different than human, I suppose. ...

You could have a boss fight be above a pot of stew he has to not fall into.
I don't think the problem with the inside house background was that it was too light, it was that it was too bright/contrasting...darkening it made it worse, it's very "busy" and makes it harder to focus on the stuff in the foreground.
Otherwise, lookin' good!
I was just trying to get both dinosaurs in the same small userpicture and the...composition I guess didn't look right no matter what I did. So then I figured I'd have one standing on the other's back like Mario on a Mega Mole. Of course after that I realized people were just going to figure Rex and Reznor were getting it on. I decided I might as well leave it anyway until somebody actually complained (as opposed to just saying haha, dinosaur sex).
It makes me a little sad to see an onion abusing and killing carrots. Especially extremely cute carrots. All this violent veggie vs. veggie carnage. ._.
Is it encouraging if I say I am all for anything with Kamek in it? =D
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