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Finally! Finally this is released!!! Can't say anything right now, but you FPI, did an amazing job and the remake looks amazing.
Not sure what happened here, but when I finished this level:

with all 100 stars, a bonus game appeared and I was able to move camera on the right:

Sorry if this was posted already.
Celebrate the Christmas at 7th of January, that's it.
To take screenshots, press F12 and your screenshot will appear in "screenshots" folder in SMBX folder. In case you're using SMBX and you can't make screenshots, create "screenshots" folder there and try again.

Anyway, I like world themes, they're pretty original!
Nice! Now I finally was able to put all these songs into one big video.

Here is a video link for those who interested:

About the hack: I enjoyed playing it mostly. Some of the levels were a bit unfair (like that blue forest one), but overally it was awesome.

Also I finally reached World X!
Hi. So... this level was made by me a few months ago using PGE Editor, but I forgot to post it here. I hope there's some free space left for this level in this colab.

Anyway the level is SMB2 styled and it's snowy themed.
Have some big ass screenshots:

And a video:

Level ends with an SMB3 Star and has a secret SMW star, which requires you to collect all 5 Ace Coins. Also don't mind that background cut-off at the third screen: it isn't visible in SMBX!
Also there's a secret easter egg...

Download updated level here:

Sednaiur <3
Squishy Rex
Originally posted by Imaynotbehere4long
Originally posted by h2643
Level ends with an SMB2 Orb.

I'm pretty sure that the collaboration's levels have to end in a star.

Rrreallly? If so, I will change it once some staff member will tell me this (so I'll be sure about it).
Originally posted by Blue Leaf
Yes, you are supposed to end the level with a star.

Okay, I changed the exit.

Originally posted by Blue leaf
However, I had some issues with the slide section. The slide is pretty inconsistent. Sometimes, the player stops sliding at the end of the slopes in the horizontal parts. Other times, the player just slides into the munchers and dies. I tested the slide with Mario and Luigi (since the others can't slide.

I tried to fix the slide, but it still never worked for me. I just placed a vase in case player gets stuck under the slide.

Originally posted by Blue leaf
We might need to make this a Mario and Luigi level only)

This level is now playable with every character!

Originally posted by Blue leaf
If Luigi tries this however (because he was stopped by the horizontal part), he will overshoot the trampolines and die.

I added more springboards.

Originally posted by Blue leaf
There are also some minor english mistakes. The first message block should say "all the water" instead of "every water". And the second message block should say "press the down button".


Originally posted by Blue leaf
I'm also wondering how you can access section 7. There was an event that said something about the 5 ace coins, but nothing happened.

That section had a secret star before - I wasn't sure if the stars were allowed in this collab, so I had to disable the event that activates it for a moment. Now you have to collect all 5 Ace Coins to unlock it.

Originally posted by Blue leaf
But it was a nice level overall. Keep up the good work!

Originally posted by Blue Leaf
- The midpoint doesn't work properly, as the player gets stuck in the ceiling. I'm also against the invisible midpoint that you're forced to get. I think it would be better if you made a visible midpoint that players could avoid, in case they want to collect all the Ace coins.

Oh... well now you can try to test the checkpoint of the updated level. I think I fixed it.

Originally posted by Blue Leaf
- The slide, while better than last time, still kills Mario if he tries to do it in one go...

I think I fixed this, try it now.

Originally posted by Blue Leaf
I also have a few suggestions for things that aren't necessarily bad, but may improve the level:
- Put the Ace coin message for the secret star in the first message block after the water text. It might get annoying if people have to read the text every time they grab the first Ace coin.


Here's the updated level:
I fixed what you wanted me to fix, here is the final (hopefully) download link:

Now this level should be approved.
Blue Leaf: thank you for being able to help me with the level. You discovered so many glitches in my level, like wow, I had no idea about most of them!
I found some really minor issues but I think they're worth mentioning.

That one tile in a level Cookie Cavern 3 is not correct.

Here too, near the pipe entrance (Cookie Cavern 5). Every screen is from the latest beta.
Well, um... hello everyone! I've been registered here for 1 year, but couldn't find this thread until now for some reason. I live in Ukraine and I'm from SMBX Community too.

As of now, I administrate PGE Community (the one that developed alternate Super Mario Bros. X editor and the one that currently develops alternate SMBX engine, so it's sorta new SMBX).

I don't think I'm going to be active here, but I will still visit this place sometimes.
bossedit's cool level playthrough:

This video shows a lot more stuff than in a previous video.
Hello everyone! I'm back with another level to post here. Yet again, it was made using PGE Editor (which is super cool).

This level is somewhat unusual - you still play as Mario Bros. but your main enemies are... Kirbys! Also it has a use of gimmick which I rarely see in modern SMBX levels. You push various buttons and collect treasures to progress.

Now let's look at screencreams:


This level has a secret SMW Star, which requires you to collect all the Dragon Coins and ends with a boss battle, which gives you a SMB3 Star upon defeating.

Download updated level here:

I hope you'll enjoy playing it!
Even though it's a vanilla level, I'd recommend you to use some custom graphics, because default SMBX tilesets don't look good if they're mixed together. But it's your decision of course.
Originally posted by Berkay
The tileset is super nice looking, but I'm not a fan of the very pixelated background. If you can fix that, it'd be great.

Thanks! Yeah, I guess I could've mess around with these backgrounds in Paint.NET and do something about them.
So I tried to change the backgrounds from 4x4 to 2x2 pixels, and now they look ugly and blurry. I will stay with the current ones.
Also I'm still waiting for approval.
Honestly I would post a link to the picture seperately from spoiler (aka without spoiler and image tags), it just stretches the page.

I really like the level design here, looking forward to see the complete version :)
Also how do you access that 1-up block?
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