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When I completed Tubular without the Yoshi and without using the baloons (used the feather, though).
Well, I was a young little fucker and my cousin would bring his SNES (with SMW, of course) to my home sometimes. That's how I started - but can't say it was a great start since I couldn't even pass YI1 because I was scared of the Banzai Bill.
But later I became a regular player and that's it.
The whole soundtrack of Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
Anyone said Black Label Society yet?
Then I'll say it again: Black Label Society.
Bands like Burzum and Mayhem are there, too. Never listened to either of them, but it's metal, as far as I know, and many people I know seem to enjoy.
I'd say Nine Inch Nails, too, but they're more industrial/electronic than metal.
Originally posted by DevEd
Everybody's talking about how they beat Tubular using Blue Yoshi or glitches... and I'm just sitting here having beaten Tubular legitimately. (BTW That now suddenly counts as another proud moment.)

Well, I actually beat it without using the Blue Yoshi or glitches (didn't even used the baloon: since I had the cape, i just went doing precision jumps like a motherfucker). It was a fucking pain in the ass, but it was worth it.
And another proud moment on SMW was being the first on my family to unlock (and beat) Valley Fortress. It was very nice to rub it on the face of my cousins who used to call me the worst of the noobs.
I have long hair, and it's a fucking mess. It has, like, 5 different colours: black, brown, two kinds of blonde and red. I'm not joking. My mother said my hair is sunburned or something like that. Other than that, looks like Tiny Tim's hair on the early 70s, but a bit less curly.
Gonna give Burzum and Mayhem a listen, then.
And if NIN counts, then if anyone's interested, I'd recomend listening to "With Teeth". I think it's their "most metal album".

A little something I was doing as a practice.
Unfortunately, I ended up screwing the whole thing up while trying to put a custom BG and had to delete the whole ROM.
Still, it would be nice to get some opinions so I can improve on my next try.
I'm pretty sure it'd be this one, just because why not?
@Wuthering - I was stupid enough to have no back up of my hack at the time, and so I just lost everything I had done. But after this screw up I actually learned how to put custom graphics into the ROM, so now there shouldn't be any problems like this (even though it'll take me a while to actually try something more serious). And I'll keep your advice in mind next time I have to make a overworld. Thanks.

For now I'm pretty busy (work + college) so I can't do much, but today, just for the heck of it, I decided to play with the pallets.

Might do something like that, too, when I start doing a more serious thing.
Well, I can't really put the whole thing into words. I was in the beach with a somewhat famous designer, and let's just say that what happened here would make a great Pink Floyd music video.
Originally posted by BlackMageMario
I regret nothing, in life in general. You aren't going to what you know now, so cringing about your old posts is pointless. It's what you felt at the time. Your feelings might be different now, but you can't change how you felt in the past.

- BlackMageMario

I find it amusing that your avatar matches your post very well.
As for posts I regret, I guess I haven't been around enough to have any. But maybe in one year or so I'll have a few.
Watched both videos and got so nervous I almost threw up.
Wish this was a joke, but it isn't.
I drink once every blue moon. I'm not really fond of drinking - let's say I wish to not be like someone I know - but at a party or something, if there's a low-alcohol drink, I'll probably take one and that's it.
There's this one, I believe it's called Dr. Strangelove, which has this scene of a general "riding" a nuclear bomb.
Discipline - Nine Inch Nails
I like how Trent comes in too early two times in this song.
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