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Tip: Try playing around with the Horizontal Level Settings in Lunar Magic. You can create some uniquely-designed levels unlike anything seen in the original Super Mario World.
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I'm really digging that overworld. Great job!
Just a little level I'm working on. (Have to link it, since it's too big to post here)
Originally posted by Wuthering
@Umirayushchiy - Hmm, there's not much to comment about here. However, I do find your overworld to be a bit square and flat. A good way to get a more natural landscape would be to doodle with just the land tiles first to get a shape you like. As for your decoration, it looks repetitive. Those small hill tiles should be placed in perfect cubes, and nor should that exact formation of them be copy and pasted several times across the map.

Also, for you background problems, do you have a restore point for your ROM? If you do, and you still have your ROM intact, then you could simple revert your ROM to state before you inserted the ExGFX. In case you need any help with inserting ExGFX itself, there is a good list of ExGFX related tutorials here.

@B00tyWarrior - That's a nice gimmick you have going on there! I do like how you introduced the gimmick as well. However, there are a few things you can do to improve the design. First of all, I wouldn't suggest you place a Yoshi coin distinctly in the only path the player can go like that, as it's basically rewarding the player a bonus for going the intended route. In the next segment, I wouldn't suggest you place enemies like that, because It feels rather lazy and they can easily be disregarded. I'm not too sure about those Koopas on that "stairway" segment before the water; It's seems like they would jump down on the player before he has a chance to react to them, which would be unfair. It could possibly be fair, but you might want to look out for situations like that. Lastly, it looks as of there is no way to get out of that water pool because the pipe with the Lakitu is too high up. I may be wrong about this one too, but if I'm not, the coin trail leading down into the lake would become a trap, which is, again, unfair design. Oh, and before I forget; the shading of the blue pipe looks off. It appears that you replaced the two lighter shades of blue with just white.
The lakitu in the water is a dolphin with a graphical error, but I decided to keep it, since it didn't look too buggy. So you can get back up
But that defeats the whole purpose of spin jumping! If you got hurt from spin jumping, that would make it useless. What if you just disabled spin jumping instead?
In my opinion, I think these hacks should be on a cartrige:

The Second Reality Project
The Second Reality Project 2
(maybe) VIP & Wall Mix series. Would probably be too hard though.
Just a pre made I'm working on (I usually just have a bunch of Pre-made levels finished so If I need to fill in an OW level, I could just insert that level):

I actually got the idea for this level from a super mario world flash movie on newgrounds called, Back to the Start. Also, I have a WIP OW for another hack I', working on.
Originally posted by Golden Yoshi
Level design's my main thing. Specifically, gimmicky level design. I find it difficult to create a fun "normal" platformer level, so I usually try to implement unique twists.

Same here man. After playing the VIPS, I learned that you should try to incorporate cool gimmicks into your level.
Looks great! I'm definitely enjoying the feel of this hack.
Who's house? RUN'S HOUSE! Sorry. Had to.
I don't really like classifying hacks as Chocolate, Vanilla, etc. But I guess I like all of them mixed together. I like hacks that have a variety of flavors. Kinda like the VIP series.
I just came up with this. A VIP & Wall Mix-like hack, where Mario & Luigi are replaced with Drake & Josh. It will be like Super Mario Infinity, where you're forced to play as Mario and Luigi. And the plot is that Megan (who will be replacing bowser) Has kidnapped Drakes Girlfriend, Princess Peach, and she's the only one with the cure to Josh's dad, Walter's cumin allergy. Yeah... EDIT: Cool! I got the 777's reply!
Well, if I had a gameport to USB adapter, then I would be using my Microsoft Sidewinder controller. But for right now, I'm just using keyboard. My emulator of choice is ZSNES. I try to avoid using savestates. I might use them in certain levels. Like if a level is too long or difficult, I'll savestate in each new area.
Here's my finished OW! :D (Yeah, I know there's a few things that don't look right. Don't worry, I'll go back and make a few small changes)

Sigh... Now I have to start the levels.
I need some OW help. I want to have a pathway going up from Yoshi's house, but I don't want Yoshi's house to be the level to activate the path. There's a level in the late game I want to use to activate the path. So can you activate a path on a level from beating another level?
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
You have to set the tile to have the "enable up" option ticked, then have a blank tile above it. Then with Layer 1 events you can make the path activate.

Thank you
Originally posted by Everest
The overworld there seems pretty bland and uninspired. The land seems to be bland and undecorated overall and the landmasses seem to be flat in general. The submap on the top-right has garbage tiles in the sea around it and that is not a pleasant sight. The decoration that is used is extremely repetitive and a variety is possible using the default tiles if you know which ones to use. Finally, some of the submaps seem squarish which is unoriginal.

The tiles in the upper right are going to stay. It's supposed to be some kind of rift opening, or something you'd see from The Matrix, or something similar to that. As for everything else, I'm currently adding some decoration, and making it less square.
I've been working on this hack for about a week now. And I feel I have enough progress to post this. The story is pretty basic. Bowser Kidnaps Princess, but might have some plot twists. Yeah, I know the name isn't that original, since all I did was reverse the order of the words. This hack is going to contain ExGFX, but only in some levels. It's going to be mostly vanilla GFX. It will also have some custom music. The overworld is only halfway done. I have the 6 sub maps finished, which the first half of the game will take place. (I have a really cool idea for the main OW) I only have 1 level finished, and am halfway done with the other. Anyways, here are some screenies!

OW Screenshots:

Level Screenshots:

Originally posted by mario and luigi
hey, this looks nice so far!

your hack's name reminds me of another mario super, my very first super mario world hack.

i can see a bit of "copypasta" on the last screenshot with the ledge tiles, but i can understand what you're trying to do.

on the last overworld screenshot, i do not see layer 2 events, although you may be taking screenshots of the visuals so far.

on the first overworld screenshot, there may be cutoff on the stars on the blue background with the entire black sky.

good luck with this! #smw{:peace:}

I actually have not started the events yet. I'm going to do an event after I finish every level. Also, you made a hack with the same name?
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