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Man I need to try JUMP, everyone seems to like that. For me, the one I have the most fond memory of is Super Pika Land Ultra, Vanilla Version.
All the tutorials are focused on porting existing songs, which isn't what I want.
I'll try doing that. And yeah, I need to change my profile pic.
I'm least satisfied with all of them, since I always stop like 3-2 levels in.
Won't happen, but Massimo 2. Pls enk-bits
+1 to Kaizo trilogy. Its fun to try and beat these without any savestates
I like those Hero Academia characters!
I disagree with your comment Gbreeze, about vanilla palletes sucking, and needing gradients. I don't think there's anything wrong with the orignal game's aesthetic. There are no rules when it comes to artistic choices. there's guidelines you can follow that work, but that's not all there is. EDIT: i don't know if your post is sarcastic or not, Im not good at telling if it is.
Removed the original post since it was outdated. This hack I basically just want a simple vanilla aesthetic, with nicely designed levels, hopefully close to Nintendo quality, or at least vibe. That part will be pretty difficult to do, but I'll try my best. So if you're looking for something that feels close to the original SMW, maybe follow this project.
thanks! It took quite a while to build the OW, which isn't even close to done yet. Hopefully it'll look a lot better in the end, and when it's populated with levels and secrets.
Changed the first level palletes back to vanilla, and some pics of the next level. I really like how the pink sky turned out. EDIT: Okay, I messed up on the files. Some of them had the same name, so when I uploaded them to the filebin, it overwrote the previous screenshots. I'll just use imgur from now on
thx for the feedback! here's some other stuff! Some of them are done in paint, but the ones with not flat shading are doen in fireaplaca. she's not really an anthro fidget spinner,ivy, but her design loosely incorporates the spinner,such as the hair, and like you said, pallete. By the way, check out my hack thread

(removed NSFW)

(removed NSFW)

(removed NSFW)

Skewer Edit: Second image stretched tables, changed to a link.

Scrydan Edit: Now removing all NSFW as it isn't allowed anymore
OW for the mystical forest world. I'm aware of some of the errors. I'm ok with some imperfections, but I'll fix some of the cut off and add the corner tiles.
I'm looking for some hacks with VERY good level design. Something close to or better than Nintendo's official games. Levels with interesting gimmicks and challenges. Something kind of like JUMP
Actually making a level
I'm really enjoying everything I've seen so far! I will say, the sky is a bit too saturated looking. it's like a deep sonic blue.
Uhhhh Okay, I've completely scrapped it. I wasn't really happy with it since I didn't have a clear direction, so I'm restarting. I never really got more than two levels though so nothing was lost really. I'll just share this, lol. A cute lil background I made

I'll update when I have a decent amount of work done.
I dont know if anybody else has noticed this, but it seems like there's just a ton of more low quality hacks being submitted than there was years ago. I had a gap of a couple years of not being interested in smw hacking, so maybe my taste could have just gotten better or something in between. I'd look at hacks being played on Self-made-island, since he seems to play a lot of recent ones, and they just seem really.. ehhh. Maybe it's because of popular streamers, and hacks getting attention through things like ADGQ where they have hacks featured, letting more inexperienced people in. eh, I dunno. maybe I'm just bein a negative nancy, or learning a bit about what makes good level design has sorta changed how I view a lot of these hacks.
Rather than just being able to select which difficulty we want, make it so it's a list of boxes or something, and we check off the ones we want to see and the ones we dont. A lot of the time I just want to filter out all the pit and kaizo hacks, but can't since I can just choose to see one difficulty option.
I used to use a keyboard, but now I use a usb snes controler, just so it feels more authentic. I still think I'm way better at the keyboard, but thats just because I had years of practice on it.
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plasticdog6's Profile - Posts by plasticdog6

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