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I, personally would stay away from using anything from a previous mario game. It has been way overused. Aside from that, nice!

With all due respect, Dominic Louis.
So, I've been playing around with my new mario hack, and I need to know how I enable "vertical scroll at will for my levels. I'm sure it's in the help file, but I'm using Vista, and vista doesn't support that kind of help file. I also need to know how to use message blocks. Help would be appreciated. I
Thanks, Zach.
Nice! I like where this is going. Just don't go and apply a faulty IPS patch again. :/
Operating the editor is easy with a little practice. Making a complete game, however, requires time, determination and a bunch of other stuff I don't want to list. If you think you can make a hack, give it a try.
I'm very excited about this project!

A template system would make things much simpler. Also, I would definitely like to see that more complex template system that you mentioned. It would be useful. In a 2.5D game like this, building big things is tedious. Having them prebuilt would be great.
Hmm... I'm thinking Bowser could get the 7 magic wands from SMB3 back and the koopa kids could come back and be evil. :) But making sprites for all 7 koopa kids would be hard.
Very cool Mario Bros mini-game. I just hope it doesn't end up too easy.
That layout is wrong. Just wrong.
Originally posted by zozeycoasterman
TriforceHolder, you should try to stay on topic... :/

It's not a crime to make an off-topic post once in a while...

Anyway, I think the orange and blue of those toad houses clashes too much. It's not really an issue, but you might want to consider changing it.
Sorry guys, Zozey's on vacation.
Testing Layout... 1 2 3
I think our posts are mimicking each others background layout, zozey.
So do yours. And it's not us, it's me. There's been some sort of screw up since zozey gave me his layout style. Our layout seem to mimic each others background every time we post in the same thread. I'm working on it. As for the text, I just fixed it. Thanks for the heads up about that.
Thanks, Zozey. I think I'm getting a handle on basic HTML now.

I think we should get back on topic. How about an update for us to discuss? (Not rushing you.)
Sow us which custom sprites! :)
Hey, Zozey; Do you know how to use add music? I just took a look through the custom music section, and it is pure win. If you can use add music, I command you to use the "Forest Maze" theme for forest levels! :)

And SonicBlue, How'd you manage to get internet access in the time of Arthur? Did Merlin conjure a modem and phone jack?
I wonder when my account reaches level 2?
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