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I like romhacks and vidya and I wish to discuss them with like minded individuals such as yourselves.

I also like Digimon.
I am also that creepy-ass Leomon fanboy on the talkhaus.

'Tis a pleasure to meet y'all!!

(I am also probably the only member on here that's from Portugal)

Pretty skeptical over here.

The water segment is an obvious copy of "Divin'. lol" from VIP and Wall Mix 1.

The level was made by a 2ch anon according to the now off-line VIP Mario wiki (it's still accessable from WayBack if you remember the link).

Carol's levels were credited as anon on the VIP 2 level list, but even then I'm still doubtful.

If someone could record a video of the other three segments, I'd be thankful.

Originally posted by HackerOfTheLegend
Also, Leomon, no offense, but no fucking way I'm doing that. The level in the demo is fucking long as hell and I'd rather not play it all over again just to record footage of it.

It's okay, I understand!

(by the way, you can also call me KobaBeach (my talkhaus username) if you want)

I've been playing this demo (with cheats because I'm not really "playing this for reals", I'm just curious) and the new areas (castle and underground, haven't made it to the ghost house yet) do seem original.

This one may be legit, but the only way we know is if Carol confirms it.

Carol seems to be very reclusive, he doesn't respond to e-mails a lot (considering people keep begging him for demos...). However, cheat-master-30 did actually manage to contact him a few times.

That's how we got the confirmation about the collab with EXTRA not being true (it was obvious though, Hell Mountain was just recordings of three different Super Mario LD stages edited together - "ファイヤーロープ クレバス", "クラッシュ タワー" and the Mortamor from Dragon Quest VI boss - to look like one level) and how 9.5 didn't exist.

Even if it isn't actually Carol's, I'd like to see whoever did this make a hack. Maybe cut down on the difficulty a bit though, the stages are kinda neat. I kinda liked the YI pipe maze segment.

The autoscroll segment reminded me of raocow's "What the Hell" hack and some of his collab levels ("further over there", "Enough! RUN AWAY!" "trial of iron", "Rupture in Reality", "murder death place zone"), though, but with more manageable difficulty.

I did find another VIP level. I think it's also from VIP1, but my memory is foggy.

The World 8 level name translations are so lame though:
Battleship Halberd → Metaknight's Keep
Airship Graveyard → Ultima's Keep
Dark Castle → Demon's Keep
Dragon's Hole → Dragon's Keep
Mirage Palace → Darklich's [sic] Keep
Showdown! Bowser's Castle → Bowser's Keep

Originally posted by Buried Alive
We will prob see a lot new ASM in The Final Battle and maybe a lot reused and new bosses in Luigi Castle.

My predictions:
Peach Castle → Peach and Poochy boss, Goddess Peach boss

Brutal King Mario (top left skull in World 9) → rematch with Bowser and the Koopalings (due to the MM3 capsule room graphics), Luigi boss

Luigi Omen → battle with Shinryuu and Omega, final battle with Queen Zeal boss (possibly Lavos boss too?)

Remember, Carol said that Luigi wasn't the final boss.

Every time I hear someone say the word "selfie" IRL, the first thing I think of is Selphie from FF8


Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he mentioned that Luigi from "SMW Yeah!!" wasn't going to be the Final Boss, so that means Luigi will probably be a different boss altogether. Again, I might be wrong.

Ah yes, I think it was that.

Guess I accidentally mis-remembered something, whoops~

Sounds interesting, but I won't be surprised if it ends up crashing and burning just like all other /v/ related projects (see: Broquest)

Wake me up when [s4s] or /vr/ make a collab

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again

I only really lurk /vr/, occasionally [s4s] and /v/

*goes back to lurking*

Kaizou Mario Uploader X (that Japanese SMW hack site) is back.
The guy running it posted the new link on a SMW hacking general thread on 2ch's tips and tricks and ROM hacking board.

Click here.

Originally posted by Crash Kandicoot
If you don't want to hack SMW hack SM64

If you don't want to hack Sonic 1, mod Sonic Generations

Originally posted by Scorpion
Originally posted by 1337doom
Recently got a [Brutal Mario] demo.

this is what im saying no to

Yes, and this type of post is completely derailing and pointless. I see it as a troll as well. This happens again, and it's 24 hours. Have a good day and try to stay on topic.

Whose post?
Leet's or SRH's?

My fave SMW endboss is prob. Tanasinn or King Charles, I guess



I once dreamt that I was watching a terribad porn parody fanime (see: Sailor and the 7 Ballz) and there was a scene where Leomon was having a gay interspecies threesome with Naruto and Goku

I have never watched Naruto in my entire life

Originally posted by Sakuya Izayoi
Then there are dreams where I mass-murder bullies and teachers are bosses.


Originally posted by Mirann
The "piano_music" is probably SaGa Frontier - User Data (wild guess, I'm unsure if I'm correct) but I don't know where to find this one either.

You're correct, it's Opening of a Journey from SaGa Frontier

This port's by Carol, it's from demoOnly1 (the Athletic Special demo of Brutal Mario from late 2012)

An earlier, sample-less, version of this port (from Demo 7.5) is available in that one archive thingy

He hasn't released the sampled version (yet?)


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