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Hey guys, just the other day while testing my hack I noticed that the Jumping Piranha Plants (Normal and Fire Spitting) have some funky little pixels next to their stems that were not there before, and it's odd because the Classic/Upsidedown Piranhas do not.

I noticed it in a level where I was using ExGFX so I thought it had to do with that somehow:

(The level I saw it in)

So I put them in some other levels just to see, and it is not due to the ExGFX. (At least I'm fairly certain.)

I have checked my YY-CHR .bin graphics too and as far as I can tell there are no little bits hanging out in there:


As well as my Piranha Plant problem, it also appears that some added junk is coming up every time I get ten points in the game:

As well as the Piranha Plants, there is no error I can see with the graphics.

If any of you might have an idea as to what might be wrong I would be quite thankful. I can give a list of all added patches etc. but I don't think those would be a problem due to me adding those to my ROM months ago and the problem just now arising.

Thanks, and sorry for such a long post.
I'm going to sound like a super nub, but how do I tell what tile I am looking at in YYCHR?

By the way, thanks for the quick response guys, will try patching in a bit.


Patched the 69-83 fix patch and everything is back in order! Thank you both for taking the time to assist. I really appreciate it!

I do have another small question...

What exactly did the 69-83 fix patch do? I read the descriptions, but I unfortunately did not understand everything.
Awesome! My GFX I drew must have crossed some boundary or something. I really appreciate all of your guys' help!

Thanks again!

This thread can be closed now.
Now I am curious about your question.
What piqued your interest to ask?

As far as an answer goes I would suggest putting as many sprites as you can into the first screen or making a patch that does this (bad hex edits or something)

Recently I have been attempting to switch from AddMusic 4.05 to AddMusic K and I am having some problems. My ROM has been in the process of being made over the course of two or three years now, so I'm sure there are a couple of things that could be upsetting the programs.

First, as I mentioned before, I had been using AddMusic 4.05 before. I followed the instructions on the readme for AddMusic K including "#am4" and "#amm" where needed, and referencing samples when needed.

When I load my music into AMKGUI and run the program it tells me it successfully deleted the data from AddMusic 4.05, and successfully inserted all of the music I wanted to insert to my ROM... but when I run my ROM in ZSNES it just shows a black screen.

I've poked around a bit and have a couple thoughts on what might be wrong, and if anyone could help that would be great.

I think it might be incompatible with some patches I have in my ROM, also I'm wondering if there is a limit to the number of songs that can be inserted into a ROM. Also if there is a size limit to the music one might wish to add?

The patches in my ROM are as follows:

-Seperate Luigi GFX v2.2
-Powerdown Patch
-Piranha Plant Fix
-Classic Fireball Patch
-Lava Fixes
-Message and Light Block fix
-Ninji Fix
-SMW Fixes
-Jumping Piranha Plant SFX
-Enter Level Add SFX - Correct SFX
-69-83 fix
-Darken Pause
-Fix Feather
-Fix Mush
-Fix Spike Swim
-Goal Sphere No Walk
-Start With
-No Silent Bullet Bills
-No Climb/Vine 1-UPs
-PSwitch Music Fix
-Seperate Luigi Jump Height
-Animated Coin Counter
-Spike Top Ceiling Cling
-Star Music Fix
-Sumo Brother Flame Fix
-Thwomp Face - Eyes Follow
-X Scroll Fix
-Y Scroll Fix

I have a feeling the "Enter Level Add SFX", "PSwitch Music Fix", or the "Star Music Fix" patches might (for some reason) be what's causing problems for me.

I have tried inserting my music on a new, fresh and clean ROM and it works just fine.

If someone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it. If I left anything out, or need to explain anything further please tell me.

I was afraid that was going to be the solution. ;~;

I guess I just needed closure lol. Thanks for the reply and hopefully all will go well. I'm gonna stay posted just a little longer though, just in case someone finds some convoluted way of making things work...

These are really quite lovely! Rainbow Road is fantastic! Any chance these will be released for use in hacks?
Do the Multi Midway Point Patches still break with the newest versions of Lunar Magic (v2.31) or is it only with v2.20?
Hey LadiesMan217,

I have been admiring your work from afar for quite a while. You're quite skilled, and I most certainly appreciate your hard work.

I have a question for you, if you don't mind lending an ear. When trying to insert the SMB1 and SMB Lost Levels tracks you released a while ago as an early taste of what's to come, I recieve this error message from addmusicK:

"The specified sample group, "SMAS", could not be found"

I can assure you that your folder "SMAS" with the smas-14.brr, smas-15.brr, smas-16.brr, and smas-17.brr files all remain where they should be. Can you think of any reason as to why addmusicK is giving me this error?

I appreciate any help, and hope you are doing well.

Take care!
Thanks for the quick reply! Worked like a charm!

Seriously cannot thank you enough! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!
I decided to replace the original global songs of the star (05) and the keyhole (07) in addmusicK to "Powerful Infant" and "Transformation" from the YI Soundtrack and everything went fine.

I have no crashes/freezing/famine/plague on my game when I run the ROM, but when I get a star in or enter a keyhole in a level that does not have a YI Soundtrack song playing in it, the game plays a very distorted version of the song. If I get a star or use a keyhole in a level that does have a YI song playing in it, everything works great.

I think this has something to do with the level not loading YI samples or .brr files or whatever since a non-YI song is playing as the BG music. I don't quite know how to fix this, so if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate some help.

Is it possible to have a global song be a custom music file that uses samples, or will they only work if the background music for the level uses the same sample files as the global songs?

Hopefully this makes sense, tell me if you need clarification. Thanks!
You guys are awesome! Thanks for many fast replies!

Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
This. Global musics don't load samples because that would pauses the game when the music changes (and if you ask, why not load a few samples then the pause still appear and the code loads all samples i.e. including those which are already loaded).

Thanks for the clarification on that!

Originally posted by LadiesMan217
Once I finish the SMAS Soundtrack, I will release an updated YI Soundtrack that will include all YI's SFX as well as a complete reorganization of how the samples are set up. In the mean time, you could add the #YI sample group to the songs that are in that level that use those global songs. So you'd have something like this (assuming the song uses it's own custom samples):

	XXX	;this is the songs own samples
	#YI	;add this

If the song you are using uses a bnk file as it's samples, then we're gonna have to tweak that song bc global songs with bg songs that use bnk don't always see eye to eye, especially if the global song uses it's own custom samples. I can fix that for you tho, I'll jx need the song and I'll convert it to use brr samples and we can solve the problem from there. There's a variety of problems that could arise but I'll help you tackle them should you run in to any. We can make this work.

I'll try this out. I really appreciate your offers! I'll have to take a peak through my files and see if I've got any bnk files. For now, I'll probably be patient and change them to use the unsampled or original songs. I'm pretty pumped for the SMAS/YI updates!!

Again, thanks guys!
This is awesome!

If it's not too much this would be appreciated. 28 seconds in. Mario Boing, please! Thanks!

(Are we allowed to make multiple small requests?)
Absolutely beautiful music, bravo!!
Wow!! Thanks for the very speedy port.

I feel awful because I literally have a list of A LOT of things I would love to have ported, but I'll choose my favorites and keep asking if you've still got it in you. I don't want to take advantage, you know?

Back to this video again. If you would be so kind I'd like these, please.

mario doh (0:31)
mario fire (0:44-0:46)
mario herewego (0:48-0:49)
mario solongbowser (1:06-1:07)

If you are still up for it, I do have some more. Sorry again if I'm over doing it, and also thank you thank you for the very speedy port yesterday!!

EDIT: Also, the one you did for me earlier works like a charm!! It's beautiful <3
Holy cow! xD You da bomb.

You guessed it. More from that video.

Here's the list: (I am so sorry xDDDD do as much or little as you want)

boo (0:02)
bowser die (0:02-0:05)
chomp (0:14)
enter painting (0:19-0:21)
ah spaghetti (0:34-0:36)
ah ravioli (0:36-0:39)
ah mama mia (0:39-0:43)
mario haha (0:47)
mario hello (0:47-0:48)
mario hoo (0:50)
mario itsame (0:52-0:54)
mario letsago (0:54-0:55)
mario lift (0:55)
mario mamamia (0:56)
mario okiedokie (0:57)
mario oof (0:58)
mario pain (0:59)
mario pullup (1:01)
mario scream (1:02-1:05)
mario theend (1:07-1:10)
mario ugh/ungh/wa/waha/whoa (1:10-1:13)
mario yahoo (1:15-1:16)
mario yippee (1:18-1:19)
thwomp (1:49-1:50)
warp1/warp2 (1:51-1:53)

I really feel like I'm going overboard on this, but I have wonderful plans for these,and you're making dreams come true Wakana!!

I feel like I need to do something in return!!!
Hilariously great, with a bit of an almondy after-taste!!

How did you not go crazy making these? xD
LadiesMan217, you never ever fail to impress me. I've been following your stuff for forever, and I feel bad that I don't comment on it as much as I should, (If at all - stupid american laziness is one of my many problems), but holy guacamole you are goooooooood.

It's people like you and Wakana and all the other amazing user's out there that keep the spark alive!
Noted. Thank you so much again, and if others have requests give them priority since I asked for a lot. They're for separate ideas,so there won't be many if more than one per rom idea, but I have big dreams xD

Also, now that I am thinking about it, they'll probably be a fun/useful resource for others who might want similar start sfx/etc.
Holy wow. Code is a crazy crazy thing. Totally awesome work guys!
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ZachJamesGames' Profile - Posts by ZachJamesGames

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