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Have you ever played a level in SMBX that's really long, or just flat out difficult, and thought, "Wow, I wish SMBX levels could have multiple midway points." Well, KILROCK had an idea, and he told the entire community about it. To quote him,
Originally posted by KILROCK
People say that's not possible, but I'm a super genius and I think genius stuff.
But alas, to the dismay of many, his idea had the unfortunate curse of being wrong. That was when I stepped in (metaphorically) and told the community about MY two ideas for multiple midpoints, ideas that would work. However, not only were my ideas specific to stand alone levels and levels in an episode, but Magician told me how to improve on one of my ideas, and Valtteri told me that everyone knew about the second one already. That didn't stop me; after thinking about it for a while, I finally came up with a multiple midpoint method (yay, alliteration!) that is universal: it works as a stand alone level, and as a level in an episode!

Edit: and now, with the advent of LunaLua's multipoints, nobody will care about this method anymore. It didn't help that there used to be no deadline for this project, but oh well.


Well, it took a year and seven months, but I finally figured out why the passwords would sometimes fail! Basically, if you're holding a sphere when you get a mushroom, the layer attached to that sphere will cease to exist, so what I did was moved the mushrooms from the password screen to the start of the sections that the passwords lead to. That's all I changed. The download link is here:

P.S. I guarantee that this level is 100% possible; I tested it fully as Mario with God Mode OFF. That said, it should be possible to beat as all characters, except Link (and maybe Peach). Plus, it got accepted, so if that's not proof enough, I don't know what is.
Is there a due date for this project? Not only a due date for submitting levels, but also for improving the levels as well. All I could find were posts saying that the due date was May 15, but it seems like the project is still going...

Thanks for the info. Basically, I'm wondering when the last day is for submitting/improving SMWCX levels (that's the project I was referring to). I posted my level over a week ago, but nobody has given it a rating yet. Since I don't know when the due date is, I'm worried that my level might not make it in time, so I'd appreciate it if anyone would let me know.
Oh, man! A review at long last! I was getting worried.
Well, first of all, I specifically asked for people NOT to spoil the passwords. You didn't need to show the first password to make your point.

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
e: (Photo removed at request of author, as it spoiled password)
Thank you!

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
This level is just extremely frustrating to play. There's a bunch of annoying and unfair design decisions that really bring down the level.

...thought so. I wanted this to be difficult, but I also wanted it to be fair. I did try to go back and remove as much of the unfair design choices I made as I could before submitting the level, but I just knew I missed some (creator bias).

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
The Koopa (dead) that was here fires a shell at you. The problem is that unless you know he's there (and all first time players won't know ), that shell is going to get you.

Okay, I fixed that. Thanks for letting me know.

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25

This Lava Lotus set up is just tedious and annoying. This feels more like artificial difficulty and dragging the level out more than anything.

Wait, really? THAT of all things? I thought that was clever...

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25

This is the last spot I got to before I just started using God Mode. My game started lagging like crazy (12 FPS) out of nowhere, and it would only happen in this section of the level around a bunch of enemies.
...why did it lag there? What computer are you using? There are only three geemers; I don't understand...

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25

The number of hammer brothers in this area (alongside the lag) is awful.
Um, is that it? Are you saying that it would be perfectly fine if it weren't for the lag, or are you saying that I need to reduce the number of hammer bros? I fixed the lag by removing some geemers, but I'm still confused by this statement of yours.

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25

The ON/OFF switches being invisible might not be the best idea. I hit the switch and I don't know if ON means the barrier is there or if ON means the barrier is gone. Have them visible possibly.

I actually did realize that the ON/OFF switches could be confusing, but I had already uploaded the level. The whole point of that section is that you need to look for the indicator blocks; I don't want it to be confusing, but I DO want them to be invisible. I did clarify that part in the update, so don't worry.

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
This is only some of the stuff I had issues with.

Oh, no, please, do go on. If I don't know what mistakes I made, I won't be able to fix or learn from them.

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
I know you made a multiple midpoint thing (which I'll get to in a second), but just because it's there, doesn't justify making a crazy difficult level.

You're right; my crazy difficult level can be justified WITHOUT the password system. #tb{^V^}

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
Why not have the column be Letters of the alphabet (A,B,C,D,E) and the row be (1,2,3,4,5) or vice versa. Would make it easier for players to work with.

Because I don't know of any 16-bit styled fonts that would fit and I was too lazy to make my own. I could have used the 8-bit font from the early Mega Man games, but I didn't want my level to be accused of clash. Plus, I clearly state "blue number, then orange number."

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
I needed to point out the big issue I had with this stage. #smw{:TUP:}

Wait, THE issue? Which one was that, again? I guess you're referring to the lag, which I can understand. Well, thanks again for the
incomplete (apparently)
review; I think I've fixed the problems you pointed out, but you may want to double check (preferably without using God Mode).

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
If you find the password system too hard to work around, discard it from the level.

Wait, what gave you that idea? Do you have problems with it (other than it being a bit slow)? I made it, I think I can find a way to make it work. Also, it's kinda the entire point of the level, and that's why I want to make sure this level doesn't have any errors; I want people to focus more on the functionality of the password system rather than the level itself. That's also why I want the level to be a bit of a challenge; that way, people will have more incentive to use the password system rather than it simply being a novelty that's ultimately glanced over.
Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
the hammer brother section still lags.

Could still just be me though, depends on what others say about it.

I think I found your problem:

I don't believe you downloaded the update. It says "Downloads: 0"

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
You could also try making that area less flat, so it's not just a run across flat land. This could give you some interesting options with the enemies you use there.

Yeah, the flatness of that part does bug me, thought I'm still not entirely sure how to go about changing it. I'm sure I'll think of something, though.

So, it turns out that the first update still says "Downloads: 0" so I decided to go ahead and add some blocks to that area. Let me know how well that turned out. If it turns out that you did download the first update, then it will confirm my theory that MediaFire can't count.

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
There's that one switch that's a good distance away and you have to fight your way through the "donut blasters" [ring shooters?] (don't know the official name).

Rinkas (I saw it in the SMBX GFX pack).

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
There would be a block somewhere in the ceiling identical to that of the gate, that would only appear if the barrier was still there. This avoids the possibilities of confusion for the player as to whether or not the barrier is open (there are plenty of people who will accidentally hit the switch twice by complete accident and not know it).

In the update, the Billy Gun specifically states that the switches need to be ON. I don't know how that can be misinterpreted. If the issue persists, I will follow your advice.

Originally posted by TheOtherGuy25
Originally posted by Imaynotbehere4long
You're right; my crazy difficult level can be justified WITHOUT the password system. #tb{^V^}

Not what I meant, lol.
I know, I know. Just remember: when writing reviews, be as specific as possible; leave no room for misinterpretation. Reread what you've written and make sure you're saying exactly what you mean. Make sure your explanations are thorough and understandable (also, be sure to provide explanations in the first place). I'd give your first review a 3/10 because of the sheer amount of vague statements you made (also, it being unfinished), even though you did a good job at pointing out design flaws at first. Plus, you spoiled the first password when I asked people not to (should I have been more specific?). Now that you've clarified some of your statements, you're at around a 5/10 (it's still unfinished). I could see you writing an 8-9/10 review if you manage to finish it.

Hopefully, my suggestions help,and sorry if I came of as a bit of a jerk, but I needed to point out the big issue I had with your review. #smw{:TUP:} Your reviews have been pretty helpful, and I was just hoping to get more of your advice, especially since I haven't gotten any other reviews...
Originally posted by Darkonius64
now what will happen to this level?

I assume that it will be thrown into the metaphorical pile of accepted SMWCX entries, and then eventually sorted and released when all of the other levels have been tested and judged.

Also, shouldn't you change the title to say "accepted" instead of "completed" now that your level has been accepted?
Originally posted by Darkonius64
(sorry for late reply)
Okay, I just finished playing Castle Rush (an accepted level given bonus status), and other than the unintuitive backtracking needed for the second star, it wasn't a hard level; I only died a couple of times for each star. I'm worried my level might be deemed too difficult for the collaboration if that is the kind of level that gets bonus status...hopefully not, though...


Castle Rush has been moved to World 4, so I feel more confident that my level will be accepted.
Originally posted by Aeon
The quality team was also removed, as it honestly wasn't working very well

Wait, if the Quality Control team has been removed, who or what determines whether or not our levels are accepted? Is there a certain member I need to send a PM to, like last time, or do I have to wait for this member to choose to review my level?
Originally posted by Ningamer
Couldn't the secreenshots sooo...

Spoilers work differently on this website; rather than being a "click to show" button like on most forums, it simply blackens out what is being spoiled, and you have to hover the mouse over the blackened area to show what is in the spoiler.
Originally posted by 1337doom
Every time you beat a level, you have to go back through the HUB to it again.

Unless you remember to add ".lvl" at the end of the Auto Start Level's filename. Then, beating a level will simply start the player in front of whichever level he/she just beat.
Originally posted by Lapuente
Is it possible to download SMBX for Mac?

Try this:
Originally posted by Aeon
I could just forget the remaining nine levels and make the full project with 40 levels, by editing a bit the world/level list.

Would you at least be willing to finish moderating my level? I think it would fit nicely as (a/the) bonus level, and I'm willing to fix any errors you bring up so that it gets accepted.
Originally posted by DPBOX
all of the enemies in the level can't be killed by conventional Mario means. They must be killed by throwing the Pikmin at them...If you run out and you can't proceed, you're forced to kill yourself.

Having played the original Pikmin for Gamecube, I know that you can go out as Captain Olimar without any Pikmin and kill enemies by punching them to death (the same button that throws Pikmin), so the first two statements in the quote aren't entirely justified. Heck, this can also be done in Pikmin 3, but if I remember correctly, the strength of the punch has been greatly reduced.

Even aside from all of that, making a level where, if the player messes up, he/she has to kill himself/herself is bad level design no matter what. I recommend adding a Pikmin generator somewhere, possibly near the Onion as that would make the most sense (though, depending on how long the level is, you may want to add more so that the player doesn't have to run all the way back to the beginning just to get another weapon).
Regarding the P-Switch analogy, that doesn't really apply since, as soon as the P-Switch runs out, the blocks turn into coins and the player falls down and dies; the player doesn't need to kill himself/herself because the mechanics do it automatically.

Regarding the skull raft analogy, that does make a bit more sense, but I would at least rather have all of the Pikmin on a layer, then have an event (triggered when there are "No more objects in [the pikmins'] layer") either kill the player itself and/or trigger a message saying something like "You lost all your Pikmin; you can no longer beat the level and must die."

To me, it seems like the way that the gimmick is implemented may make the player think that he/she will be able to beat the level even if all of the Pikmin are lost, so there should be at least some kind of warning and/or notification in-game so that the player doesn't end up wandering around for a while trying to figure out what to do when he/she has already lost.
Finally, a full review! Thanks! You even named the different sections, which I thought was kinda funny. I'll see if I can fix what you pointed out over the next few days.

I will go ahead and say a few things now, though:

--I don't really know what the problem is with the password not working occasionally; my brother had the same issue when he played the level. Maybe if I extend the delay, it will stop messing up...

--The beginning shells are NOT supposed to kill each other, and that never happened to me until I swapped them out with the unused shell kickers (so that the normal ones could be sprite-swapped as Buster Beetles to prevent clash in the SMB1 and SMB3 sections) and sent the level to my brother. It will take a bit of experimenting to get that to work again...

--That jump in Metroidville can be made by performing a running-duck-jump (though I'll probably change it later anyway).

--All of the sections are supposed to be "a bit short" due to the difficulty, but I guess you were saying that the third section was noticeably shorter than the others. I might add some stuff to that section since you brought that up.

--The Ludwig on the pipe is meant to be a relatively easy precursor to what happens in the later sections since the player can either kill it or run under it (also: to prevent clashing).

--I seriously thought that first-time players had enough time to dodge the first shell in Section 4 since it is kicked and ricochets toward the player for at least a full second. I guess I'll have to move the buster beetle a unit to the right...

--When you refer to "the fish ambush in the beginning" of Section 6, are you referring to any specific part, or the entire area?

--Maybe I could add some kind of indicator background for the Albatrosses so that it's less of a guessing game; what do you think?

--For the digging section, I kinda wanted something that would slowly build up if you took too long (but where it's in plain view and allow the player to realize "oh crap, if I take too long, that Snifit's bullets will clog up the way forward!). Maybe I'll just replace the grey Snifit with a blue one and see how that turns out.

--I completely agree with you on Section 9 (I removed some sparks when I realized that TheOtherGuy25 had frameskip issues on the Metroid section). I'll really have to think of something to do there.

--I'll see what I can do about those Venus Fire-traps.

--The cannon is supposed to be in the wall; that way, it's level with the player and allows the player to easily time his/her jumps (in theory). However, I'll see what I can do about that when I update the level.

--You didn't like section 11? Awww...I was quite proud of that section. I guess I'll have to replace some of the generators with normal enemies.

--You're right; I'll have to replace the invisible maze with something.


Hey, the Buster Beetle in Section 11 already is one unit away from the shell! I suppose that just isn't enough, though...*sigh*
THE DEED IS DONE! Check the first post for the new update.

Originally posted by Blue Leaf
It's good that you try to make the sections short, although 2 and to some lesser extend 5 were pretty big.

Section 2 was intentionally longer because, come on, it's Metroid styled; what is Metroid without branching paths and multiple objectives? #tb{:D}

Originally posted by Blue Leaf
Also, this is just my computer, but sometimes I do have some lag spikes.

No, it's not just you. I know for a fact that mine lags a bit during the transition from the password screen (though that may be because I used an extended song), and even occasionally during other levels. It may be worse on your computer, but you're not alone.

Originally posted by Blue Leaf
There is also a small thing I forgot to mention in my original review. Namely that the lava in section 1 and 7 is a bit out of place.

...well, crap. Hopefully, that won't be too much of an issue to keep it from being accepted.


Hopefully, Aeon won't be too upset that he'll have to moderate my level from the beginning again; he has been moderating the previous update for over two months.
Originally posted by Aeon
it would be awesome if each one was a small reference to a previous level in the project... I might look at making a few extra levels, but considering it has 12 challenge sections it might be a bit hard ^^'

Good luck with that. #tb{:D}

Originally posted by Aeon
-This one Buster Beetle placement feels a bit weird to me; it seems easy enough to dodge, but during my first playthough it was pretty much a blind hit actually. Apparently it was already mentioned by Blue Leaf and that part was already edited a bit, but maybe moving it a bit more to the right would be nice, even if only one/two tiles. It might be just me, though.

Oh, okay; I'll move it for the next update.

Originally posted by Aeon
-While the albatross part was fine, I still feel like it could be changed to something more natural. Giant walls of flying albatrosses just doesn't look right, to be honest.

What would you recommend I replace them with? I don't think there are many SMB2 enemies that just fly in a straight line like Albatrosses. Would it be okay if I just removed every second one in a column, with the exception of lone pairs (like the third and semi-final columns)?

Originally posted by Aeon
Other than that, the level was nice, and would fit nicely as a small extra challenge after the main levels.

So, are you saying that all I have to do is change those two issues and my level will be accepted? All right!

Though I'd like an answer for my Albatross question before the next update, if you don't mind.
To take a screenshot, push F12 during gameplay, and the screenshot will show up in the "screenshots" folder. To upload the screenshot so that others can see it, go to an image hosting site like imgur, upload the file there, then copy the BBCodes for the image and paste it in your level's post.

To upload the level so that other people can download it, create a .zip folder and click & drag all of the level's files (the .lvl, any CGFX, music, etc.) into it, then go to a file hosting site like MediaFire (making an account there is free) and upload the .zip. Once the file has been uploaded, copy the file's link and paste it in your level's post.
@ Wormer21:

That wouldn't be the same. Plus, I already have a part where the player has to avoid Chase-AI Paratroopas, so it would just come off as repetitive.

Well, I was hoping for a bit more guidance on what to do with the Albatross section (especially since moving the bottom ones up by half a unit can allow the player to break that part by ducking on a generated Albatross), but since I didn't get any worthwile suggestions (and especially since Aeon only complained about it visually), I decided to leave well-enough alone and change the Buster Beetle part. Hopefully, that will be enough. Link is in the first post.

P.S. If SMWCX will be a hub-based episode, I would appreciate it if the entrance to my level is the same star-and-pipe formation that links my level's sections together.
Originally posted by Nin
I press F12 but that doesn't work. It just turns on airplane mode.

I think you have the same computer that I do. If that's the case, push the "fn" key on the bottom-left of the keyboard, then push F12 (don't push any keys in between).
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