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I think these neat little tips are really going to come in handy, thanks for making this. #fim{<3}


I post anything that I get inspired to make, other times it`s the result of requests I get from people and friends.

My profile picture on here is something I made on my own as well.#fim{8)}

You have to admire the nice color choices 5 had. Everything played out to come together nicely.

I tried to draw Loki a few months back

And I recently drew a cat...I like cats >___>

The Loki drawing took me roughly 5 hours because I was so tedious about getting the facial features correct more then anything. As for the cat roughly over 3 hours.

This took me YEARS to get that good and even then I still try to aim for improvement. On the side note, don`t be jealous. Just keep practicing even if you don`t like what you make there will be a lot of things you are not happy with at all.

Well here is the most recent thing I made now.

Just some fan art of httyd2

This is simply too good of a read!

My favorite part out of all of this is seeing your technique get better in chapter 3 and again in 7. It`s always fun to se people get better at drawing.

Don`t stop c:

Not bad, good shading. I bet your hands get so messy afterwards.

Do you have a scanner at home? It might help if you use that next time.

Originally posted by LatexHydra
Originally posted by RealMarioGamer
I can't what for season 5 anybody else with me. #fim{^_^}

I can't say if I am actually. To be honest, I hate the direction mlp is going. It feels like they're making the stories too deep. They have forgotten that the show's target audience, and are trying to focus it towards the neckbeards on /mlp. In the first two seasons, they didn't have super complex storylines, and it was great. Even the season premiers and finales weren't that deep. They didn't have to worry about any crazy shit like they do now. I don't know. It just seems to me like they're trying to direct the show towards bronies, which is not good imo.

That may be true but with the enormous bronie/pegasister fandom that continues to grow, they`re making money. Sorta bittersweet but that happens. However I do like how episodes would have those cute little morals to it at the end.
The last season I complete was 3 and I haven`t gotten around to 4 let alone 5 that is coming.

Originally posted by WeegeeBen
I liked most of the movie, but I'll never be quite satisfied with the ending. I felt really bad for Kristoff. I think he got robbed of his big moment and in the end he really didn't get what he deserved. I understand the whole "sisterly love" thing that the movie was supposed to be, but still. Poor dude really deserved a better ending! I'm not even really sure he ended up with the girl he loved!

On another note, Olaf was kinda pointless in my opinion. Just there to make the five year olds giggle. I know, I know, boo me all you want. I just really hate characters like that! I've always thought a good comic relief character should be funny but also important to the story; think Sokka from The Last Airbender.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. And I did like this movie, so don't think I didn't! #ab{;)}

Sokka and Olaf are just on too completely different tiers. You are right Olaf is more for comedic relief but some people actually like that! As for Sokka I love him so much! For LoK I think they try to make Bolin the same way but it`s not just the same.

Imo I really like the sisterly love, Kristoff didn`t get robbed of anything since in the end he did get a kiss. I just for me, I get sick of seeing the sappy generic happily ever after where some random guy just comes and fix all your problems.

What Frozen had was a nice and new twist.

Idk I got back from seeing it and I really loved the smooth animation and the graphics but it still carried that "it`s a kiddy sequel" to me.

Don`t get me wrong, I did like it, but that is just my opinion.

So I didn`t see a Space Dandy thread.

Low and behold, here is a thread.

For all you Dandy fans out there here is a link to the official site: スペース☆ダンディ

Starter question: Opinions on the beginning of Season 2???

I remember having to deal with that problem back in the day.

For now my best advice for you would be to go and lay it flat on a surface with decent natural lighting.

Damn nice backgrounds, do you hand draw that or stick to using a mouse?

Hey thanks for posting this.

This looks really cool, nice job!

That`s really cool, I haven`t seen people a backstory/plotline to their hacks yet. Then again I`m still pretty new.

nice job C:

Originally posted by Koopster
Hooray for a hacking couple :>

This is definitely looking nice and I hope to see it become a big scale thing. :3 I do have some little complaints, though:

> While most of the palettes are nice and sweet-looking, some things just bug me about the palettes of the first level in the OP. I'm talking about the foreground, more specifically the ground tiles, the deco and the pipes. The shading color in the green part of the land is just way too close to the "normal" color, which gives sort of an impression that there's no shading at all. I think the berries are way too bright for the bushes they're on, and the little bushes have a pretty harsh outline if compared to the "inner" part. As for the pipes, I think their brighter color is a bit too bright too, and it doesn't blend too well with the other colors imo (this applies to all pipe colors).
The black koopas in the ghost house are also kinda weird, but I don't really have anything to complain about the other palettes. :P

> That custom trees background definitely looks good and doesn't clash too badly with SMW's FG, but maybe you two should stick to a fixed style for BGs, since SMW made them pretty simplistic, and that one is pretty detailed (it's beautiful too). Not the biggest instance of clashing styles ever though, so I'm fine if you decide to keep it.

> Watch out for the tematic of your levels. There are currently two levels about the same thing (monty moles), I think it can become repetitive if you use themes more than once like that.

But yeah, overall it all looks pretty sweet, good luck to the two of you and I hope to see more levels in the future. :D

Thank you for the feedback. I`m still pretty new at this but when we work on the hack I have a lot of fun with the colors so I will definitely work on improving as well. I didn`t focus so much on the tiles to be honest.

I really like the background I had created for the snow level so I might stick with that style if I feel like getting creative.

The boo level I had a lot of problems working around it because I was on the weak end of thinking of ways to create a good level. In fact, I am still working on my level design skills and one of my fears is getting repetitive. I know I need to try avoiding that as much as possible.

I appreciate the critique.

The "Hooray for hacking couple" made me laugh a bit c:

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