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Hello everyone! I am a noobie at hacking, but I play Smbx alot, and enjoy making levels. I also like playing mostly Nintendo games.

I hope everyone is kind to me here, and will help me if I need it.
Originally posted by K3fka
I was wondering if the glitches would be recreated in SMM, and I was assuming they wouldn't be. How about the glitch where you can be Super Mario, get in a one-tile gap, and spin jump to go through the ground? I'm guessing it's probably not present, but eh. I'd test it myself, but I have yet to unlock the SMW style.

You can't; Mario remains crouching instead of sliding through walls like he normally does, thus meaning you can't do the glitch because you can't spin jump while crouching.
Want how fishbones behaved in Super Mario World? Just place them on a guideline, and they'll move along it and then fall through the ground, all while ignoring you even when in line of sight. Make the guidelines straight, and voila, you have a SMW fishbone.
I have another tip:
-If magic from a Magikoopa touches the end-of-stage axe, it turns into an object, but will eventually reappear. This can be used for survival areas at the end of the stage where you have to avoid getting killed until the axe reappears.

Edit: On the enemy limit list, could you please remove Goomba and Koopa, as it's obvious those are enemies, and also mention that lakitus take up two enemy slots, so you can have only 50 lakitus in a level.

Also, objects in blocks don't count towards limits.
I made a level where you press two P-switches once you enter the level, and a magikoopa strikes the goal behind it with magic, while being behind some bricks (coins without the switch). You then have to kill the magikoopa to complete the level.
It is possible to make makeshift Bowser bridges using bricks (or turn blocks) and P-switches. Just keep in mind that some objects can destroy the bridge, such as Bowser in the SMB3 style, Mario in the SMW and NSMBU styles, and Magikoopas in all styles.
Here are all my levels. Most of them have unique challenges to them.

Let's begin:

Hammer Bros. Evil Ship:

One of the evilest levels, this place is filled with Hammer Bros. Thrown by Lakitus, shot out of cannons, inside ? blocks, they are everywhere!
ID: BE5F-0000-0019-270A

Kamek's Castle:

Something magikoopas can do in Super Mario Maker is get rid of flag poles and axes. Combining this creative usage with tons of obstacles and a small course before it, it can get intense during the fight. Can you defeat Kamek?
ID: 1D5C-0000-0030-7709

Looks are Deceiving:

Don't let the level name fool you, it has nothing to do with THAT game. Anyways, Kamek has returned. Can Luigi get through his labyrinth of tricks and traps?
ID: 1E43-0000-004CC-6C13

And sorry about the big screens. Also, Mario is there in the first screenshot, but he's in his invincibility frames from getting hit.
It is possible to force the player to fight a Magikoopa by having them hit the flagpole/axe at the end of a level. I did this with two of mine.
How about the Hydrocity Act 1 background from the Sonic 3 prototype that was dumped late last year?
Hope I'm not too late for this.

-Swap the songs used by Valley of Bowser and Invincibility as a reference to the NES SMW Bootleg.
-Modify a random ROM Map of your choice with a random value, as long as it doesn't break the game.
While the leaked stuff is interesting, the emails and whatnot should not have been compiled with everything else. Also, I suspect a floodwave of DMCA takedowns soon, which is also sad.
Something tells me this hack would be pretty hard. I dunno why though.
Originally posted by lordkronos100
The Trailer Seems Privat to me :(

Can confirm, it is private.
How about a tileset based on the White Palace from Hollow Knight?
I was actually working on a SMW hack that had the similar goal of enhancing it, though yours blows mine out of the water. Nice job!

Also, the P-Balloon in Donut Secret 1 is a white square. Dunno if this affects any other P-Balloons, but just something I noticed. And the door located at Donut Ghost House's secret exit is still miscolored like in the original game.

Edit: Also, was
the Big Boo Boss moved or something. Feels weird not seeing it in it's original level.

Edit 2: The game crashed when I tried to eat a Roulette Power-Up while riding Yoshi.
I'm using SNES9X 1.60, if that helps.

I took this image of Melty Molten Galaxy's background from Super Mario Galaxy using noclip.website a while back. Would be cool to see as a background.
All of these look great! Love how the cloud, library, and saltflat tilesets look! Also love the White Palace tileset too ofc, looks pretty accurate!
This looks amazing so far! Well done!
It's a pain whenever someone wants to use something here yet they can't if something gets rejected and isn't uploaded again by it's original uploader. Backups are already done for obsolete resources, so why not for the rejected stuff as well?
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