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Just found this thread via google, and I happen to have an evil hack I've been making, called Super Not Nice World. There's no custom blocks, sprites, or ExGfx, though I did mess around a bit with the map16.

The level is called "Not nice" and is level 105. It is tested and is possible. Time is 300 seconds, and I just beat it with 15 seconds left.

Enjoy :)
Originally posted by An00bis
Yay! I found an acceptable way to make munchers float in mid-air: Just put a cloud block under them. It makes sense, but it acts like just a walk-through dirt block :D

Or just say their stems act like a propeller and they can float. The piranha plants that come out of pipes can float like that :).
Originally posted by uNkNowN5642
On another note, has anyone attempted my two levels yet?

I can't beat Hourglass Hanging. How do you get past the two black fuzzball things that climb up the wire?
Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.

Here it is in IPS form, that other link has been terminated.

When I get to this pipe, I go down it but get stuck in the pipe.
Originally posted by Sind
lolcats has the txt. He uploaded it for me, but it's all messed up, so he has to re-upload it before I can continue on it.

I reuploaded to sendspace and sent it to you.
Originally posted by Dotsarecool
not to be picky, but I'd like to know who has the txt file right now.

and lolcats: check my last post.

OK, so did anyone else besides Dots play my level?

edit: here's my level again
I got 12th place, damn it. Oh well, it could have been better.

Also hebes, my intro level is not impossible. You have to jump off yoshi at the right moment, and hold the jump button the entire jump so you get enough airtime to survive until the message appears.
Originally posted by hebesphenomegacorona
haha you're kidding me. I was doing just that in slowdown and it was still killing me.

Nope, not kidding :). I don't even need slowdown to beat it. It's even possible (but over 9000 times harder) to beat this version of my intro level. Too bad I made that after the contest ended.
If anyone wants to play it to pass the time till the collab is done, I have an updated version of my level (~75% more evil than my contest entry :]), plus the second level, which I didn't submit and was unfinished, is done too (despite the name, I have beaten it myself). PM me for it.

Edit, I'll just post the link here:

Edit: added a bit more hardness and fixed a mistake
Kaizo (and Kaizo 2) wasn't that hard for me. Of course I did watch all the LP videos of the levels before actually doing it. :)

edit: spoiler deleted
Originally posted by Drugged Mushrooms
this topic died

either way, we haven't recieved any information on the compilation in along time. What happened

Yeah, is the text file(s) still going around?

Anyone who wants can LP this hack I made a few months ago. It's not too long, just the levels on Yoshi's Island are changed. It's not as hard as kaizo and doesn't have invisible coin blocks. It's a balance of fun/hard.
Originally posted by Beuli
Actually, my first hack was then I though:"I'm wasting some people lifetime...sight(", but then I saw good hacks here, and now I'm wanting to do something good.It's very hard, because anyone can do a kayzo level in 1 or 2 days.But in good hacks, you take like 1 week to do at least.But, what motivates me that I have fun doing then, I like hacking.

There are way better kaizo-type hacks than that, like Super Mario World: Intrigue. It's creative and fun, yet evil at the same time.
Wow, good to see the collab didn't die. If only I'd made my level as hard as it is now before the deadline.
Originally posted by jesus
actually no. play kaizo mario. its beatable, but still dickish.

also, a thread about this has already been made. if you cant find it, try starting with these ones:

with savestater:

kaizo mario
kaizo mario 2
super mario tabarnak
houtai mario
houtai mario 2
molotov mario world
kusatarre maio world

Wait, Tabernak is beatable? You mean you got past this part? if so, how?