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Tip: Switch palace switches normally disappear if you replay the level. However, if you insert them as direct Map16 and use the hex edit at $00EEB2 in the ROM map, you can replay the level without a problem.
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Major update to Super Another One Level Romhack World. I've renamed the level (and hack) "Deathship", added two new rooms, redid the second one a bit, and edited the backgrounds.

Question, will there be points taken off for having bullet bills firing out of mid-air, or from things that aren't bullet machines (like cement blocks)?
Updated Deathship to not have bullets firing out of midair. BTW, there is only one exit.

Item Abuse. I can't even get past the very first part. At all.
I also entered mine in "Best Kaizo hack".

Also, I vote Panga.
This looks awesome! I can't wait to see play the final version.
You can remove Super Another One Level Romhack World from the list, it is just an old version of my kaizo level contest entry.
Originally posted by kyurel
Done. Do you want the new version posted?

OK, here is the new version: Deathship

edit: Actually, it might be better to link to the hard level contest thread, which has links to all the entries (all evil levels).
Is the judging over yet?
Awesome hack, was waiting to play this! Everything was redrawn beautifully, the boss fight was unusual, hard and fun, plus the epic fire flower animation, 5/5!
Originally posted by Magmar
I have a pretty cool idea.
Iggy's battle platform that rotates 360 degrees, has Horizontal and vertical Thwomps and Iggy, with crazy obsacles all in one strange shape! I'm not sure whether that's possible or not but, it's still an idea. Also if Mario kicks Iggy into a certain amount of enemies it triggers the level finished ect...

Making iggy's platform rotate 360 degrees is possible. From the ROM Map:

Originally posted by ROM Map
1C312 $03:C112 4 bytes Misc. Speed of rotation of Iggy/Larry's platform

There are other hex edits involving iggy's platform and the room in general. Just Ctrl+F and search for "iggy" in the ROM Map.


Here's an idea. You could have 2 levels in a stage, and set their Item Memory Index to the same number on purpose. Then you could make a puzzle based on collecting coins in one level to unlock a path in the other level. I experimented with this last night.

1. If you collect a coin, the coin in the other level at the same spot disappears.
2. It will not disappear if a vine eats it however (or is deleted some other way). Only if mario collects it.
3. It only works on coins, Dragon Coins, purple coins, invisible 1up blocks, and 3up moons. It does not work on throw blocks, or invisible coin/note blocks.
4. It works in a weird way with Map16 blocks. If you have a regular coin inserted via Map16, in the same spot as a coin inserted as an Object in the other level, collecting the Object coin will not make the Map16 coin disappear. However, collecting the Map16 coin will make the Object coin disappear. However, if you have two Map16 coins, it will not work; collecting one will not make the other disappear. That is weird. It works the same way for the other objects as well.
5. It works if a block turns into a coin via a p-switch (blue or silver) before being collected.
6. If you collect a coin in one level, then use Directional coins to put a coin back in the same spot, it will still count as collected, and disappear in the other level. If you have a coin in one level, but no coin at the same spot in the other level, you can use Directional coins to place a coin at the same spot in the other level and collect the coin, and it will make the other coin disappear.
7. The blocks it works with are interchangeable. You can have an invisible 1up block and a coin in the same spot in different levels, and collecting one will make the other disappear.
8. The blocks have a "collected" state that doesn't necessarily mean it disappears. For the 1up block, the collected state is a brown used block. For the others, it is nothing (it disappears).
9. The blocks are stored in the index by their X position only, as well as screen number. This means if you collect a coin in one level, then all coins in the other level sharing that coin's X position (above and below, regardless of Y position) are removed.
Awesome tool, especially now with the Save to ROM feature!

However, I have a small problem. I've edited my OW border and saved it, and now I want to change the position of the level name on the border. But editing the ROM address 21F22 (Level name position) does not work, nothing changes. It works on a clean ROM, even after editing the OW border in it. I don't know if this is related to Terra Stripe or not, but does editing this address work/not work for anyone else who edited the OW border?
Originally posted by Ladeeeeeda
lolcats439: I seem to have the same problem. It probably is due to the editor, as I used it before trying to move the level name.

Hmm. It seems the code that calls the original level name display routine (around hex addresses 21088 and 21750, found via all.log) has been EA'd somehow. Is it the same for you?

Edit: The code before the EA's (22 20 BB 03) seems to JSL.L to an address ($04:03BB) that I can't convert to a PC file address in Lunar Address. It just gives me a ZSNES savestate address for some reason. this address: $03:BB20, which is PC address 1BD20. Looking around there for a 50 8B, I found the new address for the Level name position: PC address 1BD4F. Changing this address works.

Edit: The EA's are done by Lunar Magic when I save the OW in a clean ROM (changing a level name is not needed). And now I can't edit the Level Name position in this clean ROM (in which I have not used Terra Stripe at all). This is a bug (or feature?) due to an ASM hack installed by Lunar Magic.
A few days ago, I noticed the music and sounds in one of my levels sounded like static, This was right after I inserted some ExGfx. I fixed it by simply reinserting the music (using Carol's Addmusic 1.22). But, has this happened to anyone else, and what causes this?
LCROSS home page

Wiki page

NASA Ames to Showcase Spectacular LCROSS Lunar Impacts

MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. – NASA’s Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) mission will come to a dramatic conclusion at approximately 4:30 a.m. PDT (7:30 a.m. EDT) on Friday, Oct 9, 2009, with the impact of the LCROSS Centaur upper stage rocket and four minutes later, the impact of the LCROSS Shepherding Spacecraft into Cabeus crater near the moon’s south pole. To mark the event, NASA Ames Research Center is hosting ‘LCROSS Impact Night.’ News media are invited to cover the three-part event that is open to the public and free of charge.

The impact will be covered live on NASA TV (yes they have their own channel!), and the NASA TV site feed, starting 6:15 AM EST, and should be visible through amateur telescopes with a 10" lens or bigger, according to NASA.

This will be awesome.

Edit: Live coverage is starting.
Hmm. Seems nobody (even NASA) saw an actual debris plume from the impact. I guess the lunar soil is different than expected, for that to happen.
I am making my first custom sprite, a generator, which is a custom layer 2-based boss, and I need to use a timer to wait a little bit before dropping the boss from the top of the screen to the ground. I am using SpriteTool 1.40. However, no matter which address I use for the timer, or what I set it to, the address always ends up set to D6 when I check the value in ZSNES's cheat search. Also, when I use one of the sprite tables that auto-decrements, it stays at D6 and never goes down, so the boss never falls (must not be using sprite tables correctly). I have no idea why. Also, the code the detects if the boss is on the ground used to work, but now it doesn't, the boss just falls through the floor and loops vertically. It's supposed to just check if the Layer 2 Y position is a certain value.

Edit: fixed it, I just formatted the variables wrong, I had WaitBeforeDrop = #$60 (and other variables) when it should be WaitBeforeDrop = $60 and referred to as #WaitBeforeDrop. Now it falls and hits the ground normally.
Originally posted by Smallhaunter
Originally posted by Run & escape r
Hey this is interesting.... so with this could I actually make use of the garbage layer 3 that gives you a cage? Also are there any special properties to that cage other than it being there?

Well, there's an unused sprite (number 88) that makes the cage solid, traps Mario inside and creates (glitched) animated wings at the top of the blue parts of the cage. It's normally assumed that this was meant to be used in an auto-scroll level to make it seem like something was flying away carrying the cage containing Mario.

Also, just an update on my progress. I finally implemented a compression function. It's not perfect, but it should reduce the filesizes somewhat in most cases. Here's a table comparing the image sizes when saved in version 1.0 and 1.1:

Beta Cage880500
Title screen960884
Overworld border1140458

Now that the compression is done, I can focus on other parts of the program.

You are awesome :)
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