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Tip: Be conservative with item usage. Unnecessary throw blocks/powerups/Yoshi may leave room for unintended breaks in your level.
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There should be a dropdown box on the bottom that says 8x. Change it to 16x.

Also, to change it into English, rename the file yychr.ENG to yychr.ENU. YY-CHR should then be in English.
Does the bob-omg explode sooner than it should, or it the Lakitu just getting caught in the explosion?
Oh, the lakitu get hit by the bob-omb as if it were thrown at him by mario? In that case, maybe there is a setting in Tweaker that can fix it (I looked but didn't see one at first).
I think there is a glitch with Ersanio's Icy melting blocks pack. I inserted the regular ice block (iceblock.asm) into a clean rom using BTSD 0.43. I used LM 1.65 to save a level in the clean rom.

When I put an ice block in a level (105) and jump on it and walk off it, it disappears as if hit with a fireball, and a puff of smoke appears on the left side of the screen. Can anyone else reproduce this bug? It probably has something to do with the new block offsets or whatever that LM and/or Blocktool installed.
That fixed it, thanks. BTW what exactly is the order of the new offset labels?
You can just use Xkas GUI to apply asm patches.
Originally posted by Maxx
Originally posted by lolcats439
You can just use Xkas GUI to apply asm patches.

Please. Don't. It's actually inefficient, outdated (?) and known to be buggy.

How is it buggy (or inefficient)? It's worked perfectly for me so far.
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
Though Noobish has fixed the regular insertion bugs, the free space algorithm is faulty, and thus may miscalculate free space needed. Plus you're depending on the fact that xkas GUI is 100% sure of what are hijacks and what is free space, which both use org. In any case, it'd still be better to use standard xkas, it's more dependable, and gives you the command prompt experience you'll need to run other tools.

Oh, so just the freespace setter is buggy? I agree, but that's really the only thing wrong with it. I always use slogger and set the freespace manually, then patch with Xkas GUI.

Originally posted by Fakescaper
Also and another also I see this alot in sprites...
A:8A00 X:0009 Y:0001 D:0000 DB:01 S:01F1 P:envMXdiZcHC:0756 VC:176 00 FL:205

What is that?????

That's probably just debug info, and it doesn't do anything since it's in comments.
Originally posted by Bdswim
There are rumors about XKAS GUI messing up your hack. I'm not sure what it does or why, though. I use the command line version. (Actually I use a batch file, but you know what I mean, right?)

That's only if you use the Xkas GUI's automatic freespace setter to set the freespace. All it does it multiply the number of lines of code by 2.5, which isn't always enough, so it may possibly select a freespace that isn't big enough for the patch. Other than that, there's nothing wrong with it really. Just use slogger and set the freespace manually before patching.
Is there a way in ASM to enable the special world passed effect, but only for the overworld (not use the different koopa GFX, etc)? There is an option to have the 3 different effects activate for 3 different levels in the Overworld > Change Special World Levels dialog. Where are these handled in all.log, or is it an LM ASM hack?

Edit: I found it in all.log, a hex edit to disable using different sprite graphics after the special world is passed, and submitted it to the ROM Map:

02C76	$00:AA76	1 byte	ASM	Change from 10 to 80 to disable the koopas from using different graphics after the special world is passed
Originally posted by Fakescaper
Also on another note, I've tried to replicate the Brutal Mario levelASM that causes sprites to freeze in place when you hit a blue POW, but STZ'ing the ram addresses for the sprite x and y speed tables didn't work. Same with the x or y positions. I even tried putting a ,x thing after it but it didn't work. Any idea on how to freeze sprites that way without making it a custom sprite?

I'm not sure this is the way, but try setting the Sprites Locked timer to the P-switch length when a p-switch is hit:

$7E:009D	1 byte	Sprites	Lock sprites timer
Here's a bg palette I made, this would be good for ice/snow levels.

That is awesome. I'm already thinking of making a level based on riding one banzai bill across a level while dodging normal/homing bullets and kill blocks.
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
It's good to see this final release. So, now it properly works with the likes of MORE.asm, level.asm, etc. that use incsrc or incbin when it comes to byte counting?

I have inserted both of those patches with no problems using the previous release. So, incsrc and incbin were already fixed before this release.
Oh, ok. I didn't get that bug since I always just use slogger to set the freespace manually. BTW, does the freespace finder work only if the freespace label is called "freespace" in the patch?
Bug: If I use the freespace setter on the H:None BG Scroll Reset patch, it messes up the freespace line in the patch; the equals sign is deleted, which then causes a bunch of errors in the event log when trying to insert it. It's probably because of the tab characters at the beginning of the line. Just a wild guess, but if you're using a regex in your code to find the freespace line, try using a \s instead of a space. That will match tab characters as well as spaces.
This didn;t die? Awesome, downlaoding nao.

Edit: lol, it's been so long I fell for my own coin trap that leads into the pit (level NOT NICE).
Originally posted by Dotsarecool
I'm assuming you tried to spin jump over it, right?

That's the only thing I could think of. Cousinoer said it was possible, so I don't know.

After scrolling the screen around randomly, somehow the boo buddies in front of me disappeared, so I could just run forward, losing the other one too. The Fishin boo goes away a little after that because of a Turn Off Generator 2 sprite.
Using OW ASM v1.1, how would I change a color of the main OW palette to a different one if the special world is passed (such as the main border color, palette 0 color B)? I have this code now, but it doesn't work, nothing happens:

  LDA $1EEB         ;\ Only run if special world is passed
  BPL MainOWReturn  ;/
  REP #$20
  LDA #$6F35        ;| new OW border color
  LDX #$16          ;| index of color number to modify * 2
  STA $0703,x    
  SEP #$20
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