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Has anyone beaten ..Wat yet?
Oh, it is ;)

Also, updated to add custom music.

Edit: also, no changes to the level.
Update to "..Wat", fixed potential level break by adding a coin block.
Where in all.log is the mario/sprite slope tile interaction code?
There's an all.log++ now? Awesome, dling.
Here is a patch that fixes the walljump glitch, where you jump at a wall and "catch" one of the blocks for one frame and can jump off it. This fixes that. It now also fixes the note block clipping glitch where you jump on a note block that is against a wall and clip through the wall and die.

Download ;)
There was a minor side effect of this patch, which is now fixed. If you are big Mario inside a one block high space, Mario would shake back and forth, instead of being pushed to the left.

Edit: Ok, I figured out why. The code at $00ED1C is what makes big Mario in a one block high space get pushed to the left:

Originally posted by SMWDisC.txt
CODE_00ED1C: A5 77 LDA RAM_MarioObjStatus
CODE_00ED20: 09 09 ORA.B #$09
CODE_00ED22: 85 77 STA RAM_MarioObjStatus

This code clears the last two bits (blocked from left and right, even if one was set previously), then sets the up and right bits, which means after this code runs, $77 is always set to blocked from the right, not the left, even if there's a block on Mario's left. Normally, the anti-clipping code at $00EA16 runs after this code runs, meaning Mario would get pushed to the right. But with my pacth, that code runs before this code, meaning Mario got pushed in the opposite direction of the nearest block, which would switch back and forth every frame, causing the shaking.
Originally posted by KilloZapit
How did you fix it? I was thinking of making an extra flag that simply disables jumping for one frame after you land, which should also disable bunny hopping, but may throw off people's timing.

The code that pushes Mario out of a wall runs after the code that detects if Mario is in contact with the ground, making walljumping possible. I just moved that code to freespace and called it from a hijack that runs before the "Mario is on ground" code runs. This prevents that code from detecting Mario on the ground for one frame when against a wall.

Then I realized the hijack I used doesn't run when Mario is against the side of the screen, but only when Mario is touching a block, meaning you could walk through the side of the screen and die. So I added another hijack to the same code that runs only when Mario is against the side of the screen, fixing that.

If you aren't pushed out of small spaces, isn't it possible to get stuck, or can you still duckjump out?

You can still duckjump out. But there's a patch that disables duckjumping, right? If that is used with this patch, you could get stuck.

Edit: fixed it by simulating the default behavior (and adding yet another hijack). Depending on the value of $77, it either does nothing, or subtracts 1 or 2 from $94 (using 16-bit mode of course *facepalm*).

Edit: Realized you could still walljump when moving at a wall really fast, because the anti-clipping code only moves Mario out of the block by 1 pixel per frame, meaning you could still be in the wall after the code runs if moving really fast, so you could still walljump. Fixed it by moving Mario outside the block instantly instead of one pixel per frame.

Edit: fixed a glitch where Mario would clip in and out of a block really fast before dying when being crushed between layer 1 and layer 2.

Edit: restored a missing line of code that broke the simulated behavior of big Mario moving left in a one block high space.

Edit: added code to properly fix the note block clipping glitch where you jump on a note block that is against a wall and clip through the wall and die. It needs the same hijack used by this patch, so I combined them.
Where is the YXPPCCCT byte for the spinning coin that comes out of a question block? I want to change it from palette A to palette B.
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
xD I can assure you that most entries are breakable.

Is mine breakable?
Originally posted by SoulJester726
Originally posted by lolcats439
Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
xD I can assure you that most entries are breakable.

Is mine breakable?

he is not here for the month just to let you know. i can tas it if you want?

EDIT: I am busy with other stuff (life), and the puzzle contest so if i do it would be in a while, but i still can tas it, just not right away.

Sure, go ahead.
Damn, how did I not think to put no-Yoshi blocks there..

The Kaizo Dimension

This hack is 9 levels long, has an RPG Overworld, custom blocks/sprites/music/LevelASM/HDMA/etc.
A mix of kaizo and puzzle levels of varying difficulty (medium-hard to slowdown-needing-hard to
that's-just-plain-unfair-hard), with a custom final boss I wrote from scratch, and one level that
probably has one of the most complicated kaizo traps ever :).

Have fun playing/TASing/etc!

Edit: There may be spoilers below!
Originally posted by Maruhai
Video of the custom boss please ?

Not going to spoil it here just yet, but PM me if you want the files for it.

Originally posted by Sadistic Designer
The Yoshi's House is challenging, the unfair way. I found a break/solution but I'd need the key, which is extremely challenging to get without using slowdown. Also warn players when a puzzle is up ahead!

Also I doubt you made the most complicated Kaizo trap ever.

How did you "break" the normal exit using the key? Because you need the key for both exits anyway.
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