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This game was awesome. I reached as far as Star World 5, not completing 5 though, without using the Green Though Switch Palace.

I love AcmlmBoard and AcmlmBoard XD...
Here is my introduction to Inane Cult Gamer, an inactive forum, with edits:

Luigi442wii says... Hi
I like dogs, video games, reading, ABXD, hacks and football.

This board is AcmlmBoard ;)
Originally posted by Everest
The underlying structure of torrents makes it attractive for illegal uses. Torrents themselves are not illegal however and I have used them to download certain Linux distributions which is certainly not illegal. There are many legitimate uses of them.

(technically speaking, the torrent sites aren't illegal as they do not host the specific content though that depends on your jurisdiction as things have changed in some places)

Is AcmlmBoard in there though?
Torrents I mean. Don't mean I will use it :3
Not anything Windows 8.1.. I know someone who had it but really crashed a lot (esp loading ABXDs.)
I think C98 Celestial ditched it.
At least you are not using Hostinger shit. That crap is a disgrace to web hosting.
Newest thing I could find on there is from 2013.

Also there's a fucktonne of AcmlmBoard pictures in there (smilies, banned, pages and other shit).
OK, I just installed DirectX9 just to run snes9x 1.53. XP SP3.

Annoying News:
The d3dx9_d38.dll wouldn't be found, so I had to download it, now I have downloaded it, there's an error about display settings and XAudio2 is broken.

Odd news is that I had Snes9x working 2 days ago without these problems, and I didn't have directx9 on it.

-It takes up more room than the world.

-The granter has no idea on this. :(

-It blows up because it is Windows.


1. I wish I was made of liquid metal.

2. I wish snes9x isn't such a pain in the arse with DirectX9.

3. I wish I was named Termingamer2-JD since 2012 (instead of Luigi442wii).
It's directx9 and here's file info:

DirectX9 Web Setup
Version 6.0.2600.0

I don't know if it's the redistributable or not, but I got it off of Microsoft's own website.
Originally posted by Quote
Strange, you should try to upgrate your drivers to see if it work, install Visual C++ or Net framework, i had the same problems in the past and upgrating my drivers solved it.

If you're using Windows XP, go to start, execute, type dxdiag and press enter, go to the second tab and tell me if it show enabled or not disponible.

XP. No problems found with DX9.

Also, DX10 isn't supported in XP, Snes9x is for DX9 (as the title of it says).

Oh, and I have no dxd39_d38.dll or whatever the shite thing is called, so it's a buggered up version of Snes9x (the one off emulator-zone) which I have.

(quote, did you make your name that on purporse so whenever you edit you click the wrong button?)
Funny. It works now without the D3DX9_D38.DLL file.
I got it from emuparadise instead of emulator-zone.

Now it says 'Failed to initialise currently selected display unit', what do I do next?

EDIT2: I don't really understand what I'm doing. Because, it was working, I reinstalled SNES9X after I deleted it accidently when I was clearing my ROMs, now it requires this directx9 shit. I never even had it on the system before and now it needs it.
Weirdest message has to be from a spambot who wanted £5000 for something off me. I gave it some fake info and said my bank account was by AcmlmBank XD, and I lived in Blarg City on Staple Street, or something like that. I use similar things if I get spam, just send them loads of acmlm-ish fake info. Usually they just sends the same thing they sent before which probably aggravates them :DDDDDD


Also the best message from Minecrafter4718, when I deleted his sites in his Hostinger account (same shitty password as before) he said "my hostinger account has been hacked all the sites are gone!!!!!!" I told him it was 'hurdurring28' a kitchen spammer I made up for his site

(oh yeah, occasionally I get spam mail for cheap kitchens too, lol)
If I start hacking, now I'm pretty aware of things I must/must not do.

Also bsnes would emulate the actual SNES itself, so on a SNES, it would be one pixel if you use the bottom part. And ZSNES is indeed shite.

Wait, there's 3 pages of this? I only read the first page, lol.
Originally posted by NGB
Besides the stuff about executing code outside of the emulator, I heard ZSNES is also a bit more laggy than snes9x or bsnes.
Is this right?

My arse is it! bsnes x64 needs 3GhZ of processing power to work!
ZSNES is too fast most of the time, I think.

Who needs real-time scanning when you have something that works brilliantly?
Is it at all wise to edit the Test Levels?

I want to use them to make some rough levels and to get used to SMW hacking, before I start making any proper hacks (read: I won't, I'll probably just release a collection of levels one day)

Already I have some decent level ideas in mind.

Also, I have no clue on Lunar Magic, since I've never properly hacked any game before. Also the fact I'm not technically minded unlike the rest of this community.

And yeah, I am 13 years and 11 months old (a few days before 11 months actually) so don't expect anything special or even mildly decent.
I done that, but it doesn't seem to stick, it reverts to Direct3D if I close snes9x which is extremely annoying.

Weird. I found an outdated version (v1.51) doesn't seem to give any annoying errors. 1.53 comes up the d3dx thing.

What's the difference between v1.51 and v1.53?
I wish I had played DKC3, appparantly a great game but under-rated.

Also I should have played SMW2 on the actual hardware, instead of a GBA emulator on a 3DS. Pissed me off when that 3DS broke and wouldn't turn on anymore after charging it, since the SMW2 game was probably the most played thing on there besides MK7.