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Hello I searched the ram map and discovered the yoshi properties ie blue flys yellow sand red fire etc... Is based on a table. Unfortunately iam not very proficient in math :(
I just want all the colors to act like green.

Secondly I found on the ram map that the four colors can be changed by hex. I know enough to do this, however is there a ram address that can provide more then four colors of yoshis, or is this hard coded ?

I realize I can just change palletes on diff levels but this is not result I would like.
I nothing of samples or music at all for that matter.
However was able through hex able to get first part of the sound. Then it goes to powerups noise. Does any know how to repeat the sound several times then end?
No, I thought the first part of jumping on yoshi repeated several times would sound like YI flutter
Because the patch calls for the cape sound I put yoshis txt info in there and started messing around. And got the first part just not sure which hex command makes repeat.
So I found freespace and plugged it in .
But no luck with the ram..
It's like it over rights other patches.
I tried severe freeram addys.
Any suggestions?
Yeah iam :(

Maybe it' was address iam using.
Since I've converted to sa1. Will there be other free ram available because of the patch or still the ram map with the number changes?
I was surprised sa1 worked on my snes emulator for wii.
It have converted over.
I use the no run patch, wall jump no silent bill noobicles yoshi flutter and the ground patch, which I've yet to make the blocks work.
Are any of these converted?
Also I thought addmusic 4.05 was sa compatible but it crashed my rom, have I done something wrong?
Scathing out add music it works in lm emulator doesn't play the sa1
Ok thanks. I tried to convert the flutter jump but was unsuccessful .
The rom still loaded but the jump didn't work

For instance LDA $0B. Becomes $300B.?

I guess I don't what commands need modifying
I did finally figure that out and got the flutter working, along with a few others. However after flutter while in a level my life amount will have a weird random number or letter in the status.
Overworld is fine.
Not sure if its in the "hi jack" status part of code. Though I changed nothing there.
Not sure if interested but I converted the norun and yoshi flutter jump patches.

However I can't get the ground pound and blocks to work. Any chance of those becoming usable for sa-1?
Pretend $3000 is free ram.
How much can be stored in this , and if more then supposed to be its over written?
Also how does one know how full that address is.

I read a tutorial on midis to make music, however can the make sound effects also?
And secondly the unused noises such as fire works, can thos places be used for new sound effects?
I guess iam a bit confused on free ram.
Doesn't seem like there are many spots how can I have patches without them over writing over each other, also does s1 contain more free ram, if so where is it located?
Oh... oh god. I'm honestly not entirely sure if this totally works.
In theory, all you have to do is to replace your level.asm from levelasm with the one included and re-patch,
then set $0F3AB t
o the circle radius in-game, but I honestly don't know if that'll work without all the other extra crap I made

How is of3a set to circle?
It's the passages file in mario gimmicks by noobish noobicles.
I used xkas to install the level.asm says don't use asar, but I did try asar failed.

I tried several free spaces with same free ram.
Only thing I got was a circle in when yoshi fluttered jumped which also uses 010B
So I tried other ram space on both yoshi patch and tunnels , no luck.

Also I tried a clean rom.
The patch does install on both and I have used layer 2 ground for tunnel.
I think this is what I have tried. Hope this helps describe my problem.
Thanks above I said 010a but ment010b

Maybe pointing spotlight ram addys to 010b?
I actually was using uberasm files.. Not sure if doing right.

I guess I don't know how to use über. I installed the patch via asar. But I don't know how to insert the level.asm that came with the passageways

I've spent problem 10 hours trying to make this work and no progress :(

Is there someone who knows more who's willing to make this work on a clean rom and provide a patch?
First off I hope this is the right area, first off if insert a patch how can I know how much free ram it used, as I seem to have patches over running each other if I u se different ram addys.

Second off I don't know why, but iam really struggling with uberasm, I can't a tutorial that explains well enough.

I used asar to patch asar_patch. (Was clean rom) now iam trying to install nsmb secret tunnels from Mario's gimmicks in patchs section.
It says I replace that level asm file with the one that came with uber and install to rom?
But it fails. Where or how do I use this, or is there a another solution I can use to make this happen?
Thanks in advance.
Yeah I was afraid of that. :(
A stupid question but did you design the level first then move tiles around in map 16 after? That makes garbage because the level is trying to show the tiles that aren't in that spot anymore.
Iam havering trouble making these work

I inserted them as 210,211 acts like 25. Put in the proper bin info.

Then set the blocks up like they should solid and ledge on top, ledge on bottom then 210(entering) followed 211 exiting then c12 which acts 25.
I was not really sure what to put in the examination I have tried but I really don't know much about other then tiles go down.

Also in the read there is a diagram explains better how they should be set

I've wracked my brain for 3 hours on this and can not figure out what I doing wrong!

Any help is greatly appreciated
Can't find it to download. Some 8 bit music I would like to insert requires it.
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zacmario's Profile - Posts by zacmario

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