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Hello SMWCentral, the I'm AWMonopolyMan, I may not do much here, But I'll root people on.
Originally posted by ZMann
(I did put in actual user IDs, the xxxxx's are there so I don't spoil who I voted for)

Will this keep my vote from going in or is it okay?

I talked with SNN, and he said,
Originally posted by SNN
they're non-functional, just vote for threads and ignore the *'ed categories
Originally posted by Zmann
Already fixed my votes, but that kind of sucks, considering we'll be effectively down three categories... Oh well.

Ersanio said,

Originally posted by Ersanio
by the way those who voted for c3 and had issues with categories 2-4, you can freely vote for users now (by inputting the right user ID)

So you can now use it again Zmann.
Let me guess, green p-cards are poisonous, aren't they? Also Vitor Vilela (Mashiro), Wakana, best of luck to both of you, I love what you both did with this.
Originally posted by Mineyl
Eh, I dunno'. I figured we'd just keep the original title officially and differentiate it from the old one by referring to the new as SMWCP1.5.

If it was that way, that would Imply that it would be an older version of the same hack (as the last version was 1.6)

I say for a title go with A Remastered SMW Central Production (the title screen would still be A SMW Central Production anyways so... yeah).
You know what, I think this title works, SMW Central Production Redux, (it's a good word that starts with an "R" that's not reloaded), & by the way, it's always hard to tell if sarcasm is given or not (for me).
Originally posted by erpster2
I also found that the Power Supply Station level in TSRP2R is always accessible, even after beating it. in the original game, once the Power Supply level is beaten, it can't be accessed anymore.

Actually, all switches are replayable as said by Marty.

Well then I'll just provide you with useless information eh? After hitting one of the big switches, the stages remain replayable. You can re-enter them by pressing the "L" & "R"-Buttons simultaneously. As I said pretty useless, but maybe good to know nevertheless huh?
Okay... just in case Missingno255 still wants to try, I have some advice.

1. Get a new SMW headered rom (make sure NOT to expand it & make sure it's clean). (of course find it yourself, I'm not going to tell you).
2. Get a new patch for TSRP2 "R"
3. Patch said IPS to rom.

If this somehow doesn't work, then I don't know what to tell you. Because it works just fine on a ZMZ, (which has an SNES9X version 1.53 core with a ZSNES interface). ZMZ is one of 4 emulators to test for compatibility (which are ZMZ, SNES9X ver. 1.53, BSNES & Higan), to the point that it doesn't work on them, it's most likely not going to work on a real Super Nintendo.

From, AWMonopolyMan wjo's just trying to help.
Originally posted by Missingno255
It works perfectly on SNES9x.

Which version of SNES9X, 1.51, or 1.53?

& next time don't take part of someone else's words & make it look like that was the only thing they said. my advice, get a new base rom, (again not going to tell you where to find one, find it yourself), don't do anything to it (make sure it's headered), patch it & test. If it doesn't work, again I don't know what to tell you, & to anyone just reading Missingno255's bit of a quote, this is what I really said.

Originally posted by AWMonopolyMan
ZMZ is one of 4 emulators to test for compatibility (which are ZMZ, SNES9X ver. 1.53, BSNES & Higan), to the point that it doesn't work on them, it's most likely not going to work on a real Super Nintendo.
Originally posted by Alice3173
Unless I'm just missing something what's the point of testing a hack on both ZMZ and SNES9x 1.53 if they use the same emulation core?

I mentioned them as choices people can make (because simply put some people like the interface of the ZSNES but want the compatibility of the SNES9x in other words the ZMZ), while others just go for the SNES9x, & could care less if the interface isn't that friendly.
Originally posted by altoiddealer
If you update the hack, I suggest making the clue for the final top secret area just a little more helpful

It was mentioned it was going to be changed in Version 2.2, as quoted here.

Originally posted by FPI
Also, in the same level I adjusted Marty's hint about the last "Top Secret Area" a bit to make it easier to find.

But there has been no news of a version 2.2 since July 23rd... So I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes, whether a new version is still being worked on, or it could be lost to the void.
My votes, 1. Eagles - Try and Love Again & 2. The Mountain Goats - This Year.
Originally posted by FPI
-Fixed a glitch where Mario could slide on the cabinet in "Mario Castle" like he was on some sort of conveyor belt.

Yes it will be fixed in v2.2, which is still being worked on.
Flandre Scarlet/Wakana, this is probaly the best looking Touhou styled Mario hack I've seen. Keep up the good work, You & Mashiro are doing a great job, good luck getting to the end. Master X: We do really wish you the best of luck, you may never talk to us, but we'll still respect you none the less. the boss card looks really cool as well.#thp{^_^} #thp{:>} #thp{>:)} #thp{=D}
I rather take option a), I rather see the best of both, because both are really good, my only complaints are that 17's worst world is just boring. & there should be an easy way out of both best & worst worlds. Thank you.
Is there anyone like myself that just has to have all music of a video game original soundtrack even if it doesn't really exist, like me & that one Touhou soundtrack.
By if it doesn't really exist, I mean in a looped format, normally songs that I hear get looped at least once, so you hear the main song twice, then it fades out. The Touhou Soundtrack I always refer to is 9's MIDI soundtrack (the 7 songs that were properly made for it).
The thread's title askes the question, does the original release of TSRP 2 break in more accurate emulators? Like bsnes, higan & version 1.53 of SNES9X.
I mainly asked, since TSRPR was noted on breaking on a certain version of ZSNES (1.4x/something close to similar to the description for TSRP 2 ("Note: This hack isn't working right in ZSNES v1.42. Older versions (like v1.36) and newer versions (like v1.50) will work.")) hence why I was curious, if it does break later on, a fixme could be added if the case arises, since everything before & after TSRP2 works fine.
Mainly as a kinda compare & contrast kinda thing, similar to how I kinda want to play the original version of a game, then its remake to see how different the design was at one point versus another. I do thank you & your team that is making games like the VIP's work & in english as well, I also thank the person who put A2MT together.
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AWMonopolyMan's Profile - Posts by AWMonopolyMan

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